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Bill Black

VP of Mortgage Lending
203 SE Park Plaza Dr., Suite 200, Vancouver, WA 98684
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NMLS: 49242
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I was looking for someone to help me get a home loan . I found Bill,he was there to walk me through the process.He has kept in touch with me and continues to be my preferred lender. Bill has always been available to answer any of my questions. Extremely happy with his performance.

Eric G. | 01/23/2017

Bill Black was prompt in responding to every call/e-mail, explained everything thoroughly, left no stone un-turned in looking for the best deal for me. He is the only lender I would go to in the future. He really knows his stuff. In this industry he stands out among a bunch of others who do more talking than working. Bill was very pro-active in hooking up with my real estate agent and was really crucial in advancing the closing date which, under the circumstances, was of extreme importance to...

Igor C. | 01/25/2017

I had a slightly complicated cash-out refinance. Bill and his team were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. It went so fast, I could hardly believe it. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a home loan or refinance, and I will.

Nathan B. | 02/28/2017

My experience from start to finish was positive. There was no time when I felt like I was waiting for a response. Every question or concern was answered very promptly. I was extremely happy with my experience and would whole heartily recommend Bill to anyone who is going thru a refi or first time mortgage. The whole team was on my side from day one, which is a very reassuring feeling.

David B. | 03/09/2017

My goal for the refi was to get out of my FHA loan with mortgage insurance. Bill Black was awesome. Not only did he easily walk me through a complicated process, I shopped for the best rate and fees and found they were extremely competitive. I accomplished everything I wanted to with my mortgage and Bill made sure I locked early before the rates changed.... This SAVED me a lot of money because the rates changed right after I locked. I got the rate I wanted, no more mortgage insurance and Bill...

James M. | 04/17/2017

Bill and his team went above and beyond with guiding us through a complicated and unique home purchase. Someone was always available when I had questions, and were prompt in all communication - which was especially important with how time sensitive our closing was. Thank you Bill for your professionalism, your speed, and your ability to get things done!

Brandon V. | 05/08/2017

Bill Black and his staff are terrific. They all made it go so smoothly. He and the staff are on top of everything. We've heard so many stories of it being a stressful experience. Not with Bill's team!!! He and his staff were there to walk us through the whole process.

C. Shultz 10/31/2016

Bill has been great to work with. I entered the housing market as a first time home buyer and investor and I couldn't have found a better broker. He kept me informed throughout the entire process and also shared some good information about the market based on his experience. Communication was direct and on point the entire time. Overall it was a great experience. I will be contacting Bill again when I am ready to buy my next property.

Eric S. | 05/30/2017

We have bought and sold several homes, but we've never had a loan officer work as hard as Bill Black did on our behalf. His knowledge of the industry, care for us personally, and expertise in the market were beyond exceptional.

G. Destefano 11/1/2016

I was running against time to close a loan and a big bank was sleeping on it because of the lengthy process. Bill Black made it happen in a short time while pulling all the stakeholders together. Thanks to Bill.

N. Jain 9/9/2016

Bill Black is a remarkable Loan Officer. Patient, thoughtful, supportive.

R. White 9/11/2016

Bill Black has managed multiple mortgages for us over the years and his team are very easy to work with and have a streamlined process.

A. Hainline 7/16/2016

About Bill

Hello. My name is Bill Black and thank you for taking the time to review my bio page- I am a loving father of a beautiful daughter attending Western University in Bellingham, Washington. She is definitely my pride and joy of life- but the main reason you came here was probably to learn more about my position as VP of Mortgage Lending for Guaranteed Rate and why you should chose to work with me and trust me to manage your mortgage.

I want to work with you! The reason I say this is you are investing the time to research the person that you are trusting to put you and your family in the largest debt of your life. (Breathe)

After hundreds of transactions, I have learned through customer surveys that my raving fans are those that took the time to research the process and educated themselves in how it all works. They took the time upfront to spend an hour or two with me for an initial consultation to go over the process, the current market conditions and really dig deep into their specific needs for their mortgage plan. The borrowers that gave me 8s or 9s assume that a mortgage is like a commodity and chose to not meet or review the process as they didn’t have the time.

If you are still reading this- then I have a feeling, we will have great success in the purchase process of your new home.

Becoming a homeowner is a very exciting process; however, when qualifying for a mortgage, unforeseen events can sometimes make buyers feel uneasy. With over 15 years of experience, I have learned what it takes to create the best possible outcome of a mortgage transaction- I can blow my horn and go into the volume I have closed, or the accolades I have received ý but at the end of the day that is the past and as a consumer it has very little to do with today and the future of how a transaction will end.

The most important thing to know is that a mortgage is not a commodity- each loan officer and their skill is important, but also the most important is who the loan officer is using for a pit crew to win the race. We are all different in the way we do business, the processes we use, the number of employees we offer to support the teams so they have a balanced life, the relationships we maintain with the local appraisers from paying full price and paying every time on time, the relationships we have with investors based off volume of loans closed ($18 Billion in 2015) and the list of variables goes on and on- so when selecting a lender, it is imperative for you to be prepared as much as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the people that are asking you to trust them with the largest purchases of your life- without trust there is no success.

I recently posted a Facebook comment while sitting in the waiting room of a radio show in hopes of calming my nerves and was told it was an eye opener to a seasoned Real Estate Agent and asked if it was OK to put in her marketing material. I will share with you below. (Connect with me and say hi- Personal is Billblack Business is billblackmortgageguy)

My journey begins...the goal is getting the message out that when buying a home and selecting your lender it is a lot like going to an airport to take a trip around the world.

You will not have the greatest success if you went to a little private landing strip and hopped on a little 2 seater airplane (credit union or small bank) in hopes of flying to Europe...that airport and plane work perfect for what it's intended for though. (Short trips aka car loans, personal loans, lines of credit.)

You would go to an International Airport that has the systems and processes in place- big airplanes capable of managing the bumps, adequate security, on time arrivals.

A mortgage IS like planning a trip to Europe and you only want to fly with the best- our business is mortgages- not banking, not investments, not building houses like Lennar or D.R. Horton (#1 and #2 Builders) and definitely not selling bulk items (Costco and Walmart now do Mortgages).

Fortunately, I have found the missing piece that now completes my International Airport. Being a lender with the lowest rates is a given- but having options to find the flight for every person that wants to fly with limited turbulence and land on-time with a smile on all faces is what makes for a safe trip. .

This means we could offer financing to people one day out of foreclosure, one day after short sale and we even have a loan for a non US citizen without a social security number- we continue to lead the pack with the best of the best leading the way. A new 2% Grant on a 3% loan was just released- this kind of product is only available when working with the best of the best- GR.

Come fly with me..


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