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John Poast

Vice President of Mortgage Lending
3940 North Ravenswood, Chicago, IL 60613
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NMLS: 217402
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John got a difficult deal done in a very volatile financial environment. His deep expertise and broad network of providers enabled him to secure extremely favorable financing terms. He operated on a tight timeline and was always available to answer questions. I recommend John without reservation.

Chris D

I have recommended John to various of my clients. He provided very good service to them. He is professional and is a pleasure to work with.

Max K

John is a very professional, yet personable business partner. He's kept my client(s) at ease during the closing process which is often a timely process. John's expertise in his field, and his demeanor is what leads me to recommend his services to my clients.

Jason C

John did an outstanding job providing a loan to my client this month. Two other lenders said they were unable to provide financing in the condo building where my client wanted to purchase a unit. John took the loan from start to finish with continuous communication to everyone involved in the transaction. Great job!

Jordan C

John is the ultimate professional. He managed my real estate purchase from the financial perspective from beginning to end. Every detail was delivered on time with 100% completion. My real estate broker, lawyer and John all worked together in concert -- they have definitely built a better real estate purchasing mousetrap! Thanks to John!

Katie W

I recommend John Poast for many of my buyers. He is level headed and speaks to the terms of the situation. Recently he was able to help out one of my clients, a Veteran, who wanted to purchase a condo. In order to get a VA loan, the building had to be approved. John Poast was able to work his magic and we got the building approved and my buyer closed on his first home in November 2011.

John C

John has a very novel approach to mortgage lending. He tells you up front exactly what to expect and the best way to achieve your financial goals. Couple that with sound advice and a direct, easy to work with manner and you've got someone whom we will recommend to friends.

Jonathan S

Working with John is a pleasure. John has work w my clients who are buyers and he has always gone above and beyond and is fun to work with. In the past John has been able to get loans for clients who can not get loans from other Lenders. Thanks John!

Peter K

John is very knowledgeable about home financing and has often assisted me with the myriad of mortgage questions my clients are asking. He has also worked with my clients to help find some of the best rates available to them and always responds quickly to inquiries made. He's a great resource to have!

Peter A

John was recommended to me by my trusted broker and I thought, "What the heck." Couldn't have made a better decision. In my first time home-buying process, John took a lot of concern away. He was knowledgeable, offered great suggestions, direct, professional, personable and available. I will use John's services again and I will recommend his excellent services to all my friends where applicable. Thanks again, John!

Kevin G

We were moving back to Chicago from California and John was recommended to us through a family friend. John's responsiveness and attention to detail were outstanding. We closed our Condo on time and with a great mortgage package. I would use his services again without hesitation.

Michael M

John helped us acquire a loan for our recent home purchase. He patiently walked us through the whole process and discussed many options with us. He was extremely responsive throughout the entire process and was able to get us a loan within our compressed time schedule. I would absolutely recommend that anyone looking for a mortgage use John. Working with him was a fantastic experience and made the process much less stressful for us.

Michelle Y

We had the pleasure of working with John this past year when he assisted us with finding a lender for our condo purchase. John provided prompt service, was extremely knowledgeable and obtained a favorable rate for us. Coupled with his positive and energetic personality, he made the entire home buying process much less stressful.

Amanda S

Thank you John, for doing everything you said you would do. You helped me immensely throughout this process. I highly recommend John Poast.

Brent S

John is great. Unbeatable interest rates and a wealth of knowledge as to any questions you may have about any type of mortgage. I used him specifically for residential mortgage services.

James W

John Poast was our knight in shining armor when a previous mortgage provider botched the application. He rode in with a wealth of expertise that allowed us to get a fantastic loan in a record amount of time. I would recommend him and his colleagues to anyone looking for a seasoned professional in the mortgage business who can cut through red tape and provide expert advice. We have him to thank for our dream home.

Katia Z

John is a detail-oriented team player who goes the extra mile to assist his buyers and communicate with their agents.

Stephanie L

John was the consummate professional handling my loan for what can be a tricky & lengthy process when it comes to short sales. When crunch time came he did what had to be done in record time. He was honest and upfront, responded to my needs quickly, and handled last minute changes at the closing tables with ease. I will recommend John to friends in need, and would use him again without question.

Meleah G

John did a great job with my mortgage. He was able to get everything completed in just three weeks. Being a realtor myself, I would highly recommend John.

Dennis S

I would recommend John to anyone looking to purchase or refi. John was very transparent through the entire mortgage process explaining in detail the steps involved. I was in a unique situation and closed in a 30 day window when another lender could not complete my loan. I'm very happy with the level of service provided.

Adam C

I was extremely impressed with the efficiency that John and Key Mortgage turned around this file in less than 30 days. My clients were pleased that there was minimal hassle and the file closed on time, which in this "new normal" of lending delays was fabulous! Thanks for a smooth transaction John.

Caroline G

John pays attention to detail and follows his transactions from application to closing. Always available, he keeps all parties in the loop at all times.

Lynn T

I worked with John for my first home purchase. He was extremely patient and had answers to all of my questions. He took care of every little detail and was prompt in his responses. If he was not available to answer questions himself, somebody from his office made sure i got the right answer at the right time. He took away all the stress from the home buying process and will definitely recommend him just for his professionalism and expertise among other things.

Sanjay T

John has consistently done a fabulous job for me. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a mortgage looking for a timely, competitive, and easy solution.

Jonathan R

We really enjoyed working with John on the mortgage for our home. He took a lot of time with us to explain all the details and ins and outs of the process (and the market) and got us a really competitive rate. He came highly recommended and now we know why. John belies a notoriously rapacious industry with a tremendous amount of integrity, honesty and decency. If you're looking to buy a home, look no further for a broker!

Sarah J

John is the best mortgage broker in Chicago and in my 20 year career in advertising this is the first time I've ever written the word "best" in a headline. We got a very competitive rate from him and I was constantly amazed at how much time he spent on the phone with me helping me understand the process and what was going on in the market right now. I would highly recommended if you're house hunting in chicago.

Rob J

About John

Bringing a wealth of knowledge from his trading days at Goldman Sachs and a Master of Science in Computational Finance, Poast offers a well-rounded client experience different than most in his industry.

"My trading days allow me to understand the lending process from a micro and macro perspective," Poast says. "I draw upon a wealth of experience to understand and apprehend each borrower's unique situation."

Poast acknowledges that lenders are a dime a dozen so he knows that connecting with his clients is imperative. He takes pride in meeting with them in person or via phone to take time to explain the different aspects of the lending process. "Today's savvy homebuyer has many questions and I respond to their questions to put my clients at ease throughout the process."

"I recently moved to an organization that offers a large amount of support and collaboration which is very important. I want my clients to know they have a team of trained professionals supporting the biggest purchase they've ever made." This allows John to focus his energy entirely on his clients' needs.

John receives most of his clients from referrals. He says the best way to earn referrals is simply by exceeding a client's expectations.

"Communication and education is essential. My best asset is an informed client."

Illinois Institute of Technology - Stuart School of Business

Master of Science in Financial Markets & Trading, Master of Business Administration with Management

DePaul University

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

  • Vice Commodore at Large of the Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation of the Chicago Yacht Club.

  • Competed in the Chicago-Mackinac Race every year since 1992 and placed in top 3 five times.

  • Represented Area K and won the Second Place U.S. Sailing Offshore Championship Award in 1996.

  • Enjoy squash, soccer, chess, scuba diving (PADI certified), and trading on personal account.

  • Received Arthur B. Hanson Rescue Award for saving the life of a fellow sailor.

  • Member of the Manhattan Yacht Club

  • Currently writing a book about sailing.

  • Member of Global Association of Risk Professionals.
  • John interview Q&A

    How long have you been in the mortgage business? What awards have you won?
    10 Years -- Been named Lender of the Year and recognized by Chicago Agent Magazine
    What are the pros and cons of a fixed rate mortgage versus an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM)?
    Fixed-rate mortgages are the most common type of mortgages available. Many home buyers prefer them to adjustable-rate mortgages for a number of reasons. But just because one is more popular doesn't mean itis right for you. FRMs have both pros and cons that you need to evaluate before choosing.
    Pros of FRMs
    A common reason many people choose a FRM is because it's predictable. Unlike ARMs, whose monthly payments are tethered to changing rates, the interest rate on FRMs does not change for the life of the loan. This predictability is enough to give many home buyers peace of mind, which might be worth paying for.
    The learning curve with FRMs is straightforward. It's easy to shop around and compare rates. The math involved with figuring out your loan is also easy. With ARMs, you have to put in significantly more work to figure out the math, and their terms and conditions are more complex. Generally, if you plan to keep your loan long-term and you believe rates can only go up, an FRM is usually not a bad idea. The stable, predictable payments are a trade-off for instances when rates decrease.
    To recap the advantages:
  • You know exactly what you'll be paying each month for the life of the loan.
  • There's no stress if rates go up.
  • It is easy to shop around and compare rates.
  • The math involved with your loan is straightforward.
  • It can save you money if you keep your loan long-term and rates go up.
    Cons of FRMs The biggest disadvantage of an FRM is having bad timing when locking in your rate. For example, if you lock in your rate in July at 4.2% but the rate continues to drop to 3.5% by September, you'll kick yourself for not waiting. On the other hand, the market is notoriously difficult to predict. You receive no advantage from falling rates, and whatever changes in interest rates occur do not matter because your loan is locked in. But you're also free from having to worry about it. Some home buyers choose to purchase a longer lock-in period and float their rate until they believe it won't get any lower. FRMs usually do not come with the low intro rates that ARMs frequently do. That can be disadvantageous if you don't plan to see out the life of your loan-that is, you plan to sell or refinance it in the foreseeable future. That's why some home buyers, like house flippers, choose ARMs over FRMs. However, those intro rates can also be troublesome if the buyer does not understand how to handle an intro, or teaser, rate.
    To recap the disadvantages:
  • FRMs may not be the best option for people looking to sell or refinance soon.
  • You're stuck with the rate you locked in until you refinance.
  • Falling rates can give you a case of buyer's remorse.
    Always understand the loan The 30-year FRM is the most popular mortgage in America, but that doesn't mean it's the right one for you. Still, many homeowners would rather deal with the stability of an FRM over the fluctuating payments of an ARM. Be sure you understand your loan's terms and rates, and always compare rates before signing into a mortgage.
  • What can borrowers do to insure a smooth mortgage underwriting process?
    Let your Loan Officer be your guide -- That is why I am here
    What do you enjoy doing most in your spare time when you are not helping people with their home loans?
    Racing Sailboats
    Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
    I have saved the lives of two separate people on two separate occasions

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