Samantha Plake

Vice President of Mortgage Lending
18383 Preston Rd, Ste 420, Dallas, TX 75252
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NMLS: 972631
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Just closed on my first house last Friday. Thanks to Samantha Blake! She is very professional as well as helpful. Patiently, she walked me through every single step during the process and clearly explained all my concerns. The loan took less than 3 weeks to be completed. Very satisfied with Guaranteed Rate. Highly recommended! Thanks again!

An D. - March | 2018

Thank you Anju Shakya and Samantha Plake for helping us obtain the fund to purchase this house for my brother. I know this is his dream to finally own a house. We appreciate everything that y'all have done with the last minutes changes from the seller and their broker as well as the title company. Y'all have gained a happy customer and we will recommend your services to others.

Phuc H. - April | 2017

Samantha and her team are the best! I truly appreciate your outstanding support. Thank you all very much.

Phuony N. | 4/6/2017

Samantha and her team were very responsive and patience with me. They were on top of everything the whole process was extremely smooth.

Khoi P. | 10/28/2016

Very responsible. Well-prepared for the final processes. Very reliable. Highly recommend. Would like to work with these loan officers again. Thank you so much guys!

Hung N. -8/4/2016

Samantha Plake is very prompt, professional, and accurate. She is always available when I have questions. No hidden fees. Thanks for assisting us to get the first home. I am very happy and satisfied with Samantha's work.

Hanna H. – 4/15/2016

I like how loan review are quick and cone out of underwriting within 24-48hrs. Thanks!

Yen T. – 2/10/2016

My experience working w/ Guaranteed Rate mortgage loan team, especially w/ Samantha Plake, was filled w/ lots of satisfactions. They were very knowledgeable and responsive to all of my questions. But what impresses me the most was their extreme patience, even after on several occasions I didn't have the opportunity to promptly respond to their document needs. They still maintained their courtesy and professionalism. Thank you very much for helping me and my family consolidating our loans and be...

Dzung V. – 3/4/2016


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Samantha interview Q&A

How long have you been in the mortgage business and what inspired you to get into it?
I have been in the industry since 09/2012. Since I am fluent in Vietnamese, I thought it would be great if I serve my community who does not speak English fluently and help educate my customers to understand the financing process. I take my time to understand my client’s situations and advise them accordingly.
Who is your typical customer and what questions do they typically have?
Vietnamese clients account for 80% of my business. They need me to hold their hands in every single step of the financing process. For example, how much should I put down? What steps are next after the loan application is signed.
What specific steps do you use to help your customers find the best home loan for them?
I usually ask about what their financial goals are to determine which term and loan type is appropriate for them
How long have you been in the mortgage business? What awards have you won?
I have been in the mortgage industry for 4 years.
Tell us about a mortgage product that consumers may not be aware of?
Some think FHA is a perfect loan for everybody, but it is not as favorable as it used to be. It’s not one size fits all. One needs to talk to the LO and have him/her consult to see which mortgage product will fit them more.
What 2 or 3 mobile apps would you recommend for home buyers or house hunters, and why? What Smart Apps do you recommend your customers use for the house hunting process?
Definitely GR app
What can borrowers do to insure a smooth mortgage underwriting process?
Provide a complete income docs to the LO upfront to do a thorough pre-approval process. This will eliminate half of the problem when the loan goes through UW. During the underwriting process, please avoid opening new trade lines which can cause the loan to be delayed or even denied.
Summary of where you grew up: family, affiliations, college, high school, etc.
I was born and raised in Vietnam. I came to the States to pursue my Master’s Degree, and graduated in 2011 with a Master’s Degree in Finance which has helped me tremendously in my mortgage career as a Loan Originator.
What do you enjoy doing most in your spare time when you are not helping people with their home loans?
Outdoor activities are the heart of my family/ cooking for my family/working out
Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
I am a distance runner. I have done a few half marathons and the Dallas marathon in 2012 when I was pregnant with my first born. I was also a pace leader with the DRC Spring 2013. Besides working out, I enjoy spending time with my family.

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