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Danielle Young

VP of Mortgage Lending
6900 South 900 East Suite 150, Midvale, UT 84047
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NMLS: 265241
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The team I worked with went above and beyond in terms of helping me obtain a loan. I will never try to work with a seller as difficult as the one we had to deal with again, and I recognize and appreciate all the extra effort that was required to satisfy this very unreasonable seller. Danielle Young and her team are awesome people who are clearly awesome at their job. I recommend that you increase their remuneration by whatever your typical mechanism for doing so is.

Carl C. 03/02/2016

Danielle Young was excellent. She did a great job with answering all of my questions. There were very few red flags and she helped me avoid mistakes that would have made the process longer.

Adam B. – Syracuse, UT | Sep. 2015

Danielle Young is Excellent - best experience! I would highly recommend her. Everything was awesome, best most seamless experience with a mortgage.

Mark J. – Salt Lake City, UT | AUG 2015

Danielle and her team were extremely helpful in making the financing process as smooth as possible.

Marilia D.– Spring Lake, NC | JULY 2015

Danielle Young & team were so prompt answering my questions & helping me understand the process good enough.

Rajesh K. – Salt Lake City ,UT | June 2015

Danielle Young and her team did an incredible job and I am very happy to have worked with her.

Melynda B. – Salt Lake City, UT | June 2015

Danielle Young did an awesome job providing me with estimates giving me options and answering all my questions. The terms, costs, and fees were also the most competitive. She also helped my brother with his home loan and he also had great experience. Highly recommended.

Client – Orem, UT | Jan. 2015

The entire process with Guaranteed Rate was fast and easy! I was very impressed with everyone that I worked with from Guaranteed Rate.

Garrison S. – North Salt Lake, UT | Jan. 2015

Danielle Young is beyond excellent. I have used her for about 9 years for my own loans, family loans as well as clients. She will be my loan officer for life.

Scott M. – Salt Lake Cty, UT | Jan. 2015

Danielle made the process simple and easy!

Nicholas J. – Draper, UT | Dec. 2014

Danielle was creative in her approach and made me feel comfortable!

Tyler B. -- 10/27/2014

Danielle took the extra time to explain things even after hours. Thank you!

Tyler S. -- West Jordan, UT -- 10/7/2014

Love the service and process was really easy. Danielle was wonderful to work with.Thanks

Alden B. -- North Salt Lake, UT -- 10/2/2014

Such a professional staff! Every communication we had was timely and informative. Danielle worked through a number of scenarios with us and helped us overcome not selling our first home and still qualifying for the second. She's really good at her job and did amazing things for us!

Travis G -- 8/27/2014

Danielle was very professional! Her responses were very timely and informative!

Travis G. -- 8/31/2014

Danielle was fantastic! She was always professional and direct!

Jeffery B. -- Syracuse, UT 8/31/2014

Danielle was amazing! I have been recommending her left and right!

Christopher N. -- 8/28/2014

Danielle worked through a number of scenarios with us and helped us overcome not selling our first home and still qualifying for the second. She's really good at her job and did amazing things for us!

Travis G.

Danielle was amazing to work with!

David H. -- North Salt Lake, UT 7/18/2014

Danielle was great to work with and always had our best interests in mind!

Jason M. -- Murray, UT 6/30/2014

Danielle Young was absolutely amazing! When our first lender said they couldn't close on our desired timeline, Danielle took the loan and worked through a holiday weekend to ensure we would be good to go!

Steven D. -- Roseville, CA 6/26/2014

Danielle was amazing! She worked very hard to process our loan ahead of schedule. Danielle was always available to answer our questions. She also got us the very best rate possible!

Erin W. -- Herriman, UT 6/10/2014

The experience was excellent. Danielle was great! She was professional every step of the way and made it go smoothly!

Thomas M.

Danielle was fantastic! She was very professional and prompt with her responses to our questions!

James K.

Daniel was awesome and very attentive and kept me up to date on everything and responded extremely quickly when I sent an email.

Sue Lynn W.

Danielle Young was absolutely amazing. We would not have been able to buy our house if it weren't for her. She did everything possible to get us our loan. I would recommend her to everyone.

Jared H.

Awesome people to work with, very friendly, and can answer any question I had. They are like family.

Austin M.

YOU, yes, YOU are the best loan officer in the world. Let me list the reasons: 1. You do WHAT you say you are going to do. 2. You do it WHEN you say you are going to do it. 3. And you do ALL OF THAT for the best rates/loan costs out there. The End. #dontletclientsuseotherlenders I honestly wish I could force my clients to use you when they have someone else that they think will do a better job. My closing that was supposed to happen today, that is not happening today, is a perfect...

Scott Maruri, Influence Real Estate

"Danielle Young and her staff were very professional and did an excellent job! They took very good care of us in a short amount of time. Thank you for your great service."

Darwin R, -- Coalville, UT. 1/2014

Danielle and her team were VERY on top of things. There was an issue with my funding due to my bank and Danielle and her team stepped up and helped me figure everything out. Danielle was ALWAYS available when I needed to ask a question! I will be recommending Danielle to everyone I find out is trying to get a loan.

Sherri Denise Bird

Danielle Young and her team did a phenomenal job on our loan start to finish. Literally speaking it was as if phone call messages were returned within minutes. Emails responded to within hours. The entire process was extremely simple. The paperwork was streamlined and minimal. I don't remember everything going this easily last time we bought a house. All of the effort on our part was spent staying patient waiting for the house to be completed. THANK YOU Danielle and everyone at Guaranteed Rate...

Jeff and Holly D.

“My wife and I have had a great experience working with Danielle Young of Guaranteed Rate. We were referred to Danielle and her team by a local builder. We were so happy with her that we chose to work with her even before we found an agent. Thanks again for all of your hard work!”

Herb S. -- Bountiful, UT – 10/2013

Danielle, I can see why Woodside is so intent on using you. If Woodside would have let me use my own company and still give the concessions I'm sure we would have handled my loan just fine, but in some ways I'm glad they had us go through you. You were always so helpful with my questions and the process was smooth to get the approval. You and the company seem to have the same values and dedication that my company has and that is awesome! Thanks for your help.

Tim A.

Hey, check out this amazing review from Frank about Danielle! “Danielle Young was AMAZING to work with. She was quick and was always there for us. She worked late all the time to get things done. She is a true professional and very nice. I highly recommend going to Guaranteed Rate and talking to Danielle!”

Frank N. – West Jordan, UT – 6/2013


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Danielle interview Q&A

How long have you been in the mortgage business? What awards have you won?
I have been in the mortgage business for a little more than 20 years. I have been able to accomplish many of my goals that I have set for myself including Top Producer for 2011 at my last company and Highest Customer Satisfaction in 2006.
What advice would you give new or first time home buyers?
The advice that I would give to a new or first time buyer would be to understand and research all options before purchasing a home. I love to educate new buyers and give them options, so they can choose what best fits their budget and financial goals. It isn\'t always about the lowest interest rate because many programs can have a lower payment, but not necessarily the lowest rate. Understanding these differences is very important.
What can borrowers do to insure a smooth mortgage underwriting process?
I find that the smoothest underwriting process happens when borrowers help me by disclosing as much information upfront as possible. Providing all documentation that we ask for in the very beginning helps us to understand the whole picture and also to be able to structure the right loan program to meet the borrower\'s specific needs. We can also avoid any \"surprises\" later when we know everything that we are working with from the very beginning.
What provides you with the most satisfaction in your job as a Loan Officer?
I love to see customers realize their dream of home ownership and to be able to be a part of such an important purchase. I know what a huge investment a home purchase can be and want to be sure that my customers are going to be happy with the results. Having customers come back again and again, or having them refer their friends and family gives me the most satisfaction in my job as a loan officer because I know that they had a good home buying experience in what could be a stressful event in their life.
Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
I am the mother of two beautiful girls, Brooke and Kallie, and my stepson, Jordan. They keep me busy outside of work including being a \"Dance Mom\" and \"The Bomb Mom\" to their friends. I love to show them how to live each day to the fullest and try to give them as many life experiences as possible.

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