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Shelly Ave

Vice President of Mortgage Lending
320 W. Ohio St, Ste 410, Chicago, IL 60654
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NMLS: 1275220
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Shelley Ave had great follow up and reached out to me to explain the process as we moved along, which to me as a first time home buyer was very important. I will definitely work with Shelley again.

Dina M 7/14/2017

Shelly did a stellar job with a client that had some unique challenges. She actually came up with a couple of different options, giving the buyer a choice they were comfortable with. Shelly was great keeping us up-to-date during the entire process, and always responsive with any questions, concerns, etc.

John S. July 2017

Shelly was amazing! She walked me thru the whole thing and had a very fast turn around and got to the closing date with no huge problems or surprises.

Christian S. - 5/2/2017

Shelly provided superior service to us during our loan process. We definitely will be working with her for future projects.

Damien T. - 4/20/2017

Shelly Ave and her team are absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!

Melanie M. - 4/17/2017

Shelly Ave was outstanding and made this process go smoothly. She was not only extremely professional and helpful but sincere and compassionate. She made me feel that she genuinely cared about my situation not to mention the fact that she was available to answer questions at anytime of the night and day.

Michele R. | April 2017

This was a very easy process, I work a freelance job with lots of travel and no office. I like to joke with my friends that I bought this house with my phone. But really except for the initial upload of financial documents and the signings at the close I really DID! Everyone was very available by phone and email and the whole experience was very positive! Thanks Shelly and Guaranteed Rate!

Christopher H. | January 2017

Shelly walked me through every step and answered all my questions. She was very pleasant and timely to work with. I was surprised how easy the whole process was for me, the uploadable check list was a snap.

Rachel S. - 01/09/2017

Shelly was wonderful. She and her team stuck with us through everything we had to do to get all the way to closing. It was such a wonderful experience.

Kevin J. - 09/12/2016

Shelly and her team (Christen and Liz) were wonderful. She gave her all to my loan. I greatly appreciated her dedication to her work. I was impressed with her professionalism and knowledge. The minute I spoke to her, I knew she was the one who could get it done. Even with a few speed bumps, she always found a way. Thank you for having such amazing people to deal with.

Andrea V. - 07/15/2016

I loved how proactive she is during the process. She is thorough and covers everything that may or may not come up. She clearly takes great pride in what she does for a living. She doesn't take no for an answer, and always finds a way. I was impressed with her dedication. I highly recommend her!!

Andrea V. - 07/20/2016

Shelly was great!!

Jamsheed A. 4/27/2016

I would use Guaranteed Rate again since it was a great team led by Shelly Ave!

Abhinav B. 04/16/2016

Shelly and her team were not only extremely professional but were understanding and flexible to my schedule and needs during this process. Refinancing can be challenging and confusing but Shelly took the time to explain everything to me - which put me at ease. I have already recommended Shelly to 2 of my friends. Congratulations to Guaranteed Rate for having such a great representation of your organization in Shelly.

Lynda R. 04/01/2016

Shelly Ave is a miracle worker. She got my very difficult loan closed on time & really held my hand the whole way through. Her team was also really on top of getting everything collected and reviewed and done extremely swiftly. I learned so much through the process & am extremely grateful I found Shelly and her team. There is no way my loan would have closed on time with anyone else. I will definitely be working with Shelly again in the future & I send her and her team many thanks & much...

Sarah G. 03/29/2016

This review is for Shelly Ave. I had a situation where I was not told upfront (after several weeks) about a building being "non warrant able". So Fannie Mae/Sallie Mae did not want to touch that and grant me a loan. Explaining my situation, Shelly was on it, made some calls, shot emails and got back to me in a quick amount of time. While I was not able to secure a lender since no one wanted to touch this "non warrant able building" unless I had 20% down, I appreciated her effort and promptness...

Jeff D. 9/14/2015

Shelly and her team are the best thing EVER! This was my first home purchase and she explained everything to me and in great detail! She is always available and is so responsive. Shelly is a straight forward and tells you what to expect and what you should do because the loan approval process is quite extensive. Shelly made this so easy for me. HIGHLY Recommend.

Happy first time home buyer! Dec 23, 2015

About Shelly

I believe what makes you successful in life is to find something that you love to do and then offer it to others. My 20 years of offering honest, transparent and thoughtful service to my clients is reflective of my success. My team has originated more than $500 million in loans over the years and our key to success is knowing that behind every set of numbers is a real human being trying to improve their life.

I grew up in Anderson, Indiana as the middle of three daughters and graduated from Indiana University. It was during my college years when I learned the value of creative problem solving - a skill I consider critical with my position at Guaranteed Rate. Every person I work with has very unique circumstances and this is not a "one size fits all" mortgage world that we live in.

When I am not "creative problem solving" for my clients, you can find me taking a stroll on the north side of Chicago with my 175 lb Mastiff "Big Ike", cheering for the Chicago Cubs, watching college football, running along the lakefront and hosting BBQ's for my family and friends in my backyard.

Shelly interview Q&A

Who is your typical customer and what questions do they typically have?
I do not believe there is a "typical customer" - everyone is SO different and their requirements are very unique. Every client is concerned with interest rate, monthly payment and "what will you need from me?". The mortgage process can feel very invasive to a borrower, so it is important to communicate to them up front what we will be asking for and WHY we are asking for certain documents. I always tell my customers, "the mortgage process is like court... it only matters what you can prove.".... and when they realize that, they become less resistant to the process.
What advice would you give new or first time home buyers?
Find real estate & mortgage professionals that you trust.... ones that truly "get" you, understand your personal circumstance and respond to your calls and emails swiftly. Take notes..... document conversations so that you have a history to refer to. This process can be overwhelming so find a team that will be patient to take you through step-by-step. And keep your sense of humor... you will need it. ;-)
What can borrowers do to insure a smooth mortgage underwriting process?
BE TRANSPARENT TO YOUR LOAN OFFICER! During the mortgage process, your loan officer is kind of like your "financial therapist". They can only get you the loan you need if they know EVERYTHING about your financial circumstances. It is a completely confidential process so feel comfortable to lay all your cards on the table... it's the best way to ensure no surprises during the underwriting process.
What provides you with the most satisfaction in your job as a Loan Officer?
Because I understand personally the profound impact that home ownership has in our lives, it motivates me with every file to help others achieve the same.
Tell us something that makes you unique or something wacky, yet interesting about you?
I attended Highland High School in Anderson, IN. We were the ýHighland Scotsý. As a majorette, I twirled a (real) sword and I also did the Highland Fling and the Highland Sword Dance.

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