Indu Kapoor

Branch Manager/Regional Renovation Manager
18383 Preston Rd, Ste 420, Dallas, TX 75252
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NMLS: 296179
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Indu Kapoor was very knowledgeable and easy to work with, She was great!

Ali M. | August 2018

Everything was good and was in line with what I expected. Indu was fantastic and on top of things. One thing I would have liked given that I did a rate lock is to get a report about rates or at least more updates.

Adnan K. - August | 2018

Indu was great!

Dorsa G. | July 2018

Indu Kapoor and her team are committed to helping people secure the loans they need. They are friendly, professional, and prompt in their responses. I will always trust them with my loan needs in the future and will continue to recommend them to family and friends. This team is simply the BEST!

Sandra H. | July 2018

Guaranteed Rate Team has been exceptionally competent, knowledgeable and prompt, i had a change to interact with other members of team and found all of them to be very compassionate, hardworking and easy to work with with. They were very transparent about the whole process, quick to point out short comings and quicker to resolve them if any in the process. I'm very happy I worked with a great team and will be honored to refer them any of my family and friends.

Sosheel N. | July 2018

Guaranteed Rate is so great! Indu Kapoor was very helpful! Guaranteed Rate was so incredible in approving my loan and helping me along the way. I am forever grateful to Guaranteed Rate. I would definitely recommend it.

Gurmit S. | June 2018

Very good customer service.

Mounir M. | May 2018

Indu and her team did a great job.

Ruben S. - May | 2018

Thank you so much. There are no words to describe the gratitude for your team and your efforts to make this happen for my family. Your team are the definition of going above and beyond to get the job done.

Joanie P. | May 2018

I have no where seen this kind of understanding and team play - great team work- great and very respectable people to work with.

Akram S. | May 2018

Worked with a great team. They made sure the process went smoothly and kept me in the loop the whole time. Have already recommended Guaranteed Rate to a colleague and would continue to do so based on the great experience I had.

Afolabi A. | May 2018

Indu is out if this world; it is her support and guidance which made it possible for me to close on the house.

Kamran K. | January 2018

Bless The Lord! Thank you so much for your (and Your Team's) diligence to my loan. I will never have the proper words to express my sincere appreciation but I Thank YOU ALL from My Whole Heart!

Letha N. - Funded 11/2017

Indu has excellent customer service, excellent response & followup. Indu and her staff played a vital part in reviewing and closing loan in a professional & timely manner. I really enjoyed working with Indu Kapoor and will be referring friends & family for her expertise.

Acie G. | November 2017

Mrs. Indu Kapoor was helping a lot of people from Myanmar who did not have any knowledge about the loan. She always showed the way how we could achieve our goal. I knew her for my friends loans before I got my loan. Using the online application is little bit of a struggle but she always called us ahead of time to explain how to do it. Guaranteed Rate has a big name among us as well as Mrs. Indu Kapoor. Thank you for helping me and my friends.

Sharefa D. | October 2017

Thank You All so very much for your support!!!You were all extremely helpful and patient throughout this process. I am immensely grateful that I had the privilege to work with such a professional team as you all have been. Thank You once Again!

Brenda A. - July | 2017

I went through a refinance recently with a big commercial bank. My experience with Guaranteed Rate was so much better for several reasons: 1) Guaranteed Rate had quick responses with requests and follow up requests for documents, I didn't have to wait weeks for someone to decide that I didn't have enough information. 2) The website made it easy to upload large attachments/documents - other banks have real problems with file sizes, lost files, or disjointed upload process. 3) I could actually...

Jarret R. - 6/21/2017

The processes was as easy as it could be. Indu and team (Anita Ishee and Denise Collazo) made it as painless as possible! I appreciate them so much and will definitely be recommending Indu and team to anyone purchasing a home!

Bernabe M. | 06/13/2017

This was an emotional roller coaster for me. I've purchased homes before and this one was different because of the paperwork and documents required from me. It was very stressful at times. However, Indu Kapoor and her team did everything they could to ensure the process continued and I understood what was needed and the reason why. They always remained professional, positive and encouraging. I may not have been the best customer at times. But they definitely remained to be helpful and...

Renobia W. | 06/09/2017

Indu Kapoor was an absolute joy to work with. Indu and her team were very efficient and allowed us to close earlier than expected. I will absolutely recommend Indu to my colleagues and I do plan to purchase investment properties / refinance through Indu in the future.

Omair C. - May | 2017

I truly want to thank you for being such an important part in the financial concerns on our home loan. Your knowledge, professionalism, effective, and timely responsiveness to my needs will NEVER be forgotten. I pray that you and your team will continue to grow in prosperity to enrich other families as you have done for us. We are extremely grateful for everything you've done for us. YOU ROCK! May God Bless You Always!

Sandra W. - May | 2017

Awesome. Thank you again for all of your help, Indu. We really appreciate how quick and professional you were through this whole process. We were prepared for a long and hard process and things never seemed as bad as some of the horror stories we had heard. We will definitely contact you again when we look for out next home down the road.

Phong & Loanly T. | 04/29/2017

Very happy this was a very difficult situation to refinance when no one else would even try thank you.

Fred. H | 3/13/2017

I got to know Ms. Indu Kapoor by recommendation of my broker. She really did live up to my expectations. She always replied so fast, so that I really could be relieved from irritation and worries. I had believed the major banks were better, but I have learnt through my experience that the people who make the loan are the most important. Also, it was very convenient that, through their website, I could know what documents I must prepare. I really appreciate everything she has been doing for me....

Noriko D. | 3/20/2017

The team was phenomenal! They were very responsive, answered any questions that I had(if they didn't know they found an answer). I would certainly work with them again and have already referred a friend to use them on his next purchase. So grateful to have worked with them! Indu, Greg and Aspen thank you all!

Demond W. | 3/13/2017


Gidon S. | 02/28/2017

Thanks for all your help getting the mortgage loan. My family & I will definitely recommend your services to anyone looking for a mortgage. The time and effort you put into our loan and closing process is very obvious and we really want to thank you for everything you did in for us to get our new house. Also my special thanks to Fary & Anju. God bless you and your family.

Mir & Asma A. | 01/31/2017

I loved working with Indu and her awesome team of associates. They were all very knowledgeable and timely during the entire loan process. I will definitely use this team for any future purchases and all of my family and friends will be referred to this company. Thanks to everyone for blessing our family with our mortgage needs. No other company could have been better.

Sandra H-W. - 12/14/2016

Indu Kapoor and her team did an excellent job securing my renovation loan. I'm very satisfied with the service Guaranteed Rate provided to me.

Jacqueline S. -12/27/2016

A special note for Indu Kapoor and her team. When I reached out to her - my closing date was only a couple of weeks out - add to it the Year end holidays. She was very prompt, courteous and responsive. I am still amazed that she pulled it off in time for my closing. Extremely happy and satisfied customer. I have been in this business for 10+ years and never seen this before. You are going to get lots of business from me. Great work !!

Unmesh M. - 1/10/2017

A big THANKS to Indu Kapoor for making this loan happen. She was very involved and top on the application since beginning, remained very responsive throughout the process until funding. I'm glad my friend Anuj sent me to Indu. Now I will do the same when my other investor friends ask me for a great lender. Thank you for everything. Appreciated!

Parul G. - 11/14/2016

Thank you for all your help, support, cooperation. You guys are very professional, and I enjoyed working with you all. I will recommend you to my family, relatives, and friends, and I'm sure the will get all the same courtesy. Thanks again.

Yasir A. - 10/17/2016

Excellent service, prompt response, very good in explaining every aspect and details, overall it was a smooth transaction!

Shital S. - 6/27/2016

Thank YOU! I can't say enough of how much of a pleasure it was to work with you and your entire staff again. You all were always so nice and put up with me during this madness. Honestly, you and Martie were the bright lights in all of this madness.

Heather C. 06/30/2016

Indu Kapoor is an AMAZING Branch Manager - she took good care of me and went above and beyond to make sure I was informed every of step with my refi. Guaranteed Rate is lucky to have such an asset!!

Tammy J. - Funded 6/27/2016

I am really struggling to find best words for your dedication, commitment, satisfaction & follow-up. We sincerely appreciate your efforts for successfully closing our house. Now we feel that our loan was indeed in safest hand. We are sure; without your help it would be tedious & frustrating of getting the mortgage for people like me (H1B Visa). We once again would like to thank you & your entire crew for extended help.

Ashok T. - 6/29/2016

Indu, thank you again for make this dream come true one more time, and all the hard work you and your team did for us. Again Thank you!!

The Castanedas - 6/22/2016

Working with Indu Kapoor and her team was an absolutely amazing experience! I received fast responses, easy to work with/step-by-step process and overall great customer satisfaction! I'd definitely work with Indu and her team again, as well as recommend them. Before obtaining this loan, I would hear horror stories about how hard it is; that was definitely NOT my experience. They made the loan process as smooth as possible, especially being my first experience. Great team. 5 star rating. A+++++

Nora G. April 26, 2016

Indu made this whole process easy for me given my busy scehdule and travel. She also found a way to work around difficult situations which is why I would come back when we purchase a new home next year.

Shawn A. - 4/1/2016

Part 1: I was declined on my loan from the builder in house financing just 2 days before the closing on the house. I almost gave up and thought I was never going to have this new home. The realtor I was working with introduced me to loan officer "INDU" who is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and soft spoken. I do not want to take more time to explain how much the whole process took, but it is very important to mention for others that my loan had to close in ONLY 12 days otherwise the...

Adnan A. - 3/11/2016

Part 2: Also, I was surprised that Indu and her team work any time when needed. I have seen emails sent to my inbox for immediate response even late at night and on weekends. I never had an issue trying to get a hold of them. I highly recommend others to go with Guaranteed Rate for any product they serve. Indu and her entire team all amazed me with their time delivery. As a result: I have requested them to refinance my second home and hopefully this should be taken care of with my new home...

Adnan A. - 3/11/2016

Indu Kapoor and her team were fantastic! It was a pleasure working with them. They were diligent in closing our loan quickly.

Rachel P. - 02/29/2016

Indu Kapoor and her team kept me informed every step of the way. Whenever I got anxious, if my loan would be approved , they would sense my anxiety and gave me comforting information.I have recommended two potential buyers so far, included one of my tenants who have rented from me for 13 years.I am enjoying my new home....Thank you.

Philip S. - 02/29/2016

She worked extra hard to help me refinance my house and she is awesome. I would recommended her to all my friends and family. Thank Indu Kapor for your help and your hard work.

Mariam R. - Allen, TX

Indu Kapoor was extremely helpful in keeping us informed of the loan status; information request; and diligently working on our behalf with her supporting staff. I would recomment Indu Kapoor, of Prospect Mortgage, to anyone seeking a home loan or mortgage.

Sylvester J. - Odessa, TX

Indu is very nice and knowledgeable. She knows what she is doing. She replies to queries very promptly. Overall I am very satisfied with her.

Muhammad A. - Lewisville, TX

I was the Listing Agent but the Loan Officer provided status of loan process and transaction at all times. It is always a pleasure working with a professional that is very knowledgeable.

Dorothy C. - Houston, TX

Indu was so very kind and understanding from the very beginning. She worked well past a 5pm time that I had dealt with from a previous loan officer at another company. She let me know what was happening every step of the way and gave me confidence in the process.

Patricia B. - Carrollton, TX

This one was one of the most difficult I've done ever. Having to re-motivate the buyer and continuously asking for documents and back to holding it together again. Indu Kapoor and her team were ready and willing each time I needed them! We certainly pulled together as a team to make it happen. I'm so grateful to have Indu to work with. She's certainly earned a spot on my "Lender options" signature for my email!

Katrina H. - Rowlett, TX

I loved working with Indu. She was always prompt and kept me up to date. She also gave me real answers as opposed to my prior Loan Officer that ended up not even being able to do the type of loan he kept saying he could do!

Amory C. - Austin, TX

Loan Officer Indu was the best.

Labhesh G. - Euless, TX

Really magic to me, only in nine days closing on my house. I even can't believe it.

Binduben C. - Garland, TX

She got the loan completed and done; we had a deadline to meet and we were able to get it done. When needed she stepped in and got to the point and got through the process in a timely manner. She was also contactable throughout the day; she would reply back on email sometimes 7-8pm and as early as 8am. I definitely will use Indu Kapoor for our future loan needs. She will always be the first option.

Raju P. - Dallas, TX


Christie G. - El Lago, TX

A big part of the home buying process is being able to provide sellers with much needed documentation in the blink of an eye. Failing to provide this can cut a deal short before it has even gotten started. When my wife and I were bidding on houses, Indu was constantly on call providing us with the letters we needed to show our seriousness in record setting time. Even on Memorial Day weekend, she took time out of her day to work on our pre-approval and made sure that we had everything we needed...

Thomas P. - Denton, TX

She came back home and saw that all went the way it's supposed to. She always comes through.

Frank D. - Rosenberg, TX

Working with Team Kapoor is an excellent experience which really helped me in choosing my home and also understand customer requirements. Team Kapoor helped me, providing every aspect of the mortgage and best rate of interest in making my decision easy for buying a house. Excellent team!

Aijaz D. - Richardson, TX

She had a good understanding of the issues faced by Asians as it relates to assets abroad. She helped me in successfully meeting the loan criteria by guiding me during the loan approval process.

Manoj K. - Crossroads, TX

Angela had a lot to deal with, as our loan and finances were very complicated. I lost hope and patience several times, as it was a 4 month long ordeal, but she never did. When I was ready to give up, she was very helpful and encouraging, always quick to respond even when I knew she was home with her family. I appreciate her hard work so much.

Christopher W. - Rockwall, TX

Indu Kapoor worked very hard for our mutual client, even when the obstacles became overwhelming, she stuck by them.

Patricia M. - Copperas Cove, TX

Being a real estate broker for 10 years, this was the first time I saw a lender finish paperwork 4-5 days before the closing date. Indu Kapoor was very fast in responding my questions and very helpful in providing us the best rate.

Netly K. - Carrollton, TX

I'm happy with Indu. She and her team are very cooperative.

Shahida K. - Allen, TX

Indu is amazing and her whole team is great also.

Fabrizio L. - Fort Worth, TX

I was a return customer for Indu Kapoor and again she knocked the ball out of the park! My real estate agent and title company stated how good it was to work with a Loan Officer who is on top of her game. I bugged her with my questions after hours and on the weekends and she always returned my calls. You have a gem (Indu Kapoor), I hope Prospect Mortgage appreciates her. Bettina did an excellent job as well. Hats off to you ladies!!!!! I will speak to you again...soon...for my next home...

Barbara S. - Arlington, TX

Indu Kapoor was exceptional in helping me secure the type of mortgage that best suited my needs. Her team were simply fantastic in walking me through the process and ensuring all bases were covered. I will not hesitate to call Indu for my next home purchase.

Tammy J. - Dallas, TX

Information was well explained. No problem to getting in touch with the Prospect Mortgage employees. All e-mails and messages were promptly responded to. Everything was great!

Dung H. - Dickinson, TX

Indu is the greatest! She always does a great job on closing all of my loans!

Sookie D. - Crowley, TX

Indu was available 24/7 and always responded very quickly to all of our questions and concerns. That is why this is the second time we used her for our mortgage loan.

Charles M. - Galveston, TX

Ms. Kapoor and her staff couldn't be any better. Everything went so smooth all the way to signing. We provided what they asked for and all we had to do was sign the mortgage papers. It was a pleasure and a honor to be represented by Ms. Kapoor and her staff at Prospect Mortgage.

Sidney W. - Seagoville, TX

Saved the sale for me and was able to process the loan for the Buyer after it was declined after 40 days with another bank.

Janet L. - Carrollton, TX

Indu Kapoor always answered my phone calls or called me back at her earliest convenience. I couldn't have asked for any better service for my buyer or for myself as representing my buyer. Indu, understood that my buyer was under contract on a short sale and knowing the urgency, she worked week-ends and nights trying to make the deadline of getting the file closed per the sellers lender's deadline date on their approval letter. And Indu made it happen!! Indu Kapoor is the best Loan Officer that...

Jeannie R. - Spring TX

Indu Kapoor's professional mannerism is outstanding! She's very knowledgeable and her teammates made my home buying experience stress free!

Lisa W. - Houston, TX

Indu does EVERYTHING well. She is incredibly responsive, answering questions, emails, phone calls day, evening, weekends. Sammie Pham is equally dedicated. They are a fantastic and amazing team and I am telling everyone I know and then some! :-)

Maria C. - Celina, TX

Indu Kapoor was my Loan Officer. She was positive and proactive. She has a very good team working with her who know how to handle a loan so that you get to closing without a lot of drama. I appreciate it and will definitely continue to refer her and to use her again.

Charles C. - Missouri City, TX

Very friendly. Made all aspects of the transaction clear. Always available, often answering her phone herself. Very professional. Indu Kapoor and her associates did an excellent job.

Margaret S. - Dallas, TX

Indu and her team were very professional and always responded quickly to our questions. They did an amazing job. We are truly thankful for their help.

Sandra H. - Dallas, TX

Indu is AMAZING! This is my second loan with her and I highly recommend her! She stays with you through the whole process! We had issues with the title company and she went far above and beyond to ensure that the loan closed asap! She definitely makes the whole process a great experience!!

Maria C. - Cumby, TX

Excellent support from Indu Kapoor and team step-by-step in the overall process. Very informative and made me more comfortable in the whole engagement.

Sreehari P. - San Antonio, TX

About Indu

Indu started her career in the Mortgage Lending industry in 1997. She feels honored to be part of the American Dream of homeownership. She strives to provide excellent customer service and exceed expectations. Her goal is to not only educate herself on the ever changing guidelines but also make sure her clients are aware of the home buying process. She is the top FHA 203 (K) and HomeStyle Renovation Mortgage Loan Specialist. She has consistently been voted as the Top 1% Mortgage Originators by Mortgage Executive Magazine. She was also voted as D Magazine Best Loan Officer in 2014 and featured as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Mortgage Professionals in 2015 by Mortgage Executive Magazine.

Indu completed her MBA in Corporate Finance with honors from University of Dallas, TX. She can speak several languages and dialects. She is married and has 2 beautiful daughters. If she is not at work, she is either at her kid's school volunteering or involved with community projects. Giving back is very important to her.

Indu interview Q&A

How long have you been in the mortgage business and what inspired you to get into it?
I entered the mortgage lending industry in 1997. I had an IT background and was looking to switch careers and get into Finance. I started as an intern with MSU and just loved what I was doing and decided to make it my career.
Who is your typical customer and what questions do they typically have?
First Time Homebuyers, Investors and clients who are looking to buy a fixer upper and in need of a renovation Loan to either Repair, Replace or Remodel.
What specific steps do you use to help your customers find the best home loan for them?
It is important to understand their needs and wants and then explain to them different products that they could qualify for and help them decide which one would be best for them.
How long have you been in the mortgage business? What awards have you won?
Since 1997. MVP, #1 Renovation Loan Officer, Top 1% Mortgage Originator, Best of Dallas, 100 Most Influential Mortgage Originator, Top Branch to name a few.
Tell us about a mortgage product that consumers may not be aware of?
Many buyers, sellers as well as realtors are not aware that they can purchase a home that needs repairs be it minor (cosmetic) or major (structural). FHA 203 (K) and HomeStyle® are loan options that they can use to roll in the cost of repairs and close on the house. They can borrow based on the increased value of their home as if the repairs were completed. Repairs are done after closing. It gives the buyer more inventory to choose from and sellers more flexibility to sell AS IS and not only to cash buyers.
What can borrowers do to insure a smooth mortgage underwriting process?
Be honest and upfront of any challenges that they may have based on their credit, income or assets. Provide all paper work that the Loan Officer requests in a timely manner. Discuss with the Loan Officer of any changes that may occur during the loan process in terms of any additional debts or job related changes, to name a few. Communication is the key.
What provides you with the most satisfaction in your job as a Loan Officer?
Receiving testimonials. It is a testament to job well done. 95% of my business is based on referrals. When your customer and realtors are happy and you see the excitement and joy you brought to them it makes me feel blessed and thankful. Being part of their biggest purchase and helping them achieve their dream of homeownership is why I love my job as a Loan Officer.
Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
I have a very dry sense of humor! I'm also very positive and think every problem has a solution. You just have to find it!

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