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Megan McDermott

VP of Mortgage Lending
322 Route 46 W, Suite 260W, Parsippany, NJ 07054
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NMLS: 90194
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Everything was great. Megan McDermott was amazing she went out of her way on every aspect. She was always available any time I had a question. I will definitely be recommending her and your company.

Erin G.

Megan was super wonderful!!

Lisa D.

I could not have asked for a better experience. Megan and her team were fantastic!

Katharine D.

Megan was absolutely terrific! She was very patient during the process. At the beginning we felt uneasy about using the technology to accomplish the refinance we have been wanting to do for a long time. She made it easy for working couples like us. I will highly recommend Megan and Guaranteed Rate to my friends. Thank You.

Washington T.

Megan was awesome! I can't say enough good things about her. Not only did she constantly keep me updated on every phase, she took the time to reply to my emails at all hours and days. She would reply to my questions at 8 pm, on weekends and even from the beach. Megan was more personable with me through emails then the bank was with me face to to face. She should be commended on a job well done.

George C.

Megan McDermott made the process very easy for us and will definitely work with her again.

Sunny P.

Megan was very helpful throughout and in combination with my Merrill Lynch financial advisor helped us work around an annoying line of credit credit issue. More important, Megan early on was able to give us a clear snapshot of borrowing options. In contrast, one other lender candidate we considered deluged us with so much paper that it was impossible for us to understand what their proposal was. In addition, another potential lender when presented with Megan's crystal clears snapshot quickly...

David D.

My loan officer was very helpful, professional and patient. Made it much easier for me.

Richard H.

It was a pleasure to work with Megan McDermott she made the whole process very Easy and answered any questions I had. Thank you very much.

John M.

Megan McDermott is the finest professional I have ever worked with. She handled my first loan and I returned to her and once again, she made everything so easy and able to understand! I have referred a few friends to her and will continue to do so - they couldn't work with anyone better than Megan.

Karen R.

Megan McDermott, Denise Fields and Sue Gallo were absolutely outstanding. Never were we at a loss as to where we were in the process. Timely and complete responses were the norm. Guaranteed Rate is fortunate to have people of this caliber.

Patrick F.

I have three properties that I would love to consolidate with you guys. I have been able to accomplish this on two thus far. Megan McDermott has always been very easy to talk to and has made the mortgage process a breeze. My last property that I would like to transfer to you guys is a double wide trailer on a foundation. Zillow currently has it valued in the neighborhood of 180K. The remaining amount owed is right at 102K. Sun trust currently ownes that mortgage, but as stated above I would...

Anthony B.

Megan helped us when we first bought our house as well as with our refinance. She made both extremely easy to understand and was able to explain any questions we had. It was a completely stress free experience and I'm very appreciative for the service she provided us.

Kevin M. - Rockaway, NJ | APR 2016

Megan McDermott was an amazing resource during our buying process. I couldn't be any happier with the service she provided...always willing to go above and beyond..including after hours, to help when needed.

Thomas H. -Springfield, NJ | MAR 2016

Megan was AWESOME! She went above and beyond to get us the loan on time and the best rate! I WILL recommend her to everyone!!!

Maureen K.

I can't say enough good things. This is the third time I buy a house, and this time it was actually fun. Megan was to the point, honest and always there for us throughout the whole process. It was super fast and straight forward, no surprises. We feel extremely lucky to have had her to guide us through the whole thing.

Edward S.

Megan was EXCELLENT. My real estate transaction was rather complex and it was such a breath of fresh air to know that from my loan side everything was 100%. I never once had to worry. Meghan ensured I was updated every step of the way. She understood the seriousness of the hurdles we had to overcome and ensured to be available when needed (even on weekends!) to keep everything together. I strongly believe that thanks to her we have our new home. The rest of the Guaranteed Rate team was a...

Liana A.

Since the very first contact with Megan McDermont I noticed I had a very dependable professional. She always made herself available for any clarification. Not only the good loan conditions I was offered, but also the kind and personalized service allowed me to undoubtedly choose Guaranteed Rate. A potentially painful and lengthy process ran very smoothly and within the predicted timelines. I couldn't be more thankful and satisfied!

Fabricio S. – West orange, NJ | OCT 2015

Megan was very helpful through the process and always ready to respond to any questions promptly. Very easy process from start to finish and the communication on what to expect and what was needed was excellent.

Brian P. – Enola, PA | SEP 2015

Megan McDermott kept me informed throughout the process. Excellent experience from start to finish.

James W. – Hallieford, VA | SEP 2015

Megan kept me informed throughout the process. Excellent experience from start to finish. Easiest refinance I have done. Professional, attentive, great value. Thanks

James W.

Megan was very helpful through the process and always ready to respond to any questions promptly.

Brian P.

Since the very first contact with Megan McDermott I noticed I had a very dependable professional. She always made herself available for any clarification. Not only the good loan conditions I was offered, but also the kind and personalized service allowed me to undoubtedly choose Guaranteed Rate. A potentially painful and lengthy process ran very smoothly and within the predicted timelines. I couldn't be more thankful and satisfied.

Fabricio S.

Megan is the best!!!!! Fast responses!!!!!

Christopher R. – Newport News, VA | JULY 2015

I shared with Megan, she assisted me in closing one chapter of my life and opening another - with out her persistance, working with a challenging person in the process (my ex) and keeping everything so professional and efficient. I highly recommend Megan and commend her job with my loan

Karen R. – Blue Bell ,PA | JULY 2015

Megan was awesome and helpful throughout!

Thomas K. -- 8/29/2014

“Megan was a pleasure to work with. She made things easy for my husband and I, which was key because we are both incredibly busy and we have a 15 month old. Megan was very professional and always on top of things. It made the whole process a breeze. I will definitely recommend her to my friends and family!”

Joshua W. – Midland, VA – 8/2014

Megan McDermott made the process easier than buying a car! She was wonderful and I will definitely spread the word about the great service that we received! Thank you Megan!

Anthony B. -- Fredericksberg, VA 7/28/2014

Megan McDermott was an absolute pleasure to work with! She turned what usually is a daunting process into an enjoyable one! This was by far the best experience I have ever had with a lender bar none!

Jon T. -- Warren, PA 7/7/2014

“I decided to go with Megan McDermott for my refinance and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Megan explained the process and told me what I would need to get started. She was very communicative and kept me informed throughout the process. I could tell she was taking a genuine interest in my case and I was able to close in two weeks. What a great loan officer and person! Megan is the greatest and I will tell everyone about her!”

Richard O. – Ashburn, VA – 4/2014

Megan was wonderful and I had a fantastic experience. Even my lawyer agreed and he has worked with a lot of lenders and Guaranteed Rate is one of the best.

Susan L. -- Morris Plains, NJ, 2/24/2014

Our experience with Guaranteed was terrific. Megan McDermott is exceptional. She is very efficient, professional and a pleasure to work with. We've worked with Megan McDermott in the past and when we thought about doing this refinance, she was the person we wanted to work with again. We did check with a few other places, but she gave us the best offer and we knew the service would be great.

Bruce E. -- New Hartford, NY. -- 10/2013

“Guaranteed Rate’s outstanding mortgage lending made it possible for me to refinance my house. Megan and her team were diligent, fast and professional. I heard about Guaranteed Rate from a co-worker on a Tuesday morning and by the end of the day, my mortgage was pre-approved. They work with you and guide you through the entire process. Thanks to Megan, Frank and Lori for all of their hard work!”

Perla G. – Langhorne, PA – 10/2013

“Megan and her team were very professional, attentive to my needs, available and encouraging throughout the entire process. Their professionalism made this transaction easy and low stress. Thanks Guaranteed Rate!”

Monica F. -- Chester, VA.-- 8/ 2013

About Megan

As a lifelong resident of Morris County NJ, I pride myself in helping my friends, family and neighbors get the best mortgage terms and options in the industry. The advantage that my customers have working with me is my 14 years of experience in the mortgage business, my overall mortgage product knowledge and the commitment I have to each of my customers to help them get the most competitive low rate, low cost mortgage for their individual situation. Buying a home or refinancing your mortgage can seem overwhelming if you don’t have an experienced mortgage professional guiding you through the process. There are many moving parts in the mortgage and home buying process and having a seasoned professional like myself makes the entire process much easier and stress free. Not all mortgage lenders are the same and I am dedicated to being a true

knowledgeable asset for homeowners and home buyers.

Megan interview Q&A

What specific steps do you use to help your customers find the best home loan for them?
The advantage my customers have with working with me is my experience, overall mortgage knowledge and the commitment I have to each and every one of my customer to get them the absolute best new loan based on what they need and want and the options available. It's truly about listening to finding out what will make them comfortable financially and emotionally with the whole process. I love my job because I love helping people and my customers know I am getting them the best possible loan and the best deal.
Tell us about a mortgage product that consumers may not be aware of?
I find that one of the best products that Guaranteed Rate has to offer its customers with limited equity in the value of their home or customers with less than 20% to put down on a new home is the up to 95% No monthly MI product. We can let customers put down as little as 5% or refinance up to 95% of their homes value with no mortgage insurance in their monthly payment. With the very unpredictable housing prices and with dropping home values still in some areas this is a great way to still take advantage of low rates and be able to qualify for a new loan. This is a fantastic product for the right customer and I love being able to offer people this product.
What part of the home loan process do customers find most difficult and how do you help them through it?
I think that sometimes people choose not to refinance or hold off on buying a home because they feel the process will be overwhelming and they are really unsure of the steps it takes to get started. What I do is try to take all that stress away from my customers by listening to exactly what they need to do and what their situation is so that they are 100% fully prepared upfront so that they can make the best decision possible based on their needs to decide if now is the best time or if they should wait. When people are prepared and truly educated on anything they are going to make better decisions. People have to feel good about buying or refinancing and it\'s my job to make sure that they are confident, comfortable and educated on the mortgage process so that everyone is on the same page so that every loan closes as planned and every customer is happy.
What do you enjoy doing most in your spare time when you are not helping people with their home loans?
I am wife to my wonderful husband, Darin, and mother to our 2 children, 13 year old Mackenzie and 2 year old, Broden. We also have 2 huge dogs. Hudson, our American Bull Dog, and Roman, our Rottweiler. We definitely have a busy home with lots of action going on but it\'s fun and very rewarding. I think that all experiences in my personal life and family life help make me better at my job in helping people because it has allowed me to be a better listener and understand true real life situations that we all go through that has given me the passion I have for my job and helping people.
Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
Along with being a wife, mother and mortgage loan officer, I love shopping at Target, love playing online scrabble and love watching House Hunters !!!!!

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