Jay Sondhi

Vice President of Mortgage Lending
636 Fourth St, San Francisco, CA 94107
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NMLS: 286674
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Jay and his team were amazing and closed our home on time, even with some hurdles along the way. Jay kept us in the loop and updated and explained everything to us every step of the way and we appreciated that so much because we felt like the whole process was overwhelming at times but he was always there to reassure us. Jay is amazing with a great team behind him and they will work hard for you.

Wade M. | September 2018

Jay always felt like "our guy", in the sense that his only interests were our interests - he wasn't pushing us to do anything, just helping us explore our options at each step.

Amanda T. - September | 2018

Jay and his team were super helpful with our loan, and willing to go the extra mile to make sure we were ready to get our new home. Thank you!

Audrey C. | July 2018

Jay Sondhi and his team were very helpful throughout the process. I was able to call Jay any time (couple of times over the weekend) and he not only picked up my call but tried his best to help answer my questions. Thank you for your hard work.

Sohail W. - July | 2018

Jay Sondhi and his team were very helpful throughout the process. I was able to call Jay any time (couple of times over the weekend) and he not only picked up my call but tried his best to help answer my questions. Thank you for your hard work.

Sohail W. - July | 2018

Jay and his team were very easy to work with. They made the whole process very easy on me and always helped me in a very prompt manner. Jay even answered my phone calls after hours to make sure my questions were answered. Jay and his team were all great and I would highly recommend to others.

Lance H. | June 2018

Jay Sondhi is a rockstar! And he was always available...much appreciated when you are making the biggest transaction of your life (yet!). Thanks!

Vikram V.- San Francisco,CA | MAY 2016

Jay Anthony Sondhi at the San Francisco office was very professional and proactive throughout the entire process of obtaining a home loan. An example was that he provided us with a plethora of loan options and explained everything clearly and concisely. With being first time home buyers, we were VERY inquisitive. There was not a moment where was frustrated, lost patience or seemed annoyed. He provided us with answers to our questions in a timely manner and Jay is very knowledgeable - We are...

Anh L. - Walnut Creek, CA | Jan. 2016

Jay Sondhi has been my loan manager for my three property loans in the San Francisco Bay Area. He always gets me the best rate - for some reason I had incorrectly assumed he did not service the Moss Beach area and when I went "loan shopping" was startled by the higher rates I was being quoted by other loan companies. Jay and his team made the experience quick and painless. I have recommended Jay to several friends.

Evelyn S. - San Francisco, CA | Dec. 2015

Jay Sondhi was very supportive and professional in the time we worked together. He answered all of my questions, and always went above and beyond to deliver exceptional service. Actually, his reputation proceeded him because my realtor and several of my friends who are home buyers worked with him for home purchasing or refinancing their loans. When the 2nd appraisal was delayed, he kept me informed of the progress every step of the way. This helped with my anxiety about the whole process as...

Natalie B.– Oakland, CA | JULY 2015

Jay helped me buy my first house in the very tight bay area market two years ago. He was a godsend - endlessly patient and extremely knowledgeable. He has that rare ability to explain complex financial terms and issues to anyone. He was so helpful I recommended him to my brother who he also helped get into a house in the bay area. I very highly recommend Jay!

Client – Oakland, CA | Jan. 2015

Jay is patient and personable. He never made me feel like I was taking up his valuable time.

Adam H. – San Francisco, CA | Jan. 2015

Jay was a great help in the process of getting our loan approved!

Concepcion T. -- San Bruno, CA 6/16/2014

Jay promised to close in 21 days and he delivered! He did most of the heavy lifting and asked me for additional details only for the absolute necessary ones. Jay was very accessible. He would promptly return calls and emails and always patiently answered even the most basic questions. Jay was thorough and went through all my initial documents before he committed. He made the complex process of mortgage application seem so easy. Jay is very professional and personal.

Raj M., 9/19/13

Jay is really great. He has worked on the financing for both my home loans in San Francisco Jay always works to get the best rate possible and the best loan terms for his clients and will go the extra mile to do that. I have been very lucky to work with Jay. I am not proficient in some of the terms and practices that are used in this industry and Jay took great pains not only to explain what I was getting myself into carefully but to make sure I was comfortable with it too. He made what could...

Evelyn D., 9/18/13

Jay has been great all three times my son and I have used his services and expertise. He was always on top of the best rates and set us up to get the best rates available. Highly recommend Jay and plan on calling him next time.

Dan D., 9/18/13

Jay help myself and my wife refinance by consolidating two loans into one and saving us more than a $1000 per month. This was a very difficult transaction and took more than 3 months to complete. Jay stuck with us and did everything humanly possible to make this work. He made sure the documentation was sent on time and made sure everything was done correctly. He held our hands every step of the way. Any phone call were answered immediately or if you left a message, he got back to you the same...

Dean and Elizabeth P., 9/19/13

Jay was very patient with us as we navigated the confusing waters of a refi. He was informative and helped us make the best decisions for our situation. He was also very flexible with our meeting times, which was a real bonus.

Susie W, 9/20/13

Jay was there every step of the way through our home buying process. He was responsive, helpful, kind, and never grew irritated with our requests for new numbers being ran, or asking questions about how to best structure our loan. He was fantastic! I would definitely use him again and you should too!

Joanna, 9/22/13

Before finding Jay, I contacted a few companies that promised to lower my interest rate through a refinance. The rates were good, but that's where the help stopped. Jay took the time to review several refinancing options with me, and in the end found a program that I qualified for that not only removed my mortgage insurance, but paid for the majority of my closing costs through credits. He's patient, reliable and trustworthy. I have already recommended him to friends and associates, and plan to...

Cecilia M., 9/24/13

Jay Sondhi helped me get a mortgage for a condo I bought, and he did a great job. He secured the best possible rate for me, responded to all my questions immediately and followed through until we moved in. I recommend him highly and would use his expertise again if I had the opportunity.

Siike G., 10/5/13

Jay has been very helpful and supportive of me any time I am looking into refinancing my home. He is honest and I have complete trust in what he tells me regarding rates and whether I should make a move or not. He has even been helpful when I received a rate that he could not compete with and answered questions that the other company couldn't or wouldn't. I will make it a point to always reference Jay whenever I consider refinancing!!

Mike A., 11/21/13

I was very impressed with Jay Sondhi. Our loan was fairly complicated and took some time to complete. Jay was thorough, detailed and followed through on requests. Our loan was approved with a compettive interest rate. I would use him again and I recommend him highly.

Kerryn, 1/30/14

Jay did a great job of helping me finance my recent condo purchase. It was a complicated VA Loan, but Jay's expertise, hard work, and patience allowed us to get the deal done. Jay is very knowledgeable about VA loans, and he put in a lot of work to get my building VA approved in a short time-period. I was very happy with the service and financing I received working with Jay, and I highly recommend him.

Brian R., 3/22/14

Jay is great to work with and incredibly efficient! After changing brokerage companies due to questionable business practices a week before we were set to close, Jay was able to get our loan processed very quickly and we closed in less than two weeks. He was honest and kept us well informed, as well as saved us thousands of dollars! Highly recommend!!

Bradley, 4/9/14

About Jay

My parents bought their first home when I was 8 years old. I remember asking my father when we would be able to move into our new house. He said, “We need to wait until escrow closes.” Each night we drove by the new house, and I would ask again and again, and got the same answer. I started to get annoyed. “Who is this escrow character, and why can’t he hurry up so we can move into our house?”

It is now my full-time job to make escrow “hurry up”. I understand that buying your first home can be very stressful, but I know that we can close your loan quickly and with the lowest stress levels and rates in the industry. For years, it was my job to train loan officers statewide to package loans for the banks. Take comfort knowing that your loan is being handled by a true professional with 17 years of experience. Knowledge breeds confidence and that leads to a stress-free transaction and most importantly, an accepted offer!

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Jay is often featured in the SF Chronicle:

Veteran Refinances into VA Loan

Veteran Closes Home in East Bay

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Jay interview Q&A

How long have you been in the mortgage business and what inspired you to get into it?
I've been in the mortgage business since 2000. I started working as a wholesale mortgage banker when my first job at an internet startup didn't pan out. I worked as a banker for 8 years until the mortgage crisis of 2008. When my bank failed, I started working as a retail loan officer, filling a niche in San Francisco as an FHA/VA loan specialist. I was inspired to continue in the mortgage business because I had trained 100s of loan officers for many years and I thought I could do a better job.
Tell us about a specific challenging borrowing situation and how you got the mortgage closed and funded.
I approved a borrower for a VA condo loan because we saw that the condo project was approved by the VA. We found out early in the process that our project was not in fact approved by the VA. We had to scramble to put a package of documents for the VA to approve. A normally 60 day process was completed in about 20 days due to hard work by my team, the realtor, and some government officials whom we made calls to in order to expedite the process.
What can borrowers do to insure a smooth mortgage underwriting process?
Keep your credit, income, and asset picture as static as possible. Try not to move too much money around from account to account, and do not make any large purchases (cars, boats) that can ruin your loan qualifications. Get pre-approved very early in your process!
What do you enjoy doing most in your spare time when you are not helping people with their home loans?
I enjoy snowboarding, golf, making art projects, and putting events together. I have been a citizen of Black Rock City since 2000 and have only missed going there twice in the last 15 years.
Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
I was the mascot for my high school which led to my first job as a Disneyland character.

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