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Josh Tartar

VP of Mortgage Lending
5170 Golden Foothill Pkwy, Offices 106 & 108, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
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NMLS: 973272
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Josh interview Q&A

How long have you been in the mortgage business and what inspired you to get into it?
I have been in the mortgage industry for 5 years.
Who is your typical customer and what questions do they typically have?
My typical customer expects nothing but the best service and most competitive rates and pricing. I pride myself on being available for customer calls at all times.
What specific steps do you use to help your customers find the best home loan for them?
I first let the customer tell me what their goals are and then what THEY think is the best fit for them to meet that goal. I take great pains to ensure my customers understand how mortgage pricing works and why various structuring schemes would be advantageous.
What are the pros and cons of a fixed rate mortgage versus an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM)?
A fixed-rate mortgage provides certainty. For a financially savvy or very financially disciplined borrower, and ARM provides an opportunity to save money on a much lower rate.
What advice would you give new or first time home buyers?
Keep in touch with your loan officer the entire time you’re making offers! It’s critically important to keep your pre-approvals up to date and tailored to the offer you’re making.
Tell us about a mortgage product that consumers may not be aware of?
I’ve just been made aware of the 5/5 ARM product which has an only slightly higher rate than the 5/1 ARM, but SO much more stability with a rate that could only adjust once every 5 years.
What can borrowers do to insure a smooth mortgage underwriting process?
Have all your financial documents handy and whatever you do, don’t move money around or make any large purchases, and PLEASE don’t apply for any kind of credit.
What do you enjoy doing most in your spare time when you are not helping people with their home loans?
During the winter, my wife and I spend our free time at Lake Tahoe, during the summer, we like sailing and scuba diving. Living in California has its perks!
Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
Before entering the mortgage industry, I was a PhD student in Astrophysics, studying what happens to stars like what the sun will become in another 5 billion years. I have made observations using the Hubble Space Telescope and the Spitzer Space Telescope, among others.

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