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Adam O'Donnell, Vice President of Mortgage Lending, CA - Belmont

Adam O'Donnell

Vice President of Mortgage Lending
NMLS ID # 207165

Phone: 650.486.1346

Cell: 650.464.9019

Fax: 650.745.0681

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About Me

  • We know what it takes to be a successful lender. Since the start of our operation, our dedication to exceed your expectations and guarantee your satisfaction has made us what we are today. From start to finish in the loan process, we provide no less than exceptional service to our most prized possessions ”“ our customers.
  • We understand the loan business to be a fiercely competitive market. But we also believe that there is more to home financing than simply securing a low interest rate. That’s why we ask a lot of questions and take the time to listen to your answers concerning your overall financial picture. We want to offer you the best option to achieve your financial goals, whether it’s buying your first home, consolidating debt, or preparing for retirement.
  • Funding your loan is just the beginning of our relationship with you. We want you as a lifetime customer, not just a one-time deal. We will continue to monitor interest rates and let you know when opportunities arise to improve your current situation. We will also stay in touch and continue to educate you so that we can be your ultimate resource for mortgage financing information””your Trusted Advisor””today, tomorrow, and beyond!
  • Our mission is to set the highest standard in the mortgage industry. We are committed to quality customer service - putting the people we serve first. Take advantage of our expertise in the residential lending industry by applying online today ( You will find that the skill, professionalism, and consideration we give to each of our clients make getting your loan a successful endeavor.
  • Give us a call today at 650-464-9019 for a free, personalized consultation. Why wait? Let us go to work for you!

Loan Officer Interview Q&A's

How long have you been in the mortgage business and what inspired you to get into it?
I've been in the business now since 2002, and I got into mortgage business was because it was more important to me to enjoy my career working with people I want to work with rather than just trying to earn a living.

What advice would you give new or first time home buyers?
When looking for a mortgage I would strongly suggest you search for the most qualified Loan Officer versus searching for the lowest rate. This is the largest financial transaction of your life and you deserve to have an honest, hardworking and ethical loan officer to help you make sure this loan will be affordable not only today, but in the future as well!

What can borrowers do to insure a smooth mortgage underwriting process?
Give your lender all the docs they require from you up front. Don't argue or send in incomplete docs. Work with your lender as they are trying to negotiate this very difficult process for you. They are on your side working as hard as they can for you, so if you want a smooth process get them the docs they need within 24 hours of the request.

What provides you with the most satisfaction in your job as a Loan Officer?
I think the best part of our job is when we finally get someone their first new home. It's so rewarding to see your clients move into their new home and how excited they are. There is nothing better than making someone's day!

Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
I'm a very fortunate man in that I have a wonderful family I love deeply, great friends that support me, and a career I absolutely love. What more can you ask for in life?

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