Sergei Andruha

Vice President of Mortgage Lending

636 Fourth St, San Francisco, CA 94107
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NMLS: 281055

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Great communication and efficiency made for a quick close.

Helen L. | August 2018

I couldn't have asked for anyone better. Sergei was exceptional!

Troy G. -- Truckee, CA 7/8/2014

Sergei was fantastic, as always! I have used Sergei for a few years now and he as always been terrific to work with!

Michael C. -- San Francisco, CA 6/18/2014

Sergei was absolutely AMAZING! A top-notch professional who provided me with every service from the education I needed as a first time home buyer to watching out for my best interests all the way through the close of our transaction. The highlights: - CLOSED IN LESS THAN 3 WEEKS! - Completely transparent - Came and met with me at my home - Gave me a killer customizable tool for calculating my mortgage payments - Answered all of my questions quickly and concisely - Easy to get...

Alec M., 10/18/13

Sergei helped us refinance as a part of our condo conversion. He was super professional, responsive, great with the details, and easy to work with. Condo conversions and refinances can be pretty overwhelming experiences, especially if you don't trust the people managing the process. We had complete faith in Sergei's abilities the entire way through our refi/conversion. He's a real pro, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to rest easy through the loan process.

William B., 10/18/13

I first worked with Sergei 7 years ago when I bought my first home. He was terrific at helping me navigate what is a pretty complex process. Since then, I have worked with him on three re-fis of my condo. Most recently, we did one to capitalize on the low interest rates. Sergei took care of eveything and was extremely responsive to all my (sometimes silly) questions. I highly recommend him to anybody seeking a mortgage broker. He's awesome!

Beth C., 10/18/13

I would like to share my First time home buyers experience with you. Sergei is Awesome. He took the time to meet with me at my home and listened to my needs and concerns. He walked me through every step of the way during my buying experience. He was able to answer all my questions and find me the best loan available at the time and pre-qualified me for many first time buyer programs. Awesome is how I would rate my working with Sergei.

Pamela Hl, 10/18/13

Sergei was a great help. He helped my get my mortgage for my 1st house. He also helped me refinance several times and open lines of credit. Transactions were quick and smooth. He knows his stuff, and made me feel at ease when signing my life away to the banks. There were no surprises, he is honest, and has been my main contact in the mortgage world. I am in the process of refinancing again, and of course am using Sergei.

Victor L, 10/18/13

Sergei was very helpful in navigating the complicated world of mortgage loans. He responds promptly to our communications: we did most of it via email but he was always available by phone when we had questions. As we were home shopping, rates began to rise and Sergei helped us lock in at a great rate under 4 percent. He was great about explaining the ways our loan would work, all of the complicated terms of the mortgage, disclosures, etc, and we closed right on time without a hitch. I would...

John R., 10/18/13

For the second time, Sergei has done an amazing job as our broker, this time with a re-fi on an investment property. We've worked with other brokers recently, but they don't compare to the level of service that Sergei offers. He is prompt, efficient, responsive, and even our title officer commented on how the quality of his service rises above the others. He helped us navigate the process with ease and even picked up paperwork from our place of work! That's above and beyond, and why he gets...

Curtis L, 10/18/13

I have known Sergei for many years, and had heard nothing but great things about him. When my husband and I decided to purchase a home, there was no question that I would use Sergei to help us with our loan. He met with us in person on a weekend, and helped us get a better understanding of what we could afford, and how the loan would differ depending on whether we ended up with a condo or a single-family-home. When we found the place that we were going to buy, he kept things moving...

Jane A., 10/18/13

I like working with Sergei because he's extremely responsive and proactive - he handles all the crappy paperwork and phone calls, and works around my schedule and preferences. So after meeting in person a few times to explain the basics of how a loan works, we did everything else over email, which I really appreciate. He filled out most of the forms for me, arranged for a notary and assessor to come to my house, and generally tried to make life easier so that things run smoothly. I've...

Luke S., 10/18/13

As a first time buyer I was very clueless about the whole process. My real estate agent Debi Green referred me to him and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Sergei gives written estimates of different loan options and how much each will cost per month. He was happy to explain the pros and cons of each option and always responded to any email or phone call super fast. I also appreciated that he got a little bit creative with the loan option I chose which allowed me to get the very...

Tipsy A., 10/18/13

We highly recommend Sergei, especially if you want an FHA loan in San Francisco. We found Sergei to be a real pro, amazing follow up, talks fast, thinks fast and clearly has the finest contacts available by the turn time he was able to deliver getting our HOA approved directly with HUD himself. We was open, always welcoming of questions and advice, and pushing everyone to get what needed to get done. Can’t say enough about how stellar our experience was. We are now the very proud owners of a...

Peter H, 10/18/13

I worked with Sergei on a recent new condo purchase. He was extremely responsive throughout, and delivered as promised. Not an easy feat in this tight lending environment. What more can you ask for? Oh yeah, lower rate? He beat my expectations on that, too... I would definitely recommend him. Actually, I already have.

Chris M., 10/18/13

Sergei was recommended my agents Alec and Amy at Zephyr. He was awesome to work with. During the search process he would run numbers at the drop of a dime, and when I finally locked in on a place he was always on top of things. His availability to help me through first time home-buyer struggles was a tremendous relief. He locked in a low rate and got me a discount on my closing costs. I personally wouldn't imagine it going better, and would go to Sergei again in a heartbeat.

Brett E., 10/18/13

I have now worked with Sergei twice. First, on the initial purchase of my home, and again on a refinance. Both experiences were great. He has always been knowledgeable, easy to get in touch with, and dedicated to finding me the best deal and making it work. Additionally, he has driven to my home to pick up documents and has been a pleasure to work with during each transaction. I have been very happy working with him and have recommended him to several friends.

Austin B., 10/18/13

When the time was right to refinance, Sergei helped me make this happen. Amazingly, he kept in touch with me over the course of those years to keep me updated on rates and see if I was ready (we were in the midst of a massive remodel project and had to wait to re-fi until the project was complete). Sergei was always professional, responded quickly to my inquiries, nudged me politely when I owed him information and worked around my crazy schedule. He got me the best rate possible and closing...

John M., 10/18/13

Sergei helped us out when we got stuck in our deal with another lender. He was quick to respond, competitive, and informative. He was very patient and helpful. Later in the process, it worked out with the original deal so we did not end up using him. However, I wished we would have gone to him first. Sergei is a total professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get their loan DONE!

A.D., 10/18/13

Sergei helped us out in a pinch. We called him when our other loan looked like it might fall through. When we found ourselves loan-less, he jumped right in and got us something, where the bank had come up with nothing--what a huge relief! He was always available by email or phone, even on weekends, and was happy to take as long as needed to answer our every anxious question. I would use Sergei again in an instant! He's the reason we have a house right now.

Emma S., 10/18/13

Sergei delivers. I am very grateful to have worked with Sergei for my condo purchase. My condo is in a small building that had a high rental percentage. I had consulted with two mortgage brokers, one of which was a direct lender, and both said that because the property doesn't meet the owner occupancy threshold, that lenders won't give out loans. Sergei made the impossible possible by finding a lender who was able to issue the loan. My purchase is now closed and I am a happy owner. Thanks...

Katia H, 10/18/13

Knowledgeable, professional and an absolute pleasure to work with, Sergei managed to beat the rate, costs and time to close offered by banks previously recommended. Sergei was confident he could deliver: there was no hard sell to go with him or any issues if we were working with other partners. He was happy to give us the benefit of his experience without any guarantee of getting the business and got us the deal we were looking for. I would absolutely recommend working with Sergei and...

Richard G., 10/18/13

I think we all know how much harder loans are to come by nowadays. Well, mine had enough quirks to make it nigh-on impossible! And to 5 of the 6 brokers who initially said they could do it (all of them recommended to me as being very good) it actually was impossible. But not Sergei. He genuinely is the Real Deal. If he can`t do it can`t be done! - and he actually got me a lower rate and better all-round deal than the others had promised but failed to deliver. Want an expert who`ll get...

Dermot H., 10/18/13

From the beginning, Sergei held our hands through the entire home buying process from start to finish. Even on weekends! And not only was the experience extraordinary, after we purchased our house for an already low 30-year fixed interest rate, a few months later, Sergei contacted us and we worked together on our re-financing, and Sergei locked us into yet another amazing 30-year fixed rate, which is saving us $96,000 over the course of the loan! That's collage money for our Son. Sergei is...

Steven L, Happy in the City

One word: excellent. Buying a house is like an emotional roller coaster, but Sergei's timely response and accurate analysis makes it much easier for us to take emotion out of the equation and focus on the big picture. Would definitely do business again with him.

Allen H, 10/18/13

Just wanted to write a review on Sergei. He is wonderful. We just purchased our first house here in San Francisco and Sergei helped us EVERY step of the way. We did a short sale and FHA loan which is quite a tall order and he came through at each step of the process. Great deal on the loan with terms we can manage, great work with the short sale and overall a great person to work with. Thank you Sergei!!

Julie Q., 10/18/13

Sergei helped make the mortgage process as painless as possible. He is timely, professional and pleasant to work with. His loan analysis at different price points and percentage of income was very helpful when deciding on a range of prices and what our absolute limit was. His good faith estimates were literally within a few dollars of the final closing numbers. He returned our e-mails and phone calls quickly and remained relaxed and patient with all my questions. If we ever have to go through...

Meaghan A, 10/18/13

Sergei was a patient and professional guide through a lengthy close. He kept positive and informative through a stressful situation. I'm very pleased to recommend his great work.

Adrien D., 10/18/13

This was the smoothest, easiest re-fi I've ever been through! He took over, Sergei let me know exactly what the bank needed WHEN they needed it and he kept me informed of the status on a regular basis, he was very pro-active! And oh, did I tell you?...he showed up for our signing at the Title Company...imagine that...none of our previous brokers offered to do that! so, it is easy for me to recommend Sergei to my friends....

Kate M, 10/18/13

Sergei was instrumental in refinancing our home and managed to lock us down for the very best rate. He's very responsive and gets the job done and done well no matter what the obstacles!

A. R., 10/18/13

Sergei patiently spent forever dealing with my condo HOA, banks, etc. to get my FHA loan approved in San Francisco. A lesser broker would have bailed weeks earlier, but Sergei worked with everyone to obtain the necessary documents, etc. And now the building is FHA approved and I'm in my new condo. I HIGHLY recommend Sergei.

Di G., 10/18/13

Our case was not easy, we had purchased a second home at the top of the bubble, and had to sell our first home at the bottom of the market. We accrued a lot of credit card debt to close on our new home, anticipating that we could pay it off when we sold the first house. When the market crashed, we were unable to recoup what we owed. Our credit scores went down, and homes in our area, the Excelsior, were hardest hit. Sergei got us a fantastic rate considering what he had to work with. We are...

Linda A., Communications, SF Dept of Public Health

Upbeat, determined, pragmatic, and reliable. Sergei makes the impossible possible. He has succesfully refinaced us twice (and I am self employed with a complicated income stream), most recently adding a 2nd mortgage line of credit at the bottom of the housing market. If you can dream it, Sergei will do his best to help you get there. I appreciate even more that the last time I checked in, he actually suggested I go elsewhere because he thought I could get a better rate direct from a bank! I'm a...

Misha C., 10/19/13

About Sergei

Sergei Andruha has been in the real estate finance industry for well over ten years. His experience includes processing loans, originating loans, managing and training loan officers and selling mortgage loans to loan officers in a wholesale capacity for both Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase. Sergei’s specialty has always been working on purchase transactions, coordinating multiple parties to bring together a smooth and comfortable experience for the buyer and their agent. Anybody that has ever worked in the real estate industry knows that communication is the glue that keeps transactions together and you can rest assured that you will never have a difficult time getting in touch with Sergei or be concerned that you are not being properly communicated with. Your satisfaction is his ultimate goal.


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