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Shon Atabaki

Sales Assistant
1100 Dexter Avenue N, Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98109
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NMLS: 253149
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Shon did a fantastic job! He was very responsive and organized! Shon was just awesome!

Sharon H. -- Chicago, IL 7/28/2014

"Shon was incredibly responsive, and he walked us through a rough patch when an imprecise appraisal came in. Throughout our six-month search, he was more attentive and responsive than we really imagined an officer ever would be. He answered emails and calls well after end of day on the West Coast, and we received a number of emails from him on the weekend. That kind of accessibility during a stressful, occasionally overwhelming period was critical and never led us to doubt anything on his side...

David M. -- Chicago, IL. -- 5/ 2013

Shon Atabaki was outstanding. He was always reachable by phone or email and simplified the process greatly through his explanations and communications. I felt like I was constantly kept in the loop as to the status of my application, potential pitfalls and upcoming steps. All my questions were answered, which gave a confusing process a lot of clarity and made a stressful time a bit less stressful. This was definitely one of Shon's strengths. I had quite a pleasant experience.

Robert K.

Shon was fantastic! He provided all the details necessary to make the transaction smooth and easy to go through. Shon and his team took care of all our questions and was very responsive in returning calls or emails. I will be returning to use Shon in the future when I need to!

Christopher A. -- Chicago, IL. -- 8/ 2013

Shon Attabaki was amazing. H outlined every step in the process at just the right time. He was incredibly responsive and very supportive. He took what could be a very stressful process and made it stress free. I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat. Shon ensured that all the necessary parties were informed of all necessary items in the closing process. He and my attorney worked incredibly well together and made the closing process very smooth and efficient. Shon Attabaki is incredible....

Timothy R

Shon made this process much less stressful than we expected. He was referred to us from several people--I understand why now. We started working with Shon in late November, and throughout our six-month search, he was more attentive and responsive than we really imagined an officer ever would be. He answered emails and calls well after end of day on the West Coast, and we received a number of emails from him on the weekend. That kind of accessibility during a stressful, occasionally overwhelming...

David M

Shon was top-notch. Very professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. One of the best financing experiences I've had.

Michael L

Shon was a pleasure to work with. He was very efficient, polite, and extremely helpful. An ideal person to help with a loan. I've bought 3 houses before, so I have some experience with loan agents. Shon was by far the best person I've ever dealt with in buying a house. Shon was fantastic and I would not hesitate in buying a product from him.

Elizabeth U 02/2013

Shon was a pleasure to work with and made sure that everything was crystal clear for us. He put us at ease and went above and beyond for us.

Scott T. - Chicago, IL 4/2012

Shon was great - I was a first-time buyer and he really helped me through the process.

Ryan P. - Chicago, IL 4/2012

The application and processing went very smoothly. Originator Shon Atabaki was really responsive and was clear and descriptive in his responses. He was the reason for the great experience.

Cynthia G. - Chicago, IL 2/2012

About Shon

After a 15 year career in financial service sectors such as investment advising, hedge fund strategy, and retail/business banking, I entered the mortgage side of the business in 2009. My extensive background in finance and economics helps me give much more complete and balanced home mortgage advice and recommendations.

Graduate of James Madison University in Financial Economics.

Fitness enthusiast, sports fan, and Northern Virginia native.

Shon interview Q&A

How long have you been in the mortgage business and what inspired you to get into it?
About 7 years now. When I was a banker, I saw way too many of my customers having awful and cumbersome mortgage experiences. I made the move into the mortgage side of the business to give customers a better more transparent experience than I had on my first purchase. I believe I've been successful in that endeavor by way of follow up, follow through, and constant communication with my clients.
How has the mortgage industry changed since you started, and what would you expect in the future?
Since my entrance into the industry, the business has undergone constant regulatory and qualifying guideline changes. These are occurring not only annually, but at times monthly. New regulatory bodies have been created and compliance has changed drastically for the entire mortgage process. With the guidelines and process ever changing, you need a trusted expert such as myself to decipher the environment and help you through the loan process now more then ever!
What are the top 3 misconceptions people have about the home loan process?
1. That the home loan process has to be difficult. As long as you trust a professional like myself, and follow all my upfront advice and coaching, we can definitely smooth out the process and take the sting away from what is usually a pretty long and arduous endeavor with most other lenders.
2. That you have to have 10%-20% down-payment for conventional loans. Not true at all. With guidelines opening back up and some programs coming back into the market, I have conventional loan programs with 3%-5% down-payment options.
3. That if you have credit scores below 700, or a foreclosure or bankruptcy within the last 7 years, you probably won't be approved for a mortgage. Not true. There are man different programs for all types of borrower situations, but you won't know if you fit them if you don't talk to me and explore the options that may be available!
Are you active in any fundraising organizations? What goals and/or success have you helped them achieve?
Long time active participant in the Avon Walk For Breast Cancer to raise money for cancer research and treatment. Have walked 5 times in both Chicago and Washington D.C. and personally raised over $10,000 during those walks.
Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
Besides working in Finance since graduating college, I have also spent time in the fitness industry as a professional personal trainer.

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