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Naomi Madrid

Vice President of Mortgage Lending
1422 Elbridge Payne Rd, Suite 250, Chesterfield, MO 63017
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NMLS: 252296
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Naomi Madrid is wonderful to work with! This is the second time she has assisted me with a home loan and I would use her again! I have already referred my brother to her. Her team was helpful and made the process understandable. Thank you!

Carrie D. - 6/5/2017

Naomi was very patient and kind. All this new Docusign stuff was real helpful. She did everything to make it smooth. A big thank you to the entire team!

Myrna A. - 6/5/2017

Naomi was very helpful with any questions that we had. I was very appreciative to have her help us in buying our first home!

Casey D. | 02/24/2017

Naomi was so easy to work with. She was very clear and concise. We had a lot of questions and no matter how insecure we felt about asking she always had a quick answers and explained everything so we understood. I would give Guaranteed rate to anyone I know looking to buy.

Keith B. - 11/14/2016

Naomi and her team made the whole home buying experience easier than I ever imagined. While being very professional at all times, they were also compassionate to my anxieties and kept me calm through the process. Helped me understand the need for all the paperwork and explained the short delays. Would I use Naomi again? YES and I have suggested my son and daughter-in-law use her in the future.

Katherine V. | October 2016

Naomi and her team were very accommodating to my needs and concerns during the loan approval process. Smooth sailing!

Persian M. - 9/22/2016

Naomi was awesome to work with. She always took the time to explain everything and never made you feel like your question was wrong when you ask it. She was always cheerful, always returned your call and was never rushed with you. She always took the time that was needed to explain everything in detail. I will always do my business with her. She made it a great experience.

Lanesa B.

Naomi went above and beyond her duties to help us and give us peace of mind during an extremely stressful selling process. She was not involved in our sale at all, but took the time to get involved on that end and explain to us what was going on, and why certain things were happening. She even called me late in the evening on her own time to calm me down during one particularly stressful period. I would without a doubt recommend Guaranteed Rate and especially Naomi to anyone looking to purchase...

Jason R. | 08/24/2016

Our loan officer, Naomi Madrid, always made herself available whenever we had questions. It was like she was our on-call mortgage doctor. In all seriousness, we couldn't be happier with the process, start-to-finish. We showed up for our closing and everything was in order and waiting for our signatures. There were no surprises, except for how painless everything was. All we can say is "thank you", and we will continue to recommend Guaranteed Rate and Naomi Madrid without hesitation.

Lauri R. – 6/28/2016

Naomi and her team made our process very easy. They were very informative and helpful even when we had a personal issue arise. Overall a great job and great experience.

Kevin M. – 6/17/2016

I would absolutely come back and work with Naomi again. She made the process smooth, I was comfortable working with her and she was dedicated. I don't feel like we would have gotten the house of our dreams if it weren't for Naomi.

David F. – 4/28/2016

Naomi Madrid is amazing at her job! And as a person she is wonderful! She was amazing and helped so much from beginning to end. I don't trust many but instantly I felt like I could trust her and I'm glad I did. She helped my dream come true of owning my beautiful home. She would help all hours of the day which is something most don't do. And at signing she gave me my first house warming basket something unexpected but very much appreciated, she goes out of her way to make sure her customers are...

Heather B. – 4/8/2016

My loan officer Naomi Madrid was amazing. She stayed on top of everything, and made the process very fast and easy.

Joshua S. – 5/19/2016

Our loan officer Naomi Madrid helped us get our credit rating up so we could purchase a home. She gave advice on paying down debt and worked with us over 6 months from paying down debt all the way through closing on our loan. We are very happy with our loan officer and team. They made home buying easier for us.

James B. – 5/12/2016

Naomi was great!

Jerri R. – 4/6/2016

Thank you Naomi for all of your hard work! You were a pleasure to work with and we appreciate all you did for us. You made this entire process smooth and easy.

Frank L. – 3/28/2016

We were referred to Naomi by a relative and could not have been happier with her assistance. When we first came to her our credit was not up to an acceptable level, with her advice we were able to work with a consultant and improve our credit to qualify for a loan. During the whole home buying process she maintained contact and provided prompt responses and updates. We have already recommended her to some of our other friends who are considering getting a loan to buy a home.

Joshua H. – 3/25/2016

Naomi did an excellent job and was so professional and caring. She was on top of everything and knew what the underwriters would need to make the loan process go smooth with no complications. I thought purchasing a home when we still lived in another state would be stressful but Naomi and her team made it so easy. She even found a great real estate agent for us who was amazing. I will definitely be recommending her to anybody that is looking to purchase or refinance. Very pleased!!!!

Brian C. – 1/29/2016

Naomi Madrid was a great help through the entire process. I always felt that she had my best interest in mind.

Keith H. – 12/18/2015

Naomi did a great job!

Tiffany M. – 12/3/2015

I think Naomi Madrid did a fantastic job. I really thought Cindy and Katie were great too. I really appreciated the patience with all my questions and worries. This is the first time I have had to do this so was very grateful for all their help in answering my questions and concerns.

Robert D. – 11/24/2015

Our loan officer Naomi was a big help, answered questions when we needed help, kept us updated, polite to work with, and understands the importance of insuring our closing was smooth and no surprises. We enjoyed working with Naomi.

Carl C. – 11/12/2015

Naomi is absolutely wonderful as well as the staff that made sure my documents for funding were in place and there were no issues at or near closing. I worked closely with Naomi and she made the whole house buying process easy.

Bobby R. – 10/29/2015

Naomi is the best!!! We have used Naomi to purchase 3 homes and somehow gets better and easier to work with on each one. Not only is she great during the home buying process but she makes herself available to help when advice is needed. When it comes to home loans I can't imagine anyone that is more knowledgeable and trustworthy than her.

Robert W. – 11/2/2015

Naomi was very professional she explained clearly what we needed to know and got the loan to fit our needs. We felt comfortable, confident and not like just another loan but that she really cared for our family and our needs to make this stage of building new construction less stressful.

James D. – 10/28/2015

Naomi Madrid was awesome!! From start to finish she made me comfortable and confident while going through the loan process. We recommend her to our friends, family and associates.

Douglas W. – 9/25/2015

Naomi was a great help with everything. She is very good at her job. Made it so easy to understand things. Thanks to everyone involved. Very pleased.

Deborah C. – 8/4/2015

About Naomi

I am very proud to say I have been in the Banking/Mortgage Industry since 1994. I have learned every aspect of the mortgage transaction giving me the skills to move things along smoothly. I have worked on both sides as a Banker and a Wholesale Broker. Working for Guaranteed Rate gives me access to both, allowing me to be more flexible for my clients. I have built my business on building relationships with Real Estate Partners and many, many referrals from past clients. The team I have created at Guaranteed Rate has been a key to bringing balance in my life full circle.

I am happily married to my High School Sweetheart, Jose, since May of 1994. I could not ask for a better husband, father for my children, and best friend. He runs our business, X-Cell Electric, with dedication, hard work, and humbleness. We have 2 exceptional girls we are proud of, Vivian and Alessandra. Vivian has developed a passion for JuiJitsu since she was 7 and we enjoy traveling to tournaments throughout the United States cheering her on. Alessandra is a child of many artistic and musical gifts. She has a special craft of working well with children and dreams to be a Special Education teacher one day.

The one thing I am most grateful for in my life is the Faith my family and I have in Jesus Christ. We are members of Morning Star Church and God has used this Church to save me in many ways. There is no balance in life until you surrender to Him and live a life that He is guiding you to follow. My prayer for all is you open your Hearts to His Love and Grace.....

Naomi interview Q&A

How long have you been in the mortgage business and what inspired you to get into it?
Since 1994 started as Mortgage Processor straight out of High School. I worked every aspect of Mortgage Industry from; originating, processing, underwriting, to funding. I moved around in banking but came back to mortgages knowing that is what I enjoyed the most. I like helping people save money and invest in 1 of the biggest investments they will own, their home.
Who is your typical customer and what questions do they typically have?
I work with a variety of clients but my typical customer is a 1st time homebuyer and I enjoy them the most. There is something special about helping someone buy their 1st home. I would say all client have the same questions; how much is my payment, what do I need for closing, and what is the rate?
What specific steps do you use to help your customers find the best home loan for them?
There is 1 very important question I ask every Purchase Client; what are you comfortable paying each month towards a mortgage? It is important so I can show them the max they can buy on paper but I will break it back down to their comfort zone. I ask detailed questions so I know what their plans are, even for the future. I am a step toward a goal, but even for future goals. I only have their best interest at heart, they come first.
How long have you been in the mortgage business? What awards have you won?
I have been in the business since 1994. I have won the Five Star Professional award in the past. Honestly, does not matter to me. What means more to me is the testimonials I receive from my clients. If they are happy I am happy!
How has the mortgage industry changed since you started, and what would you expect in the future?
Being in the industry for over 22 years, it has changed A LOT. I would say the biggest change is the technology how many people do so much via internet. It has taken me a while to adapt but I do love the digital mortgage Guaranteed Rate offers and my clients love it as well. Although, I am still not on
What can borrowers do to insure a smooth mortgage underwriting process?
It makes a huge difference when clients are on top of getting me the needed list of items we ask for upfront and in a quick timely manner.
What do you enjoy doing most in your spare time when you are not helping people with their home loans?
I am a huge advocate of Health. I look at it this way: God's creation, humans, are the most complex amazing creation He cherishes. We should take care of it. IF we don't have our health nothing else on this earth will matter. I love to help others with the knowledge of natural healing elements He created knowing we would destroy ourselves. Exercise is a regimen to my daily routine. My family and I are a part of many volunteer opportunities from making buntings for still-born children to serving meals to the homeless.
Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
I got married while a Junior in High School so I was 16 years old and no I was not pregnant, just in love. Still Happily Marriedý

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