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Dan Mudd

VP of Mortgage Lending/Reverse Mortgage Specialist
1240 Iroquois Ave, Ste 300, Naperville, IL 60563
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NMLS: 224034
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Dan was very helpful. He went the extra mile to get all our paper work in order, which was extremely helpful.

Richard B. | January 2018

Dan Mudd and his were wonderful. He was so understanding. I say enough about him.

Eugene S. | October 2017

Dan Mudd turned my bad situation into something great! He was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain things in a simple way for us. Dan made this process as easy as possible and I will be highly recommending Dan Mudd to everyone.

Deborah H. | October 2017

Dan was just wonderful. He was recommended by my realtor. He was very easy to talk to, personable, and helped explain things to me. I really appreciated it and enjoyed talking to him.

Gail D. | October 2017

I had applied with another company for a reverse mortgage in August of last year and in February or March, still nothing was being done. Dan made everything so smooth and so great that I still think to this day, "Holy cow."

Diane I. | October 2017

Dan Mudd was very helpful and got us through our hurdles. Overall, he was fantastic! Thank you Dan!

Bishop H. | September 2017

Dan was great! He made the process extremely easy, quick, convenient and simple to understand. It was nice to be able to speak to someone face to face. Thank you DAN!

Susan S. | 9/15/2017

Dan Mudd was fantastic. He was efficient and explained everything well. Dan and his team were great, I never had a problem. They were able to get this done ahead of schedule and I've never been more happy. Dan is an Angel!

Janet J. | 8/31/2017

Looking into your reverse mortgage options as a senior citizen isn't easy. It's something that I was very scared to do, but needed to look at all options available for the situation I was in. I am thankful that Dan Mudd was the one to help me out because he was so helpful, thorough and knowledgeable. Something that I originally thought was complicated turned out to be the best option for me and it's all thanks to Dan! I will definitely be referring Dan Mudd and Guaranteed Rate to all my family...

Darlene G. | August 2017

A difficult situation was made easy and stress free

Shirley H. | 8/1/2017

Dan Mudd and his team were very attentive and professional. Communication is key and they leave no stone un-turned. I have and will continue to recommend Dan and his team to my friends and family.

Deanna P. | 6/30/2017

Dan Mudd was a wonderful loan officer and completely attentive to the loan. He was available to answer any questions or concerns throughout the process. Couldn't thank him enough!

Gail S. | 5/22/2017

Dan Mudd Was very efficient and knowledgeable. He ensured a smooth transition and I would certainly use him again.

Suzanne C. | 5/24/2017

Guaranteed Rate made it very easy to complete such a complicated process like a reverse mortgage.

Michael B. | 4/26/2017

Didn't give a perfect score because underwriting went back and forth and kept asking for more documents. Lucky we have Dan as an officer who was able to put the customer at ease. Appreciated that that Dan drove out to Mt. Prospect to communicate with them.

Niccola M. - 4/26/2017

Throughout the loan process Dan Mudd was very efficient, personable and accessible. He was extremely courteous to not only me but also my brother. We truly appreciate that he was able to deliver paperwork and documents to our home. Dan had great follow through business-wise and was very accommodating to our entire family.

Marie B. - 4/10/2017

Dan Mudd was always there and very helpful.

Jane Rees - 4/12/2017

Dan Mudd was fantastic. The process can be overwhelming but Dan takes the time to sit down and explain everything. I never felt rushed. Dan was extremely patient and answered all of my question.

Diane S. - 9/27/2016

I felt that Dan Mudd was very professional and his staff was really good.

Lana N. - 9/7/2016

My experience with Guaranteed Rate left me extremely happy. Dan Mudd and his team went above and beyond to serve our needs. We had a bad experience with a different company and truly feel that Guaranteed Rate is the only lender that could have taken care of our loan.

Ronald H. – 8/15/2016

I was on the Internet looking for a company to try and get my wife and I a reverse loan. We had just found out that the people that previously took our application were not able to finish the last two steps, saying, after 6 months, that they just could not do it so I began the search again in earnest. It was nearing midnight and Dan introduced himself via email, and we began the process with Guaranteed Rate. Dan was an outstanding individual in helping us apply for a reverse mortgage. Did not...

Gene K. – 7/21/2016

Dan would return my phone calls right away. Everyone was very nice and polite. We were very pleased with him. We are very satisfied and would definitely use him again.

Ruth K. – 7/1/2016

I want to acknowledge and thank you for the efforts you made in behalf of my client. I am grateful. You conducted yourself professionally and were extremely helpful in arranging for a solution to my client situation. I look forward to working with you again. Thank you!

Pat C., Financial Advisor – 6/7/2016

Dan Mudd was great! Everyone was wonderful to work with and helped me out as much as possible. Dan went above and beyond during my loan process. I cannot recommend him any more!

Nicholas D. – 5/13/2016

Dan and I have worked for over a year to close and fund a reverse mortgage. It was a long year but Dan was always upbeat, steadfast and professional. I put my trust in Dan Mudd’s hands. He was reassuring and confident that things would come together and that we were going to get approved and close. Dan Mudd is more than asset. He is persistence, knowledgeable and effective. His mortgage and people skills coupled with “can get it done” attitude made a major contribution to the closing and...

Linda B. – 2/23/2016

The process is done; it happened and I am very happy that you were there to help me. Dan and his team were great!

– 3/3/2016

I would like to make a glowing report on the services performed by Dan Mudd. I was denied refinancing by a traditional bank because of divorce and credit report fallout due to the divorce. Nonetheless, Mr. Mudd was instrumental in navigating the new HUD regulations for the reverse mortgage in 2015. I would recommend Mr. Mudd for a merit badge and I am certain there are other individuals out there that would have the same requirements as myself.

Joseph B. – 12/23/2015

Dan Mudd went out of his way to help us get this loan. Everything he said he could do, he did very professionally and courteous. I really liked the fact that he explained everything so you understand what he was talking about. I would highly recommend him to everybody.

Deborah H. – 4/20/2016


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Dan interview Q&A

How long have you been in the mortgage business and what inspired you to get into it?
I entered the finance industry back in 2002 and enjoyed working with first time home buyers fulfilling their goals of home ownership. It was very rewarding working with clients in their pursuit of home ownership. In 2005, I became intrigued with the reverse mortgage. For the next 2 years I worked in both “forward” and reverse mortgages. Since 2007 I have been an exclusive reverse mortgage consultant. I found the reverse mortgage industry was the most rewarding and enjoyable. I completed my own Mom’s reverse mortgage back in 2008 and she continues to reside in her Arizona condo with no payment and extra money in her investments. I have had the most success working with my clients for 62 to as old as 96. I have sat with and closed hundreds of reverse mortgages. I have been able to help clients eliminate mortgage payments, receive a monthly income for life or just open up an equity line for peace of mind and emergencies.
Tell us about a mortgage product that consumers may not be aware of?
The reverse mortgage for purchase! This by far is the hidden gem of the reverse mortgage industry. Clients can downsize into that ranch townhome, condo, or retirement dream home and keep more cash in the bank or investments. This product allows seniors 62 and older to make a purchase of property which could be a single family home, townhome or FHA approved condo and only use 50% their money and 50% on a reverse mortgage. This growing product is gaining market share as over 10,000 people a day are turning 62 and will be for the next 15 years.
What are the top 3 misconceptions people have about the home loan process?
First, it’s your home. You stay on title, you own the equity. You can sell the home at any time without a prepayment penalty. If you want to stay in the home life and still own the home.

Second, you don’t have to have a mortgage to obtain a reverse mortgage. 60% of my clients have no mortgage and haven’t in years. They are just looking for a way to supplement their lifestyle. Maybe let the reverse mortgage pay the taxes and insurance on the house out of a reverse mortgage equity line. Sometimes they are just looking for additional monthly income.

Third, once you obtain a reverse mortgage, Mom and Dad (if your married) can stay in the home until they BOTH permanently move out of the home. If Mom passes, Dad stays in the house, if Dad passes Mom stays in the home. They just have to maintain taxes insurance and maintain the property. They can never “use” all of their equity and be asked to leave.
What provides you with the most satisfaction in your job as a Loan Officer?
I spend most of my time across the kitchen table at Mom and Dad’s house assisting them and their grown children in understanding the truth about the reverse mortgage. I enjoy educating seniors about the truths and myths about the reverse mortgage. TV ads and out of state salespeople over the phone don’t really answer all the specifics on a reverse mortgage. Most of my clients face to face questions and answers.
Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
My wife and I have 5 kids. My oldest is 28 and my youngest is 13. Much of my free time is spent on a baseball, basketball or football field or at a cheer or dance competition. My wife and I serve on a couple committees for Catholic Charities as well as the BGYFL youth football board. I have worked with Catholic Charities as a referral source and continue to promote reverse mortgage seminars at local parishes.

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