Sheri Arnold

VP of Mortgage Lending

1808 Aston Ave, Ste 200, Carlsbad, CA 92008
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NMLS: 311417

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We were extremely impressed by the personal and professional assistance we received from Sherri, Amy, Colleen, Cassandra, and Barb. With smiles and enthusiasm they were there to assist us with questions, technology, and loan procedures. We sincerely appreciate the quality of service each of these ladies provided.

William L. | September 2018

Outstanding personnel and company...A Plus Grade in overall performance. Would recommend their services to anyone!

Richard W. - September | 2018

We were first time buyers and the processes was way smoother than I had imagined. We thank you for making this such a smooth process.

Stephen M. | September 2018

Sheri and her team make it so simple every time. Sheri even goes above and beyond to ease things over with the selling agent. Sheri has put together an awesome team that also jumps in and can help in any matter.

Michael R. | August 2018

Sheri and her team went above and beyond to work with us on a purchase that was unexpected. We were out of town for a lot of the time, and then we had a family death. Her team even sent our family flowers. We were all very touched at the gesture, very thoughtful and unexpected. We will highly recommend Sheri and her team to all our friends.

Joanna L. | August 2018

"Would you use Guaranteed Rate again?" Yes

Stephanie P. | July 2018

These folks are the best! We have already recommended to others, including real estate agents. We could not have imagined a smoother transaction, despite complications inherent with our new home. Thank you!

John G. - July | 2018

Sheri and her team are excellent at customer service and were able to happily help us with our many technical difficulties. Sheri is very professional and works hard for her client.

Charles D. | June 2018

Sheri, Cassandra and Amy were all wonderful to work with. Always quick to help and everything was seamless. Will highly recommend to others.

Ashley M. | June 2018

Sheri, Cassandra and Amy were all wonderful to work with. Always quick to help and everything was seamless. Will highly recommend to others.

Ashley M. | June 2018

Sheri and her team made an otherwise difficult situation pleasant.

Ronald J. - May | 2018

Sheri and her team are excellent at customer service and were able to happily help us with our many technical difficulties. Sheri is very professional and works hard for her client.

Charles D. | June 2018

Sheri and her team are always very helpful.

John H. | June 2018

Everyone was very nice and helpful all the way through the process. Also, very creative to help me the loan I needed and could afford.

Rocksanne P. | May 2018

Happy to work with Sheri and her fabulous team.

Behnush M.

The team at Guaranteed Rate is excellent, I can't complain. I have followed Sheri Arnold from one lender to another. She is one in a million. She always has the best interest at heart for her clients and goes far beyond, over and above, whatever it takes to make it happen. I thank Sheri, from the bottom of my heart, for everything she has done for me over the years. Thank you really isn't enough, but THANK YOU

Diane W.

The entire team I worked with were excellent. They were all on their game and very proficient! I would definitely recommend them.

Joyce D.

Sheri Arnold was amazing to work with . She takes time to explain any questions that you may have no matter the time of day. She is a very trustworthy person and hope to work with her again in the future

Patrick C.

Honesty, integrity and doing the right thing is what sets Sheri and her team apart. I’m not just talking about their industry, I’m talking about all industries. I work for a very large company that makes phones with a certain fruit logo on it. I live and breathe customer service and its nice to see a company like Sheri’s does as well.

Jeff P.

Sheri and her team were efficient, helpful and made the process seamlessly easy!

Ilana P.

Sheri Arnold is amazing! We loved working with her. She made the process easy and transparent and went above and beyond for us multiple times. On a scale from 1-10, she is an 11!

Nancy H.

“Sheri is awesome the overall process was seamless all the staff are extremely professional

Melanie W.

Sheri Arnold and her team were professional, pleasant and extremely efficient during the loan process. I would DEFINITELY use Sheri's services again and again. She is the most thorough loan officer I've ever used AND I trust her completely!

Jeannette F.

Sheri and Amy are a wonderful team. While I know there are many others I am forgetting to name, Sheri and Amy always went above and beyond to help us in securing our dream future. We had heard through word of mouth how amazing Sheri was to work with- but the experience was even more than we could have asked for. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and we promise to spread the word of how pleased we were with Guaranteed Rate!

Scott K.

Sheri Arnold and her team provided amazing service throughout the loan process. I would highly recommend her to any friends or family. I'm also a Realtor and have referred Sheri to many Buyers over the years and they have all told me how pleased they were with her service.

Steve R.

We are very grateful that we had Sheri Arnold as our “go to gal” in our home buying quest. She is very knowledgeable, timely, and helpful. She is fun to work with! E-mails always start in a pleasant vibe, that in a way helped ease the stress of tackling the serious business of home buying. She was able to answer all our questions thoroughly. Very keen to detail, skilled, and fast! We were able to close within a month! Just in time as our contract with the apartment is ending, and also fulfilled...

Algeno C. | September 2017

Guaranteed Rate is awesome! They exceeded my expectations and made the whole process very smooth and they were with me the whole way. Never made us feel alone and always answered every question we had. This team is the best Sheri, Amy and the whole squad.. I can't describe how much they helped us and as they would always answer us 24/7. Thanks again Sheri, Amy and team!

Jose A.

We are so thankful for the awesome team who worked on our loan. Sheri was so amazing and communicated consistently.

Heather F.

So exciting! Got the keys today! I appreciate your help through the process. I will refer anyone I come across.

Ife O.

The whole team was awesome!

Twyla C.

Amy Kocee, Sheri Arnold and the entire team, but especially Amy and Sheri answered all questions in a timely manner and always answered within minutes from my text or emails. They made the process experience easy and relaxing and assuring. They were great to work with and would refer them in a heartbeat. It was a good experience from start to finish. Extremely satisfied with your services.

Karen R.

I have bought many houses in my life and I felt the need to write and let you know what a fantastic buying experience I had using Guaranteed rate and having Sheri Arnold as a loan officer. From the very start, I knew Sheri And Amy we're different than others - she was clear, organized and full of answers to all of my questions. I knew exactly what information was needed from the very beginning of the process and if I had any questions, Ms. Sheri and Ms. Amy was so easy to contact and their...

Nawar A

Sheri and her team have worked with my mother before so we know their service is great! They made the short sale process go smoothly and were able to give advice and handle any problems that came up. My agent even said our lender really knew what she was doing.

Jorge P.

Sheri and her associates were great to work with, and would definitely recommend her to others.

Joseph B. | August 2017

Sheri and her team are my favorite! They always do the best work! I’ve recommended them in the past and would recommend them again!

Brendan K. | September 2017

Your online to-do list and document upload system is great. Way better than hoping you brought the right giant stack of papers to a bank without forgetting anything. Sheri and the whole team at Guaranteed Rate were my favorite part of the home buying process. Sheri was the first person I went to with questions even if it didn't have to do with the loan specifically. She made me feel better about the whole process and nothing was a surprise to me because of her and her team.

Andrew B. 9/6


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