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Phil Forbes

Vice President of Mortgage Lending
2654 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45208
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NMLS: 4959
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Phil and his team did a fantastic job! I have 0 complaints and would definitely recommend them anyone looking for a Home loan!

Thomas H. - January | 2018

We appreciated the entire loan experience with GR! Phil Forbes was an excellent loan officer.

Gene J. | January 2018

You and your team did an excellent job! The entire process was pretty easy for us and you guys made yourself available at a moments notice! The Rate is awesome. Your Service has been exceptional. Your knowledge and expertise made us feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. You also did a great job of explaining things to us and giving us an unbiased opinion – which we truly appreciate I can’t think of anything you guys could have done better – we will definitely recommend...

Thomas H. - Funded 1/2018

I was impressed with the fantastic personal service I received from the start of my home buying experience. I felt like Phil truly cared about me as a person and helped me understand the loan process every step of the way. My questions were always answered quickly and in terms I could understand. I have been in my new home now almost two weeks and I am so happy that Phil, along with your team at Guaranteed Rate, has made it possible for me to buy my new home. Thank you!

Jean H. - Funded 12/14/2017

Phil was an excellent loan officer. He and his team pushed through our loan in record time so that we could close on the house 2 weeks earlier than originally planned. His service and communication were excellent. I would be happy to use Phil again.

Neil W.| November 2017

Understanding and Helpful, what you want from a lender. Phil was great during our whole process, he worked with us as things changed and flowed throughout the process. Each step along the way was very transparent, easy to follow, and timely. He was knowledgable of the options that were available to us and willing to do what was best for our situation.

B. Wise - August | 2017

He walked me through this process from start to finish and made it so easy. He answered all of my questions in a timely manner when I needed help. I wish everyone was as nice and helpful! He took the stress out of the whole process.

Connie R.

Helped us watch rates, excellent service.

Mark N.

Very helpful! Completed both loans quickly.

Stephen K.

Phil is always available by phone or email. He was prompt with responses to all of our questions.

Tammy & Kenny T.

I’ve worked with Phil for many years. He always does an excellent job and is very helpful and thorough. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Erin & Ryan N.

Phil was just the best ever. He listened and accommodated my schedule. Best of all, he was precise and used email and saved me lots of time in obtaining my loan. He was thorough and forgot no detail. He was flexible with problem solving and due to his extensive knowledge of the process he could always find a solution. I enjoyed working with him and I’m really enjoying my new home! My best to Phil.

Ginger & James R.

Attended our closing, expedited our application to have an on-time closing. I wish I had a ‘Phil’ for every aspect of life! I’d recommend anyone use him!

Julie & Shane M.

Phil Forbes is an excellent mortgage source. If I decide to purchase or refinance again I will call Phil to do my next mortgage. Excellent follow up and professionalism.

Ritchy & Jane T.

I think Phil is awesome! He made the whole financing process so easy. If I had a question, he always got back to me in a reasonable timeframe. There was absolutely no guess-work on my part. Thank you Phil!

Constance H.

Phil Forbes and I have been working together for 15 years. He’s on the short list for client referrals.

Brad & Diane C.

Phil did a really good job of moving things along quickly because we had a time constraint related to needing to move out of our former residence.

John & Susan R.

Everything! To narrow it down, Phil was always available, even after hours, to answer any questions/concerns that I had. I will work with Phil in all future transactions, no matter the bank, as long as possible ( until he retires:) ).

Daniel V.

Professional, quick response, turnaround time, kept me notified the entire process.

Perry & Tonya L.

The process was well organized and was fast. Mr. Forbes was very knowledgeable and professional. He allowed me to have communication with him day/night.

David & Paula M.

Quick response time, attention to detail, very knowledgeable on why the mortgage business is the way it is. More than willing to take his time to explain it to you.

Michael B.

Phil was very flexible and accommodating, meeting me at my office, meeting in our home and very easy to get on the phone.

Tracey & John S.

Phil was very personal. It was nice to feel like a person. We were not treated like a number.

Steven & Liette M.

Phil was on top of our loan from start to close, easy to work with on a complicated loan.

Dustin & Amy H.

He was very organized and very helpful in step-wise procedures as far as what docs we needed to produce and what timing to expect.

David & Sharon D. - 07/2012

We really appreciated how easy it was/is to get a professional answer. Being first time home buyers we had a great experience and really appreciate all of the help we got from Phil.

Stephanie & Jason H.

Phil kept us well informed every step of the way. He was available to us no matter how small or minor the question, and he always took the time to explain.

Cheryl D.

Phil has first rate service! Very friendly and attentive.

Michelle C. - 12/2011

We felt that Phil was very up front. He was very fast at moving the paperwork forward and giving us assistance and feedback during the process.

Marc C. - 11/2011

Excellent communicator!! Delivered exactly as promised. Thanks Phil!

Erin Q. - 10/2011

Very responsive and knowledgeable. Got back with me on all questions in a very timely manner and explained all aspects of our loan in great detail.

Bridget R. - 11/2011

The level of customer service was excellent. Phil answered my emails and phone calls quickly, and was a wealth of knowledge.

Cathy C. - 10/2011

Phil kept the process going and provided fast responses.

Mark D. - 10/2011

Very professional and knowledgeable. Attentive to my mortgage needs and I felt valued as a customer.

Cynthia L. - 10/2011

He was awesome! We had a ‘special’ situation that he was able to address. If it wasn’t for him, we would STILL be renting.

Michael & Jenny M. - 05/2011

Phil has a great track record. He helping with my first mortgage as well as my refinance. Phil assisted me with professionalism, knowledge and great insight.

Paul C. - 05/2011

Mr. Forbes was very professional as well as making us feel as if every question we had was important to him. He always took our calls and visits to the office. It was as if we were his only customers!

John M. - 08/2011

While the rate was competitive, it was Phil’s commitment to understanding our overall needs and coming back to us with a complete package to address our needs that was the difference maker.

William & Winfred G. - 04/2011

Phil really helped me get the best available rate and researched all options to help me with finding the best option for my situation. He made the experience personal.

Tabitha - 03/2011

I was very impressed with how prompt Phil was getting our loan finished. He was always available to talk as well.

James & Patricia - 03/2011

He was easy to talk to and answered all of my questions.

Elaine G. - 03/2011

Phil worked with our HELOC bank to get our HELOC subordinated.

Dave C. - 02/2011

We’ve never had any banking/mortgage experience go as flawlessly as was this one!!

Gregg & Charlene S. - 02/2011

Attention to detail, foresaw challenges and dealt with them before the issue slowed our process.

Jon & Nell - 12/2010

Phil was quick to respond to every question and always went one step beyond.

Elisa W. - 11/2010

Phil made the entire process go so smoothly I was left amazed. Phil took the time to go over things with us on the phone. Additionally, he met with us after normal business hours one weekday evening for about 2 hours to go over page by page the application explaining it in detail. Phil drove about 45 minutes to be present at our closing and congratulate us in person before having to go to another appointment. I know that is not customary and shows Phil’s dedication and passion to service and...

Josh & Marianna - 02/2016

About Phil

I started in the mortgage business as soon as I left college in 1993. For the first few years, I was a closer and a coordinator working at a law firm with the legal side of closings. After a few years of that I decided to become a loan originator in November of 1995 and although I have had many titles since, from "trainee" to "president", I've essentially never done anything but directly help people with their mortgage needs ever since. I have been recognized at every employer as a production leader and to this day enjoy the interaction I have with my customers and referral sources more than any other part of my job.

I grew up in a western suburb of Cleveland (Rocky River) and I came to Cincinnati to attend college. I was a business major at The University of Cincinnati with a focus in real estate and I was an active member of Delta Tau Delta throughout my undergraduate time.

I have lived on the East side of Cincinnati for nearly 20 years with my wife and 2 children- a girl (Sarah) and a boy (Philip).

Phil interview Q&A

What specific steps do you use to help your customers find the best home loan for them?
I help my clients by showing them all of the options they qualify for with detailed estimates. This helps them make an accurate comparison and therefore an informed decision.
What are the pros and cons of a fixed rate mortgage versus an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM)?
All loans have features and risks that apply differently to each client. A fixed rate loan may be a great choice for some with plans to stay for a long period of time or for those who are risk adverse. That same fixed rate loan may not give the same value to someone else with different life goals. ARMs can be a great choice when there is a defined short period of time for an individual situation.
What 2 or 3 mobile apps would you recommend for home buyers or house hunters, and why? What Smart Apps do you recommend your customers use for the house hunting process?
I provide my clients and referral partners with my personal app that can be used on their IOS or Android devices. It allows access to rate information, payment calculations, pre-approval letters and much more. is a favorite of mine to use personally. My daughter and I love to use it when we are on vacation.
What provides you with the most satisfaction in your job as a Loan Officer?
I view the help I give my clients as one of the most important purposes in my life. Fulfilling that purpose makes this more than a job to me.
Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
I actually prefer camping in many cases to staying at a hotel / resort. As a result, I have camped in some unique places- from Alaska to the Florida Keys

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