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Therese (Teri) A. West, VP of Mortgage Lending, PA - Philadelphia

Therese (Teri) A. West

VP of Mortgage Lending
NMLS ID # 90247

Phone: 610-234-2160 x2154

Cell: 610-220-1694

Fax: 872-206-4321

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About Me

  • I bring more than 18 years of mortgage lending experience to your table. I have worked in the Financial Industry for over 20 years and my backgrounds of finance and upper management in the Auto industry as well as the Insurance industry made a very smooth transition to mortgages. I serve the greater Philadelphia area and I am also licensed in Delaware and New Jersey.
  • I will Customize a program specifically tailored to your needs, making sure you are comfortable with the financing you choose. Guaranteed Rate provides a wide variety of products that allows for this to happen. We combine our extensive programs with my years of experience so you will be very satisfied and experience a smooth mortgage process.
  • I stay in contact throughout the year to be there when life changes.
  • I will provide 3 things for you: 1. I will consult with you to find a mortgage that best fits your needs, 2. I will negotiate the best rate and, 3. I will oversee the details to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.

Loan Officer Interview Q&A's

How long have you been in the mortgage business and what inspired you to get into it?
1. I have been in the home mortgage business for 16 years. This was an easy segway from the automotive finance and Healthcare Insurance industries in which I previously worked. I take pride in assisting people achieve the American dream of home ownership. Whether helping existing home owners achieve their goals when refinancing, or making sure first-time home buyers are properly educated and informed about their first home purchase loan, I take satisfaction in assuring all my clients have the right loan that fits their personal situation. The satisfaction of educating the first time home buyer so they understand what is involved with buying that first home, knowing the different loan programs available to them such as FHA or VA or the no down payment USDA loan and having their financial house in order before they look for a home makes their mortgage experience a happy one. This is my goal.

What advice would you give new or first time home buyers?
2. Most first time buyers need education and guidance. The pre-approval process is crucial and sitting down face to face with an experienced mortgage person is essential for a successful purchase of that first home. Education in mortgage payments, down payment, interest rates, closing costs and loan options are all a necessary part of being prepared and making a good decision. The time to review your financing options is before shopping for that next home so you know how much you "want to afford". This will allow you time to consider all your options and be well prepared when you find your dream home. Satisfaction will be guaranteed.

What can borrowers do to insure a smooth mortgage underwriting process?
3. The underwriting process can be very smooth with complete paperwork collected at the time of the mortgage application. Basic information is needed for every type of loan, Conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA. Identification, paystubs, W2's, bank statements and investment accounts. I set the stage for success, preparing the customer upfront by giving the customer a list of the items that are needed and coaching them through those items when I have them in hand to assure that they are up to date, such as checking the detail to make sure all questionable items are explainable and are in order. If we are missing documentation then that is addressed up front so we are all on the same page. The mortgage underwriting process from there is easy, the appraisal and title insurance is ordered and then the file is underwritten. I clear any miscellaneous items needed and we are ready for settlement!

Are you active in any local associations or community groups, and at what level? What goals and/or success have you helped these groups achieve?
4. I am currently President of the Brandywine Valley Chapter of Professional Referral Exchange. This has been a very rewarding experience growing a professional business networking group and assisting other professionals with growing their business and achieving success.

Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
5. I love people, ever since I can remember I have always found people fascinating. They are amazing! I can be very professional but, put me on a boat anytime. I love being in my shorts and flip flops and feeling the wind through my hair.

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