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Brian Penderghast

Mortgage Specialist
173 Technology Drive, Suite 201, Irvine, CA 92618
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NMLS: 251955
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This is the 2nd time we worked with Brian Pendeghast on a home refinance. On both occasions, Brian was very attentive to our financial needs and easy to work with!! I usual do not complete surveys, but felt compelled to let others know of the quality service that we received through Guaranteed Rate.

Douglas T. - 7/26/2017

Brian Penderghast is far and away the best loan officer I have ever worked with. We closed on a home in three weeks from applying. Very impressed and will be working with him again in the future.

Kevin F. 7/28/17

Brian and his team were great. I would love to work with them again.

Kwame B.

Brian and his team made the process very smooth. It was my second time going through obtaining the mortgage and this time around it was very straightforward. The whole team was available, informed me on each step, was easy to get in touch with. Also, the site for uploading documents was great. Dana, one of Brian's assistants, did something further special when my wife had a conflict for the closing time. Dana made sure to straighten out the scheduling issue and worked with the title company to...

Laimonas S. | 05/19/2017

Brian Penderghast - I don't know where to begin; he's definitely knowledgeable about the business and products. So his skill and experience speaks for itself. What is hard to put into words is the love, patience, tolerance and understanding that he had throughout the entire process of finding the product that seems best for me. He is for sure a people person. And poor Katie. I must've really frightened her when we first connected. I apologize for snapping at her. I totally forgot in an instant...

Desi. P | 05/16/2017

Brian did a great job, of the 15+ transactions I have done this has been by far the easiest. I recommend Brian to all my friends and clients

Brian H. | 05/05/2017

Brian Pendergast and GR team were very professional, patient and cooperative guiding me through the loan process. I am very appreciative of their generosity to help me understand the complicated world of financing a home, it helped me breath easier when I went to the closing table. The primary reason I selected Guaranteed Rate was because of Brian's expert knowledge and kindness from the first time I met him to the the end of my loan process. He is definitely a subject matter expert in his...

Jacqueline N. | April 2017

I thank you guys so much for what you did for us!

Errol L. - March | 2017

Brian Pendergast was nothing short of excellent! He provided help without asking! He was definitely a huge help with my decision to go with Guaranteed Rate. With over 19 years of customer service under my belt, he provided the exact service that was needed at the right time. He's definitely an asset to this company, and I can't thank him enough for his help during this process. Thanks again!!

Jim O. - February | 2017

I cannot say enough about my Loan Officer Brian Penderghast he was with me very step of the way. If I needed an answer to a question I emailed him and he immediately emailed me right back, such service. I do not know how he found the time, it was as if he only had one client, ME. Yes I will be referring your company to anyone who will listen, just as I was referred by my friend Vickie Starke.

Yolanda R. | 11/08/2016

Thank you so much!!!!!! Wow so great you were able to turn around so quickly!!! Mr. October indeed!

Jennifer C. | 11/04/2016

Thank you for being with us every step of the way, Brian. You made this transaction painless and seamless! Will definitely refer you should we come across a potential borrower.

Imee and Chris A. 07/14/2016

Brian was great! It was my first home loan so I was very lost on a lot of it-he was very patient with me and explained things thoroughly.

Anna V.

I wanted to take 1 min out of my crazy day to say "Thank you." All your work on this most recent close/escrows, and your team energy and persistence was greatly appreciated. I Hope to see you again on the next one! My best wishes for your continued prosperity and success in your area of this "interesting" business we do!

Cynthia K.

It was an extremely busy day, but well worth it. The closing was smooth and we were able to get a few things moved in. Huge thanks to you for helping to push things along throughout this entire process. Couldn't have done it without you!!

Pete R.

Thanks so much for the help. It's amazing how technology has made this such a painless process.

Ron W.

The services was just outstanding and have been spreading the word. You have made us very happy and who wouldn't enjoy the savings. So glad to have worked with all the staff and keep up what customer services is all about.

W. Conner - November 25, 2015

Guaranteed Rate was able to deliver a loan at a lower rate of interest than other lenders were willing to provide. He was also willing to work with us through difficult issues such as a self-employed business owner rather than a W-2 wage earner. We would definitely use Guaranteed Rate again.

R. Williams December 28, 2015

Guaranteed Rate was able to deliver a loan at a lower rate of interest than other lenders were willing to provide. He was also willing to work with us through difficult issues such as a self-employed business owner rather than a W-2 wage earner. We would definitely use Guaranteed Rate again.

R. Williams December 28, 2015

I talked to several loan companies before finding Guaranteed Rate. I'm so glad I didn't decide to do business with them before finding you. Great experience. Brian Penderghast was great to work with. Thanks!

Randall M - March 21, 2016

Greatly satisfied with the attention to service from my loan officer Brian Penderheast. He stayed in touch from start to finish during the loan process. I experienced some challenges from underwriting, but Brian helped me navigate through the new federal regulation even coming in on the weekend to help. He really went above and beyond and he service will reference to my contacts and associates. And thanks for the the expedited closing. I closed only smdays after final approval.

Kendale R - Chicago, IL | Feb. 2016

Greatly satisfied with the attention to service from my loan officer Brian Penderghast. He stayed in touch from start to finish during the loan process. I experienced some challenges from underwriting, but Brian helped me navigate through the new federal regulation, even coming in on the weekend to help. He really went above and beyond. I will refer Brian to my contacts and associates.

Kendale R. – Chicago, IL | Feb. 2016

My wife and I started looking for a home in August 2012. We were very discouraged and thought that we would be renting for a couple of years without any options due to my low credit score. Brian happened to call me one day after I had entered my information into an ad on the internet. When we first spoke, he ran my credit and saw my poor credit scores and explained that my scores were too low for loan approval and why. Brian told me not to worry and that he would help us get my credit in...

Milos P

Brian, As I‘m sure you remember, I worked with you on two different home loan, the first one falling through when the seller backed out of some requested repairs. In addition, I worked with a competing loan company and traded quotes and GFE’s with you as a result of that. I wanted to say , your professionalism and particularly your commitment to explain every part of the loan process won me over. Even after 6PM, sometimes later, I never felt rushed and you always took whatever time was needed...

Adam H

Thank you for everything! I just wanted you to know that I really feel blesses that you were placed in my life to help me qualify for my home loan. You worked hard for me and I appreciate everything! Thank you!

Lupe W

About Brian

Think about where you were in 1984. That is when I started in the home loan business. Over all these years, I have been awarded with President's Club through a Savings and Loan firm in the late 80s and a multitude of awards from then forward. I worked with a local credit union in the late '90s and through the 9/11 attack. I owned my own firm for a few years. And the last 6 years I have been working with the current team. So blessed to be here with Guaranteed Rate.

My parents were both educators. I was introduced to home lending through friends when my mother became an agent. She went on to a long and very successful 27-year career. I started a few years after graduating college. I have a flair of helping people, first listening and teaching people and families on how to buy homes. Not just spitting out rates; but taking the time to help, teach, advise and counsel people on the strategies and best practices on home buying.

I am my boys' dad. My wife, Debbie and I have been married for 17 years (1999). We have owned our home for over 14 years. My sons are in intermediate school and high school. Each are crazy over achievers, and academic superstars. Both sons are Eagle Scout candidates. My eldest plays soccer and high school volleyball. My youngest a recognized trombone player. We are all committed to our faith in Christ. We love our family and friends with passion. We love God and have a blast.

Brian interview Q&A

Who is your typical customer and what questions do they typically have?
Wow, my typical customer is someone who is introduced to me with a head full of questions. Not uncommon that someone may be either intimidated or at the least reserved at the prospect of walking through the home buying or refinancing waters. They may have already had a bad experiences or know someone who has. Or just simply don't know what to ask. Does not matter if the buyer is a first timer or seasoned investor. My customer is one with many questions. That is where we take the time to address each concern one at a time. Knowledge is power. I really try to be the person who listens more, helps more.
How has the mortgage industry changed since you started, and what would you expect in the future?
The industry has changed so much since I started. Mostly on the government regulation and application of technology side. But, I must say that the core elements in qualifying for a home loan started simply- went nuts and is now back to basics. In the 80s when I started, there were four elements in qualifying for a home loan: Property type, credit (scoring was not a normal practice at the time), Income&debts, assets to close. Meet all four, go get a house. Well the pendulum swung into insanity during the 2000s. The post 2008 meltdown era that we enjoy now has new TRID Federal oversight and guess what, the 4 elements are back. VA and FHA are the same, first time buyer loans are the same. Fixed rates are fixed rates. 30 years to 10 year terms are the same. No longer crazy stupid ARMS or 40 year loans. So we are a better industry.
What can borrowers do to insure a smooth mortgage underwriting process?
Be flexible. Just remain flexible and work with your lender. Don't fight them on needed paperwork. We really try to ask for all that we need for the home loan. And the data requested is all part of the Federal Government's requirements. Then with any financial process, the data received may create follow up questions. A lender does not want to build up a file based on the weight of data. But home loans are Qualified and therefore, financial data must validate the application. Just know that we don't want to ask for and collect any more information than what is absolutely necessary. AND the consumer can do their part by understanding that if and when there are requests for additional information during the loan process, get the data to us as soon as possible. We seek to complete your loan application as fast as we can. We can only do this with your help. Just call me and I will help explain this further.
What do you enjoy doing most in your spare time when you are not helping people with their home loans?
My personal time is packed and fulfilling. My wife is a 29+ year flight attendant with American Airlines. So I am "Dad on Duty" typically three days each week. So I am neck deep in high school class work, Boy Scout Eagle Projects, Sports- and keeping up the house. So I get it. When Debbie is home I work a later shift where I can help people after they get home from work. I have to tell you there is this fraternity of Flight Crew spouses where we have a kinship. My wife is a riot. Every good story starts with, "I was on the airplane and . . . " Her nick name is Our Lady of Perpetual exhaustion. I would not have it any other way.
Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
Listen, I know you have a choice in working with lenders. Look at my testimonials. Read what others say about me. Great thing is that I am a home owner AND a lender. My perspective is that how I help people is how I want to be treated myself. I am at your service.

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