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Ron Miller

Vice President of Mortgage Lending
750 Lexington Ave, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10022
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NMLS: 57931
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"Ron did an awesome job in getting me a high limit mortgage loan in this difficult market. My case was extremely difficult in that I am self-employed and required a stated income loan. He not only secured a large loan with great rates but did it under three weeks. So anybody that needs a loan from now on, I am directing them all to Ron. He really did a great job. Thanks again Ron."

Tony C.

"Ron is the most competent, effective and personable real estate broker I've ever dealt with. He's also proactive, calling whenever he sees any opportunity for me to refinance at a worthwhile lower rate, which means he's on top of his market, and he knows his clients well. I've recommended him to several colleagues, and would recommend him to anyone who's looking for a first class broker."

Thomas D.

"I have worked with Ron and his team over the past couple of months. He did an exceptional job in all facets of the process in my obtaining a mortgage. When issues arose, of which I ran into a few, he was able to quickly and easily diffuse them. He went above and beyond in many ways. I may not have been able to close on my house if it were not for Ron and the efforts he made to ensure that everything was in place. I would highly recommend his services."

Brian K.

"I worked with Ron on securing a mortgage last month. He made the process extremely painless. His knowledge of the industry was very helpful and his understanding of the mortgage application process made for a quick turnaround. I would recommend Ron to anyone I know that is purchasing or refinancing a home."

Mark B.

"Ron not only found two excellent deals for my loan refinancings, but he and his team did all the work for me other than make my mortgage payments. The refinancings just worked, no fuss, no muss, and no bother. He and his team are great people to work with."

Robert P.

"Ron provided fantastic service, rolled with the punches and thought out-of-the-box when necessary. I would use him again in a second!"

Laura G.

"I met Ron through a recommendation from a friend. I can say that we are still friends. Ron was hired to help me through the process of refinancing my home. He was professional and totally competent. Being a lazy individual, I had procrastinated for over two months. Ron came to my office and filled out all my paperwork. He made the process as easy and effortless as humanly possible. I would recommend Ron to anybody I know with full confidence."

Robert G.

"I had the pleasure of working with Ron on the refinancing of my home. Ron was extremely patient, diligent, responsive, proactive, and detail-oriented. He took a process that is often confusing and made it as clear and as straightforward as possible. Most importantly, he delivered - the process unfolded exactly as he predicted it would, and there were no surprises along the way. I recommend Ron's services wholeheartedly, and without reservation."

Todd S.

"I had the pleasure of working with Ron on the refinancing of my home. Ron was extremely patient, diligent, responsive, proactive, and detail-oriented. He took a process that is often confusing and made it as clear and as straightforward as possible. Most importantly, he delivered - the process unfolded exactly as he predicted it would, and there were no surprises along the way. I recommend Ron's services wholeheartedly, and without reservation." — Todd Stern, was Ron's client


"Ron worked on my refinancing, which was a jumbo mortgage on a Manhattan co-op. He is reliable, trustworthy and responsive. Our process went very smoothly and we are thrilled with the result. I would definitely recommend Ron."

Jonathan R.

"Having financed, and refinanced, several properties through the years, I highly recommend Ron. He is creative, efficient and professional - and offered a financial program we were not able to secure elsewhere. We could not be more pleased with the service he provided throughout the process and strongly recommend Ron and his team."

Ken M.

"Ron was great to work with. He provided us with options and was on top of everything at all times. He was ALWAYS available which worked well with my hectic schedule. I highly recommend Ron."

Mitchell E.

"My wife and I have worked with Ron on a number of refi's, and have found him to offer creative solutions in every instance. I would highly recommend working with him and would do so again myself."

Jean-Gabriel N.

"As a homeowner with a background in R.E. residential sales, I've never had a better experience than the one I just had working with Ron on my refinance. He collected everything necessary and packaged it all up for the lender. I have heard so many horror stories of mortgage applicants and the runaround they have gotten from their lenders. I experienced not one issue. Ron was with me every step of the way keeping me informed as to the progress of my application - right up until the day of...

Robin K.

"Ron made the impossible task of getting a mortgage an absolute breeze. He was extremely responsive to all my calls and emails and ended up getting me a phenomenal rate. I strongly recommend Ron to anyone in need of a Mortgage Broker. He started as my Mortgage guy and ended up my friend."

Gary L.

Over the past two years, and without any reluctance, I’ve referred to Ron many people looking for a mortgage. The feedback is always very positive and they remark at how simple Ron makes the entire process. At the end of February, I found this great condo purchase opportunity. Only hitch was I needed to close before a specific date. I knew within minutes of sitting down with Ron that he could deliver the financing I needed. I then executed the purchase contract, and I signed my mortgage...

Paul S.

"I hired Ron to help me refinance my mortgage. I had anticipated that the application process would be difficult, but Ron made it easy to navigate. He was diligent in making sure that I obtained the required documents and creative in his suggestions to resolve issues that arose. Ron's wonderful personality is a plus, and the process was a great experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Ron to anyone seeking a mortgage."

Steven P.

"Ron not only helped my family at one time with a difficult mortgage but he followed that with two refi's of equal difficulty. He pulled us through and made it happen, saving us a lot of money and headache. Not only is he a great businessman and financial/mortgage advisor, he is also a trusted friend as well."

Learan K.

"Ron knows his business. Everything he told me about refinancing came true. He knew even more than the Attorneys who closed my loan. He told me the process up front and during the loan application to get a mortgage. It is a long process especially in these tough financial times when banks don’t want to loan money. Ron is a great guy. If you want someone to navigate the loan process - someone who is honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable about getting a mortgage, he is your guy."

Alexander M.

"I highly recommend Ron Miller as a Mortgage Broker. Ron Delivered exactly what he promised. We got the mortagage we were looking for in the time Ron had said it would take. If you own a business, Ron is really the guy you want working on your mortgage. We heard time after time that because we owned a business and another house, we could not get a cash out refinance for a house we already owned. Ron knew it was complicated process and he advised us at every point what to expect. In the end...

John H.

"Once again Ron and his team have provided me with great service. I have used Ron and recommended him to my clients and each time the results were exactly as promised."

Jim M.

"Defining the term 'responsive, Ron Miller was immensely helpful in arranging mortgage financing for our new home. Especially given the tight time constraints we faced, we're grateful for his swift and capable execution of a complex financing that miraculously spanned less than two weeks from application to commitment. It's unlikely anyone could find a more reliable, punctual and hard-working person in the business. We'd be remiss if we kept him a secret. We recommend him wholeheartedly."

Todd C.

"I recently turned to Ron for my home mortgage needs. The experience was exceptional. From start to finish, Ron was there every step of the way and made a complicated process stress free. Thanks Ron!"

Michael K.

"Ron Miller is the patron saint of our new apartment. He is the only person that could have gotten us a mortgage - (and at 4.1%!). We just moved into our dream apartment and we have Ron and his dedicated teammate Steven Dosttur to thank for their attention to detail, expertise, and creativity. Ron is an absolute pro, great with people who are self-employed or freelancers who don't have the traditional salary structure. We had a blend of traditional and freelance and Ron made it all work - in a...

Jeffrey G.

"I had a very good experience working with Ron and would not hesitate to recommend him. He showed integrity and was straightforward all the way through the process. He was patient and I never felt he was pushing me into anything I was not comfortable with. When I am shopping for a mortgage in the future – I will certainly work with Ron."

David O.

"Once again, Ron has made the mortgage process well worth my time. Ron was able to secure a fantastic rate, and made sure the process moved efficiently. I have worked with Ron several times over the years, and I highly recommend speaking with him if you are considering a mortgage."

Larry N.

"Ron took me through a long process with little effort on my part and maximum benefit. I recently closed on a Jumbo ARM that dropped my rate by 1.5 points - a considerable savings for my Family. I recommend Ron as a Mortgage Broker for whatever your needs may be."

Alec S.

"I recently refinanced my home - and Ron and his team did an anazing job! It was the easiest process I have ever experienced. Ron and his team were clear on the information they needed to secure the loan. Once I provided all the information, the process was quick and painless. I will continue to recomend Ron and his team to my clients and colleagues. Thanks Ron!"

JoAnne G.

"Ron did a fantastic job with my home refinancing. He was able to accomplish multiple business needs plus save me a considerable amount of money. I appreciate his creativity and attention to detail. I highly recommend Ron!"

Charles H.

"The successful results we've experienced...both times...are no accident. Your ability to get the job done in both good and challenging times are the result of being on top of your game."

Paul P.

"Ron got a great rate for us. He was helpful and considerate every step of the way. I would highly recommend him."

Mitchell P.

"Ron delivered on the loan just as he had described. He made the process as smooth and non-intrusive as possible. A real pleasure to deal with Ron on a business and personal level. I would recommend him highly!"

Vipan S.

"I requested Ron for his refinancing expertise. I wasn't going to proceed down this long road at all if it weren't for the confidence I had in him to get the job done. From the first time I spoke with him, I knew he was not only an expert, but had the resources and the talent to get the best rate in the industry. Ron returned calls and emails over the weekend, at night, and typically within a moment's notice. Ron's professionalism, genuine care, experience, and support rival any other...

Joe S.

"We hired Ron and his company to handle our most recent mortgage refinance. Not only was he able to secure a great rate for us, but he and his company were professional throughout and made the entire process go smoothly and without any difficulties. In addition, Ron was able to secure an extension of our lock period (without fee) after we could not close by our original deadline because of Super Storm Sandy. I highly recommend Ron and his team and would not hesitate to recommend him to...

David C.

"We refinanced our mortgage late last year. Ron monitored the markets for us, letting us know the right time to execute. He explained the options clearly and came through with a great rate and a relatively easy process."

Rita R.

"I recently used Ron as my mortgage broker in a complex situation. Ron told me exactly what was going to happen and what he needed from me on the first call and delivered on all expectations. He's readily available and acted as a full-service consultant for me throughout the process which maximized my deal and my time. I recommend Ron highly."

Rich A.

"Ron made our refinance experience a pleasure. He is very easy to talk to about any unique situations you may have, is patient, and got us a great loan at a great rate! He was recommended by my neighbor and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage."

Kellie H.

"No one knows how to navigate today's increasingly stringent mortgage market better than Ron. We refinanced our home with him a few years back. A year later, with nothing in it for him other than goodwill, he let us know that our bank was offering a loan modification program that would allow us to reduce our rate without refinancing - which we took advantage of. When we went to refinance again earlier this year, there was never a question that we would turn to Ron for his expert advice and...

Lisa R.

"Ron and his team were excellent to work with. He secured us an incredible mortgage rate, and kept his eye on rising rates to ensure that we locked and closed in the most favorable terms. Ron was able to get better rates then 3 direct lenders. As impressive as the result was, it was also great to work with him. Ron was responsive, direct, honest, easy to get a hold of, and made the home buying experience easy. I would certainly recommend Ron to anyone buying a home or looking to refinance."

Matthew O.

"I have done business with Ron Miller for over 18 years most recently in a complex home refinancing. With his deep expertise, Ron can help you navigate the treacherous mortgage and refinancing jungle and come out the other side safe, sound and smiling."

Rob B.

"Ron works for you as if it's his own money being spent. He is knowledgeable, resourceful, and he earned our trust. Ron delivered for us most recently a loan re-fi. He's also one of the most personable service professionals I know."

Craig S.

About Ron

"Mortgage Financing Made Simple"

With over 12 years of experience in mortgage banking, Ron Miller is an expert in residential mortgage financing for all property types, including single & multi-family residences, townhomes, condos, co-ops, condops, condotels, new developments, new construction and conversions.

A key differentiating specialty is Ron’s expertise in helping the self-employed obtain mortgages with the best rates and parameters. Ron has many pleased self-employed clients who could not get financing through other mortgage sources.

Ron's core business partners include real estate agents, attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, and of course, his past clients. In fact, most of his business comes from referrals from past clients. Simply put, Ron is very much a people person - he likes to say "he collects people". He really enjoys meeting new people and making an impact in their lives. He keeps it simple and that is how his business grows.

"Mortgage Financing Made Simple" is a tag line Ron has used for years as it describes exactly how he helps his clients. He and his team will simplify the process, do the work so you don’t have to - and then they...get it done! It is not an easy process, but he does all he can to make it as simple as it can be for his clients.

Based in our Midtown office at 750 Lexington Avenue, Ron’s goal is to delight his clients. This enables him to focus on building his business around the people he knows and through the people they know.

Ron lives in Manhattan with his wife and twin children. He is often busy on the weekends with their busy schedule but, when he can, he enjoys running in NYRR races and playing golf.


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