Rashida Mendes

VP of Mortgage Lending
750 Lexington Ave, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10022
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NMLS: 1753835
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About Rashida

Ms. Mendes has honed her skills in banking, and economic development and overseen over $2 billion in funding through Management positions at New York Life, JP Morgan Asset Management, Citibank –Community Development, and Bank of America. In 2007, she started her own consulting firm working with banks and universities to structure capital access programs and has since trained over 500 firms to implement strategic and business development initiatives. She has shared her expertise as an underwriter to speak to hundreds of individuals and small businesses on her secrets to access capital and position themselves for wealth.

Ms. Mendes’ interest in finance and real estate began while working at The White House under President Clinton’s administration. She drafted investment recommendations for Clinton’s $400 million African Trade Initiative, which was overseen by the National Economic Council.

She holds an MBA in Finance and Real Estate from Columbia Business School, a Masters Degree in Demography from the University of Pennsylvania, and earned her Bachelors Degree in Economics from Wesleyan University.

Rashida interview Q&A

Who is your typical customer and what questions do they typically have?
Having touched over $2 Billion in financing over my career, I have seen hundreds of deals. Almost every borrower has the same top 3 questions: 1) What are the interest rates General rates are posted right here on this page ? ? ? Once your application is submitted I can take a closer look at your specific needs to make sure you are matched with the best available option that fits your budget. 2) How fast can I get the money Our Digital mortgage makes the funding process so much faster than other lenders. We try our best to get you Cleared-To-Close within a few weeks with your cooperation. My team gives you access to all these details upfront so you don’t have to go on a scavenger hunt for information. The faster we get all your “paperwork” out the way, the sooner you can get funded. You have an online portal and a lot of communications from an amazing professional team working for you to minimize any bottlenecks. 3) Why do you need so much information I imagine if your long-lost Uncle Joe popped up at the annual family BBQ and asked you to borrow $10,000. You would probably want to see proof that Uncle Joe would pay you back in a reasonable time. If he communicated well and gave you all the answers you needed, you might consider his request. …BUT unfortunately, Uncle Joe asked you for $10,000 and didn’t want to communicate with you, skipped your calls and ignored your emails. While you love your family, you might be hesitant and skeptical about loaning Uncle Joe $10 let alone $10,000. Well, now let’s think of this same situation at a $300,000, $800,000 or $1million + level. What would it take for you to lend someone that level of money? Yikes! Well, that is what my team works on every day and we have to sift through lots of details to make sure we give money to people who are capable of being a good borrower. PLEASE DON”T BE LIKE UNCLE JOE ?? I’m sure we can work together to gather a few pieces of paper to make sure you are qualified to get the money for your home quickly and my team can get comfortable that it will all be repaid. The faster you are qualified and we get you approved, the sooner you can be Cleared-To-Close ??
What specific steps do you use to help your customers find the best home loan for them?
Like a pilot with a flight plan, there is a checklist that must be in order before the plane can take off. No one wants to fly in a plane with a pilot that skipped their pre-flight checklist. My team has a similar checklist to make sure your funding process is a smooth ride. You can submit your online application easily on your phone or computer through our secure TransferSafe portal which is available 24/7 for your convenience. We know you are busy so even you don't have time for a call, my team and I immediately start to review your request. We have over 30 programs for almost every scenario. I can help you with Construction Loans, Refinancing, New Home Purchase, Home Equity Lines, Foreign Nationals, Self-Employed, Stated Income loans… There are dozens of options to tailor the best solution for your needs. Ever hear of a Lender contributing up to 2% towards your closing costs... NO STRINGS ATTACHED? Lets see if you qualify! If you are approved for funding, you will have access to your personal online account 24/7 so you can see every step if your application in real time and pending items we need to help you. My Mortgage Consultant will also be in touch by phone and email to update you on the next steps towards your funding. If you are still shopping for a property, we added StreetEasy to your portal which has almost every property listing in New York. If you are outtside of New York, you can search the MLS system to choose your new home. We all want you Cleared-To-Close as soon as possible but it takes a few days to order your title report, appraisal, confirmation of funds needed to close and verification of the details on your online application. We are all busy making sure every aspect of your loan is completed so you are matched with the best financial options for your home. I hear a lot of times that the funding is ready faster that people expect and we are waiting on the buyer/sellers to get other affairs in order. We want you to have the money in place and focus on the other details of your home.
What are the top 3 misconceptions people have about the home loan process?
i love sharing the truth behind the top 3 misconceptions because it gives me a chance to tell borrowers about the insider hidden gems that no one ever shares. Information chases away fear. Let's erase what is holding you back from your new home! Myth #1 - All mortgages are the same We have over 30 funding programs that can be customized for your budget and needs. I work with programs that include interest only, Jumbo over $740,000, second mortgages over 90% LTV, multi-family 1-4 units, and of course regular conventional loans. Myth #2 - I don't have the $ for a Down payment I'm thrilled to bust this myth. Most renters fear they don't have enough saved up to get a house. Some loan programs such as the FHA allow you to put 3.5% down and also add seller credits towards closing costs. If you qualify, the VA allows 0% down. Once you submit your application to the GuaranteedRate Mobile app. I can double check if your package will let me add another 2 % towards your closing costs as win for being an amazing client. Myth #3 - You have to have perfect credit scores. Life has ups and downs and so does your credit score. We understand that there are borrowers with perfect credit so we match you will the best rates that you qualify for. There are some people who we may not be able to help but DON'T miss out on your new home for fear that your credit score isn't perfect. We can work magic but we can't promise miracles. Submit the application on the online portal and we can try to help you as we have for thousands of others.
What resources could you recommend that borrowers use to learn more about the mortgage process and how to ensure a successful home closing?
My team has put together a series of extremely helpful tools to make sure you get money for your home as quickly as possible. The secret to a successful home funding lies with excellent communication. You have full access to your loan progress online so you are always informed of the next step to move forward. Your emails and online portal will help you sleep well at night knowing that you are in good hands. PLEASE check your emails and respond to any requests right away. The smoothest deals have have been Cleared to Close in 2-3 weeks when everything was in order. I'm trying to beat the fastest time for all my clients.
What provides you with the most satisfaction in your job as a Loan Officer?
I fight the hardest for the people who are the backbone of our communities…. The teachers, firefighters, nurses, honorable men and women in the armed forces, civil service workers, and small business owners etc. They are the lifeblood behind the quality of life we all enjoy. While wealth and financial freedom are a part of the American dream, not everyone knows how to attain financial freedom. Sometimes the hardest workers are the ones that are the furthest away from becoming wealthy. I love helping more people become homeowners. As you build financial assets many doors open up. The best testimonials are from people who gain equity as their home appreciates or clients who used their home as collateral to start their dream business. With proper financial planning and my team on your side, a home can accelerate your dreams into reality.
Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
Over the past 20 years, I have volunteered to build homes in poor areas around the world. My most rewarding projects were in Belize, Ghana and Kenya where I led groups of US students to do hands-on building projects. I’ve done it all…. laying foundations and sheetrock, and even installed electrical and plumbing systems. Volunteering my time is rewarding on several levels because not everyone has a place to call home. I was a trained on Green Building techniques with a team of professional women. We installed energy saving projects for energy saving lighting fixtures in commercial buildings, solar panel installations, and even built furniture from reclaimed wood. I love helping homeowners and always put myself in their shoes. I understand what it takes for clients to make a house a home. I’ve done it all from the paperwork to the pavement. I oversee the details behind the funding process so you can focus on enjoying life in your new home.

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