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Liam Regan

Sales Assistant
465 Waverley Oaks Rd, Suite 202, Waltham, MA 02452
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NMLS: 745346
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Liam interview Q&A

Who is your typical customer and what questions do they typically have?
My typical customer is a first time homebuyer, looking for a preapproval. I like to go over every option available for first time homebuyers, such as FHA, Conventional with various MI options and Mass Housing loans. It is easy for me to relate to a younger customer who is doing this for the first time. I get the opportunity to walk them through the whole process and distinguish myself as being the one who educated them the most.
What advice would you give new or first time home buyers?
I would advise first time home buyers to speak to someone who will educate them on the whole process. First time home buyers are often very impressionable, and all they want to hear is the rate. However, with some programs, first time homebuyers can save money monthly with a higher rate compared to an FHA for example, because of the monthly PMI. Most first time homebuyers are actually better suited for the cheapest monthly payment possible, so going that extra step and showing all options, then educating on which one is best suitable for them is important.
What can borrowers do to insure a smooth mortgage underwriting process?
Full disclosure is a huge part of a smooth mortgage process. Not just on the lender\'s end but the borrower\'s end as well. Being prepared to offer any and all documents up front will ensure that nothing comes up down the line. This will make it a much easier, enjoyable and smoother process for everyone.
Summary of where you grew up: family, affiliations, college, high school, etc.
I grew up in Milton, MA in a family with eight kids. We were a traditional Irish family. I grew up playing sports and attended Bentley University for football and business.
Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
Being one of eight in the tail end of an Irish family, you had to do whatever you could to be heard. I grew from a quiet kid to a very outspoken and outgoing man, which helps me with my clients. I went from being shy to very good with people, even strangers. I can pretty much carry a conversation with anyone.

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