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Debbie Brooke

Vice President of Mortgage Lending
1785 E 1450 S, Ste 320, Clearfield, UT 84015
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NMLS: 286071
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I just wanted to let you know that you and your team have been phenomenal to work with. You kept us informed, up to date, and were very rapid in your responses. We did our best to keep up with our end, and we felt that your team was putting forth that same effort. Thanks for being good at your business and helping us buy our new home!

Jeremy F. - 5/22/2017

Debbie is amazing and the process was so easy. Debbie took good care of me and I would definitely recommend her and Guaranteed Rate to anyone who needs it.

Kristin O. | 05/05/2017

Great service! Wonderful and thoughtful people to work with. Thank you!

Rebecca B. | 04/21/2017

Thank you all so much for making this a smooth process for us. You all are amazing to work with!

Denise W. - 3/22/2017

Debbie was great to work with and very easy to talk to! She was very detailed and was able to answer any questions I had for her! I am going to recommend her to anyone I know that is searching for a home because she did such an amazing job!

Taylor B. - 3/2/2017

Debbie's team was amazing!!

Charity M. - March | 2017

Everyone at guaranteed rate made it easy to purchase my first home! I was very pleased with all the work everyone there put in to make this a fast and easy process! Everyone is very friendly and professional! I have already recommended them to my friends and family who are looking to buy! Thank you everyone for your amazing work!

Chantel B. - 1/6/2017

Debbie Brooke and her team made everything as simple as possible and were fantastic at explaining things and reaching out to me during all hours of the day. Made my loan happen in record time. Thank you for all your hard work!

Brent E. 07/27/2016

Debbie goes out of her way to ensure that you understand everything in the process, she explains the paperwork in detail and is very knowledgeable about any questions you may have. She bends over backwards to get the best rates she can for you. Best of all, she moves at your pace so you don’t feel so overwhelmed with everything.

Pam C. - 6/13/2016

Debbie goes out of her way to ensure that you understand everything in the process, she explains the paperwork in detail and is very knowledgeable about any questions you may have. She bends over backwards to get the best rates she can for you. Best of all, she moves at your pace so you don't feel so overwhelmed with everything.

Pam C.

I've worked with Debbie in the past. She has always gone the extra mile to make sure everything is done right and the loan fits your needs the best possible way. She is great to work with.

Joseph C. - 5/27/2016

I loved working with the team at Guaranteed Rate! Everything was so easy, very professional and friendly! Thank you Guaranteed Rate for everything!

Terry H. May, 2016

Debbie was wonderful to work with. I'd work with her again and recommend her to others in a heartbeat!

Callie B. - 5/4/2016

Debbie Brooks is an awesome,professional,personable asset to guarantee rate. We would not go any place else!

Jeffery L. Sr. - 5/12/2016

About Debbie

My father moved my brother and I here to Utah from Chicago in 1969. I graduated from Davis High. The things I like to do in this beautiful state are motorcycle, paddle board, hike, golf and music. I have 8 grandchildren! I have been in the mortgage business for 20 years and love helping dreams come true and for people to own a little piece of America.

Debbie interview Q&A

How long have you been in the mortgage business and what inspired you to get into it?
I have been in the mortgage business for 20 years. I was a realtor before that. Love helping people with the financing to have the American Dream of owning a home.
Who is your typical customer and what questions do they typically have?
My typical customer is the first time home buyer or 2nd time. Their questions are how much would we qualify for and what would our monthly payment be?
What specific steps do you use to help your customers find the best home loan for them?
I ask my borrowers questions, listen and provide a couple of options. They pick the one that works best for them.
How long have you been in the mortgage business? What awards have you won?
I have won so many awards over the 20 years I have been helping people with mortgages. The ones I am most proud of are the Customer Service Awards. That is what I strive for, the best service possible.
Tell us about a specific challenging borrowing situation and how you got the mortgage closed and funded.
The most challenging borrower situation, is when a borrower has had something happen in their life that caused their credit scores to go down. That is when I kick in and help borrowers to get their credit scores up so they can qualify for their American Dream, owning a home.
What advice would you give new or first time home buyers?
Look at your credit early to see what you need to do to qualify, so your are ready to purchase a home and have a little money in the bank.
Tell us about a mortgage product that consumers may not be aware of?
For the first time home buyer, there are mortgages that you do not need a down payment or very minimal down.
How has the mortgage industry changed since you started, and what would you expect in the future?
The mortgage industry has changed so much. More documentation is required, so whatever your loan officer asks of you please provide it for them.
What part of the home loan process do customers find most difficult and how do you help them through it?
The most difficult part of getting a mortgage is getting the credit scores up when needed, or documenting everything to qualify for a home.
What provides you with the most satisfaction in your job as a Loan Officer?
The most satisfying part of being a Mortgage Loan Officer, for me, is at the closing when the borrowers are signing their new home documents! I always get hugs :)
Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
I think the unique thing about me is that I ride a big motorcycle. When people meet me they are a little surprised.

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