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Karen Bivans

Senior Mortgage Specialist
1806 W Cuyler Ave, Suites 1W, 2E, and 2W, Chicago, IL 60613
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NMLS: 1451662
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Karen Bivans was absolutely the best to work with. I had been through 3 other banks before Guaranteed Rate and you guys got the business thanks to her diligent work. Thank you Karen...for everything.

Kevin M. | October 2017

Enjoyed the proactive engagement with refinance.

Ajay K. | October 2017

In the end, our loan officer bent over backward to make a last minute change to the loan due to our other house not selling prior to the new home purchase. That effort went above and beyond our expectations. Some of the up front estimating was off by more than I expected - I wish the estimate had been closer than $14,000 delta between the estimate and final closing number, as I liquidated assets I did not need to liquidate to meet the final estimate.

Rebecca S. | November 2017

Karen Bivans was a perfect customer service rep. Prompt, courteous, and persistent without being a pest. Even before I went with you guys I was praying Karen came back with the best numbers so I could go with her. Even though others matched, I chose Guaranteed Rate because Karen provided the best experience. Best customer service and rates. Thanks for everything!

Stephen G. | September 2017

Karen is a pleasure to work with. She is courteous over email and phone and thoroughly answers every question that I have. She kept me up-to-date and followed up often during the loan application process.

Eugene C. - Funded 8/15/17

Karen Bivans did a very nice job for us. I asked many questions and required a lot of detailed answers. What she didn't know she found out, was very courteous, and very patient throughout the process. Thanks and great job Karen!!

Brian C. | June 2016

Karen Bivans was wonderful. Any company would benefit from such a wonderful person as Karen Bivans.

Mitchell C. | September 2016

Karen Bivans and the rest of the team that assisted with my mortgage were excellent. I did not anticipate the process for the transaction to be as smooth as it was. Thank you

Christopher M. | September 2016

Karen was very professional and super patient. She made me feel confident and everything she told me was true. Furthermore she explained everything to me step by step. I personally felt like she didn't only do business with me but she treated me like a family member. Even though I never met her personally I can say that she is a wonderful human being. I already recommended her to friends and relatives. Needless to say she is simply the best. If I ever purchase another property I want her to be...

Reginald C. | June 2017

Karen and her team did a great job. I purchased a short sale, so timing was very important. Everything went smoothly and we were able to fund with a stress free timeline. Karen also went the extra mile to make sure my entire seller credit was being utilized for all my costs. Thanks!

Michael E. | May 2017

Karen Bivans was incredibly helpful through the loan process. She was transparent and made sure all details were understood by me before I committed to anything. I highly recommend her!

Sagar S. | 05/05/2017

I'm happy I closed. The Loan Officer went above and beyond (Karen Bivens was great).

Stephen F. - Mansfield, MA | APR 2017

Karen Bivans was a pleasure to work with and answered all our questions.

Randal S. - Venice, FL | APR 2017

The level of customer service throughout the entire that I received from both Karen Bivans and Isabel Calderon were exceptional!!! It was them who you need to acknowledge for the high scores I provided.

Christopher K. - Harvard, MA | MAR 2017

The team (Karen and Diana) were very easy to work with and kept the process moving forward. I was very satisfied overall and have already referred another colleague whom is preparing to close their loan in the next few days.

Joseph B. - North Fort Myers | FEB 2017

Karen Bivins made the refinance process very quick and easy. She moved the process forward by keeping me informed as to what was expected, as well as the amount of time I had to transmit documents inorder to achieve a quick refinance. She answered my questions quickly and professionally, even when I needed more clarification and questioned her over and over, until I understood what was needed and why. Ms. Bivins conveyed a trustworthy enviornment, from which I felt very comfortable transmitting...

Samuel B. - Vancouver, WA | NOV 2016

I loved working my loan officer!

Mary M. - Marion, AL | DEC 2016

Karen Bivans is the loan officer and she was great and very responsive.

Greg V. - Clarendo, IL | NOV 2016

Karen was awesome. Super persistent and on top of everything. Very impressed and will use her again.

Laura K. - Chicago, IL | APR 2017

Karen was great! I enjoyed working with her: very friendly, helpful and responsive.

Antonio C. - Chicago, IL | APR 2017


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Karen interview Q&A

What specific steps do you use to help your customers find the best home loan for them?
The first thing I want to know is your ultimate goal. Are you looking for your first home while staying on a strict monthly budget? Do you need cash out for renovations? I will review all aspects of your finances including income, credit, liabilities, and assets. After this, I will explain what options are available and the differences between them. I'll provide details about how the process will work and then set off in helping my borrowers obtain their goals.
What part of the home loan process do customers find most difficult and how do you help them through it?
The general belief that the entire mortgage process will be a drag. In reality, it's not. Most of the work is done on our side, which is the way it should be. Using our online application and services makes the whole process easier than ever. The most frustrating part is sending us all the documents. I know it seems like overkill to request a divorce decree from 8 years ago but that’s what Fannie/Freddie require in today’s world. We don’t want to review extra documents so if we’re requesting it, we have to. My team has the same goal as you: closing the deal as quick as possible! Get us the documents and we can handle it from there!
What do you enjoy doing most in your spare time when you are not helping people with their home loans?
I started gardening on a whim last April and found myself obsessed within a month. By June, plants had taken over my living room and roof. I found myself offering tomatoes and peppers to every one via social media. This year I joined a community garden where the produce is donated to local food shelters around the Chicago area. It's a tiny plot but it gets much more sun than my living room so the plants are happy :)

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