Relief is just an application away.

We know it’s hard to ask for help in your time of need. We’ve made it easier by streamlining the application process into two distinct phases.

During Phase 1, basic information will be asked about the need in question, including a summary of the hardship. If a Phase 1 application is approved for further review, access to the Phase 2 Request for Assistance Application will be provided.

During Phase 2, the Foundation will request more detailed financial information and supporting documentation to fully evaluate your request for assistance.

Based on your circumstances, the Foundation may request other documentation as needed.

To ensure the Foundation Board understands your needs, we ask that you submit required information in a timely manner. Unfortunately, incomplete requests for assistance cannot be considered and will not be reviewed.

If you have any questions during the application process, we are always here to help. We can be reached at:

Phone: (773) 516-6800

Request assistance from the Guaranteed Rate Foundation as a:

The Guaranteed Rate Foundation does not give preferential treatment to any applicant class (including Guaranteed Rate employees). All cases are reviewed and handled on an individual basis with consideration given to the severity of the hardship, financial status of the applicant, and impact we can make on individuals and families lives.

The Guaranteed Rate Foundation is an affiliate of the Guaranteed Rate family of companies, including licensed mortgage lenders Guaranteed Rate, Inc. and Guaranteed Rate Affinity, LLC. Individuals who have mortgage loan applications in process with Guaranteed Rate, Inc. or Guaranteed Rate Affinity, LLC or who have obtained mortgage loans in the previous 90 days from Guaranteed Rate, Inc. or Guaranteed Rate Affinity, LLC are not eligible to receive assistance from the Guaranteed Rate Foundation. Assistance provided through the Guaranteed Rate Foundation is neither contingent upon nor in consideration of the use of services offered by the Guaranteed Rate family of companies.