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Robert Hathorne

Vice President of Mortgage Lending
320 W. Ohio St, Suites 1E & 410, Chicago, IL 60654
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NMLS: 225534
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Bob Hathorne was really great to work with, always available for the call, and always willing to answer questions and talk me through the process. As a first time home buyer, I appreciate that so much in a loan officer. He was so personable and even took time out of his day to come to our closing just to check in and see how things were going. I would highly recommend him to anyone else looking to purchase and even hope to work with him in the future! Thanks again Bob!

Kaitlyn N. | December 2017

Robert and his team were awesome. My initial conversation with him was a return call to me while on his vacation in Mexico, though unnecessary, it left an impression on me that I was worth his time. If there was any request for information that I needed from them, they responded as if I was taking out a million dollar loan. My closing went very smoothly. I have already recommended Robert to a few people, and will continue to.

James K. -Villa Park, IL | MAR 2016

From start to finish with my refinancing I was given complete and accurate information. Response to any questions I had was very timely. Bob Hathorne did a great job coordinating everything I needed and made the whole process very easy for me. I am already recommending your company to friends and family.

JOHN S. - Oak Park, IL | Jan. 2016

Bob Hathorne was available to help me whenever I needed it and helped to walk me through my first home buying experience.

Joel W. – Chicago ,IL | JULY 2015

Mr.Hawthorne was so patient and willing to help no matter what time of day it was. I will be recommending Guarantee Rate to family and Friends.

Gregory G. – Bellwood, IL | Mar. 2015

Bob Hathorne and his team made our refinancing process very simple.  He was very helpful and was able to get us a great rate.  Would highly recommend Guaranteed Rate!!

Colleen F. – Evergreen Park, IL | Mar. 2015

Bob Hathorne is sincerely incredible at his job and we are so glad we were introduced to him. He is outstanding at every aspect of his job and has a great deal of integrity. I wish every lender were as professional and caring as Bob! The lending world would be a much better place with more people like Bob in it. Guaranteed Rate is VERY lucky to have Bob on their team.

Jeanine C. – Chicago, IL | Mar. 2015

Bob Hawthorne is incredible; he really dug into all of the options and came up with a few really good rates/options. In the end I went with a 15-year loan vs. 30 year and couldn't be happier.

Susan B. -- 11/12/2014

Bob Hawthorne did an awesome job!!! His team was amazing also. This loan was done in less than 30 days and an extremely easy process.

Arthur R. -- 11/10/2014

Bob was amazing!! I would mark him a 20 in this 5 point scale. No one better than Bob!!!

Arthur R. -- Chicago, IL. 9/23/2014

I have used Bob Hathorne in the past and he does an outstanding job! I will use him for all of my future loans!

Zachary L. -- Chicago, IL 7/6/2014

Robert is a true professional and talented Loan Officer. Over my career I have worked with hundreds of Loan Officers and Robert is one of the best. His knowledge, integrity and passion for the business has resulted in many referrals and repeat customers. I would highly recommend him.

Ed A. - 5.31.12

Robert is extremely professional as a loan officer and I would highly recommend him.

Harry O. - 5.29.12

Bob is a consummate professional and understands the industry to deliver you the best rate and value on your mortgage.

Steve N. - 5.29.12

Bob has worked with me on 3 occasions to obtain mortgage financing. He is the most on-the-ball, knowledgeable, proactive and hardworking financier you could ever want to have. All of my deals have not only proceeded smoothly, with Bob doing a ton of work behind the scenes, but they all have been at great rates. Bob has tremendous expertise and insight into the bond markets and how to work them to get the best deals.

Anthony R. - 5.30.12

Bob is the get it done guy and has never failed any of my clients.

Frank M. - 5.30.12

I have worked with Bob Hathorne for a number of years and he has helped me with a number of loan transactions for me and a # of my clients. He has done well by me and I have great trust in Bob to get the job done right each and every time!

Kevin S. - 5.30.12

In the challenging financial and banking times of 2009, Robert was able to present several outstanding refinancing options for my needs. I will use his services in the future.

Michael E. - 6.4.12

I have worked with Bob over the past 15 years on double digit real estate financing trasactions (purchase, refi) and he is my go-to mortgage broker. While his expertise and personability are outstanding, what really separates Bob is his integrity and honesty that he will do what's best for his clients and takes a long term relationship view. I look forward to working with Bob on all my future transactions.

Simon B. - 6.18.12

I have worked with Bob on several occasions in arranging financing for my home. Bob is eminently qualified and provides candid advice with an eye towards the big picture. Beyond his professionalism, Bob is a great guy who is personable and genuinely cares about his clients and appreciates what a big decision taking out a home loan is. I have nothing but the highest recommendation for him.

Scott N. - 2.22.13

About Robert

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile. I've been in the mortgage industry for 17 years. I was a former commodities trader at the Chicago Board of Trade in the 10 year treasury note pit for 14 years. When I decided to leave the Board of Trade, I had many friends who were in the mortgage industry. They persuaded me to join them, noting that I enjoyed working with people as well as being a "numbers person". The fit was perfect, and I'm really glad I made the move. I attended Barrington High School in Barrington, Illinois and later attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. I was a finance major at SMU, which is where I gained interest in the financial industry. Upon graduation, I started my career as a "runner" down at the exchange, and I knew from that point on that my future would always be in the financial industry. Currently, I live in Old Town/ Lincoln Park in Chicago, IL., where I've lived since 1985. I enjoy playing poker, and watching any Chicago sports team play. I was a former ice hockey player in high school and college, so I especially enjoy watching the Chicago Blackhawks. I've been married to my wonderful wife, Carrie, for 6 years.

Robert interview Q&A

How long have you been in the mortgage business and what inspired you to get into it?
I've been in the mortgage industry for 17 years and many friends already in the industry inspired me to get into the industry back in 1999.
What advice would you give new or first time home buyers?
The mortgage industry has become much more difficult for consumers over the years. That’s why it’s extremely important for consumers to work with loan officers they know and can trust. I’ve always let my clients know what to expect and how difficult the process may be. I try not to “sugar coat” anything. I like to tell it like it is. I think my clients appreciate that point of view.
How has the mortgage industry changed since you started, and what would you expect in the future?
The mortgage industry has become much more regulated, which is a positive aspect of the industry. We all remember the subprime, alt-a, nina, sisa, and ninja loans of the past, that were all doomed for failure. Many people have recently become aware of the past problems through the release of the movie, "The Big Short". I've always been in the A paper, or prime mortgage side of the industry, and I'll always remain in that sector. Unfortunately, I've been seeing some lenders that are starting to resort back to the old portfolio subprime loans, that got us into trouble in the past. Hopefully, in the future, we don't continue down that path. Personally, I refuse to do so.
What can borrowers do to insure a smooth mortgage underwriting process?
The one thing I almost always mention to my clients is to just get proper documentation upfront. If the underwriter asks for additional documentation, don't question them. It's always easier to just get what the underwriter needs, and not fight them. That always makes the underwriting process much easier.
Summary of where you grew up: family, affiliations, college, high school, etc.
I grew up in Arlington Heights, Il. and then later moved to Barrington, Il. I attended Barrington High School where I played numerous sports, but I especially enjoyed ice hockey. I later attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Tx. I graduated with a degree in Finance, MSC, and Spanish. I continued to play ice hockey at SMU as well. Today, I enjoy working with Guaranteed Rate, as well as volunteering at the First United Methodist Church in downtown Chicago. I have volunteered as a head usher for 15 years. I have been married to my wonderful wife, Carrie, for 3 years.
What provides you with the most satisfaction in your job as a Loan Officer?
The one thing that provides the most satisfaction for me as a loan officer is the ability to save my clients money on their mortgage payments. I enjoy watching them close their new loans on refinances, knowing they've usually saved several hundred dollars a month. I also have used the HARP program for several clients, and have actually saved their homes from foreclosure by using that program. What better feeling can you have than knowing you've helped someone save their home?
Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
I think my former background as a commodity note/bond trader has really helped make me unique in the mortgage industry due to my increased knowledge of the bond market. Treasury and MBS bonds are the determining factors in mortgage rates. My ability to follow these bonds gives me a jump on rates, and whether to float a rate, or lock in a rate for my clients. I also enjoy watching the Fed, and using my knowledge of the Fed's actions to help determine future rates in the mortgage industry. It all ties together nicely, and gives me a distinct advantage over other loan officers from other companies.

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