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Michael Furth

Vice President of Mortgage Lending
18383 Preston Rd, Ste 420, Dallas, TX 75252
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NMLS: 1128106
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My loan officer, Michael Furth, in the Dallas office can't be beat. He was accessible even after hours and was very helpful and polite through the process.

Harry S. - 1/18/2017

Guaranteed Rate made it so east to refinance our home! Michael Furth was recommended to us and rightfully so. He was nothing short of helpful, thorough, and displayed a great sense of urgency to meet the needs of our refinance. We will absolutely use him as our contact for any future home finance needs and will also be recommending Michael to anyone we know looking for a home loan. He and his team were in constant contact with us; Michael made a point to check in on us to ensure we had no...

Troy L. -9/1/2016

Michael Furth worked very hard on my behalf, and I appreciate his diligence and positive attitude. Valerie Doyle helped me to coordinate my documents, and she also worked very hard on this. Both are to be commended for their quick answers and replies-- and for their always being there when I needed something. Tanny Hill helped finalize my file and submit it to underwriting, and I appreciate her timely and prompt work. Thank you!!

Milton H. | 08/25/2016

Michael Furth was wonderful to me. I have been through some rough times and I worked hard to overcome obstacles... I did everything I could to prevent a foreclosure on that house. It took 18 months, but I was finally able to sell it and try to finance a new one. I contacted three mortgage lenders, and Michael Furth at Guaranteed Rate is the only one who saw past the black and white printed on the credit report and considered what it took for me bring up my credit score and payoff other debts....

Cyndi D. -7/28/16

Our lender Michael was amazing!!! He truly went above and beyond to help us get into our home!! We can't say thank you enough!!

Patrick T. - Funded 4/22/2016

Michael did a great job walking me through the process, always kept me informed of the timeline and we ended up with exactly what we were looking for!

Chris C. -Frisco, TX | MAR 2016

I could not be happier with our home buying experience with Michael Furth. My wife and I put all of our trust in Michael in helping us traverse the home buying landscape, and he couldn’t have taken better care of us. He was there night and day with any questions or concerns and would often check in on us, completely unprompted, to make sure we were in a good head-space and didn’t need anything else from him, which is something you really value when it comes to a purchase of this magnitude. I...

Derek A. - 1/13/16

“Michael is an amazing loan officer! He’s a hard worker, dependable, and will always do his absolute best to ensure his clients’ have a smooth transaction. Whether you are refinancing or purchasing a home, I would absolutely recommend Michael Furth to my friends and family!”

Maricarmen G. - 3/31/16

Michael did a great job walking me through the process, always kept me informed of the timeline and we ended up with exactly what we were looking for!

Chris C. - 3/14/16

About Michael

I am a Veteran and was an Engineer for almost 20 years. Somehow I found myself travelling all over the world in the 90s and 2000s. It was awesome, until I got married and began to have children. I started flipping homes in 2012 because I wanted to have more flexible hours and be able to spend time with my family (and no longer miss those special occasions). I learned a lot about the market, comps and renovation doing this. The market tightened up a little. Even though deals were still out there, they were hard to find. I decided to be a loan officer and do home loans and haven't looked back ever since.

Michael interview Q&A

Who is your typical customer and what questions do they typically have?
I have a variety of clientele from first time home buyers, investors, Veterans, and small business owners to people who need help getting their finances in order. I also provide loans to renovators and higher end clientele who want to leverage their income and not have it all tied up in a home. Also, I consider every realtor my client. Of course, their number one question is whether or not the loan will close on time. I like being able to say "Yes!"
What advice would you give new or first time home buyers?
My advice to first time home buyers is that they are making a great investment by not paying rent and/or someone else's mortgage. Many times, first time home buyers do not know that they can get into a home and accept being renters. I personally like to encourage them that they can be home owners given the right product or long term plan and that they deserve the freedom and privacy that comes with owning their own home.
What resources could you recommend that borrowers use to learn more about the mortgage process and how to ensure a successful home closing?
Me, of course! I am always available to answer questions and educate my clients about the home buying process. Some of them are very busy and just want me to get the job done; Others want to know every detail of every step of the process. I am happy to accommodate both! And if I don't have the answer, I know where to find it (cliche, but true).
Are you active in any local associations or community groups, and at what level? What goals and/or success have you helped these groups achieve?
We have a special relationship with the Salvation Army. My branch and I have determined that we want to give back to the community as often as we can. Although we participate in other Charities and events, the Salvation Army is an organization that we like to work with at least every other month. I am the liaison for setting up these events for my branch.
Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
I'm a nerd. My wife tells me that I know more useless facts than anyone she knows. I think its important to keep learning and staying diverse, open minded and curious. Maybe I do know a lot of things that may not be important to a lot of people, but you want to be on my team in a Trivia game ;-)

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