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Andrew Greenstein

Branch Manager/Vice President of Mortgage Lending
4550 W. 109th St, Overland Park, KS 66211
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NMLS: 274611
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Andy Greenstein and his team are very knowledgeable, professional, and communicative. We experienced the highest quality customer service! We will definitely recommend Andy and Guaranteed Rate to friends and family!

Anthony E. - Kansas City, MO | MAR 2016

Andy Greenstein and his team did an amazing job at helping us with our loan even in difficult circumstances that popped up.

Kayla E. - Olathe, KS | Dec. 2015

We had a very tight turn time to get our home loan approved, and Andy Greenstein was wonderful in getting it done. He called us right away and kept us in the loop about everything.

Jennifer R. – Shawnee, KS | JULY 2015

Andy was great!

Nicholas M.– Drexel, MO | June 2015

"Andy and his team were great to work with! They were available through the entire process so I was never lost in the process! I would recommend Andy to everyone, I got great service and a competitive rate."

William N. -- Hermosa Beach, CA. -- 10/24/2013

"Rachael Staude recommended Andy Greenstein and we are glad she did because he impressed us from the get-go. After UMB let us down, we found Guaranteed Rate via personal recommendation from someone with expertise in the field of condo sales & marketing. Tammy and the rest of the team was patient and helpful, even when we were nearing meltdown status over the hoops through which we had to jump. Good job, guys!"

Jane T. --- Plattsburg, MO. -- 3/2013

"I'm a past client of Andy Greenstein and I always works with him because he always provides exceptional services. I've used him several times and I have already recommended Andy to friends and family!"

Jonathan G. -- Chicago, IL. --- 12/2012

"All was well, Andy is clear and precise and always delivers! I have already recommended Guaranteed Rate because Andy Greenstein is the best I have ever worked with!"

Bashnar N. -- South Barrington, IL. -- 10/2013

"Andy was courteous, professional and worked hard on our behalf. He was patient in explaining the process to us. We would highly recommend Mr. Greenstein and Guaranteed Rate for the extremely high quality of service to our friends."

Jeanne V. -- Overland Park, KS. -- 10/2012

Andy was great and handled everything, he even showed up to the closing, my relater wasn't even there so I really appreciated that. Thanks to Andy and his team everything went completely smoothly. Great experience, I will be returning if I need Andy again!

William M. -- Kansas City, MO. -- 8/ 2013


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Andrew interview Q&A

How long have you been in the mortgage business and what inspired you to get into it?
I have been in the mortgage business since 2001. I have a degree in Economics, I love numbers, and I do many loans for young professionals. My clients are usually purchasing either their first or second home, so I like making them informed consumers both for the transaction I work on for them but also so they get a better understanding of the real estate business. I never tell a client what they should do. I present them options and give them my opinions.
What are the pros and cons of a fixed rate mortgage versus an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM)?
One pro is that you never have to worry about your interest rate adjusting. A con is that you will pay a higher rate for getting a loan that is fixed for the length of the loan. It seems like many loans fit the challenging situation in these times. I think the key to alleviate last minute stressful issues is to communicate properly throughout the ENTIRE loan process. My advice to a first time homebuyer is to be very conservative with their budget. Expenses pop up and houses cost money to keep up, so buying something that is much less than the maximum you will qualify for is always a wise choice in my opinion. A mortgage product that a consumer may not be aware of is Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance. Their are many different mortgage insurance options and different situations require a thorough analysis of what mortgage insurance option will best serve a client. The mortgage industry has gone from allowing anyone to get a mortgage (2002-2005) to ultra conservative. I think the industry will loosen up slightly as we move farther away from the banking/real estate crisis that started in 2008.
What advice would you give new or first time home buyers?
What part of the home loan process do customers find most difficult and how do you help them through it?
A part of the process that costumers find difficult is the fact that underwriters ask for things on top of the standard items that I request at the time of application. Underwriters don\'t generally make judgment calls; they simply follow automated underwriting decisions. Misconceptions about the loan process are that an underwriter makes the final say, DU/LP is the decision maker, and that appraisers are clueless and have no value. Appraisers are the most knowledge estimators of a home\'s value. If a house doesn\'t appraise at the purchase price, it is (99% of the time) because the house is not worth it! Two mobile apps that I would recommend are the mortgage calculator and the realtor application to notify a client when a house in their desired area is newly on the market. Google \"real estate\" and other topics, such as \"mortgage issues\" to see what problems other homeowner\'s have encountered. Knowledge is power, so knowing pitfalls that others have lived through can help you avoid them. In order to insure a smooth process, it is important to provide all of the necessary paperwork upfront and follow up paperwork in a very timely manner.
Summary of where you grew up: family, affiliations, college, high school, etc.
I grew up in Kansas City until I was 9 and then I moved to Florida until I was 17. I returned back to Kansas City to attend the University of Kansas. Seeing a homebuyer close on their 1st, 2nd or 4th house gives me the most satisfaction. I take pride in knowing that I had a big part in helping them get the house. In my spare time I enjoy playing with my 2 boys and watching/playing basketball.
Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
I can do high level math in my head without the use of a calculator.

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