Tom Pessemier

Vice President of Mortgage Lending
6371 Business Blvd, Suite 102, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34240
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NMLS: 117989
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Delightful, reassuring, easy communication that was much appreciated and NEEDED for this first (and last!) time home buyer!!! I was rather anxious about going through the entire process, but they walked me through every single step, figuratively holding my hand through all my panic attacks! Highly recommend!!!!! Especially Tom Pessemier and Brooke Mavronicles.

Marci F. | July 2018

Tom and his team were extremely helpful and made things as easy as could be. Prompt follow-up on all questions and constant communication all the way through. Thanks again!

Ryan D. | July 2018

Tom Pessemier was a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to recommending him to family and friends.

Russell B. | May 2018

Tom Pessemier is the best in the business and I'm very thankful to have him on my side. Tom is very professional and helpful and ensures a smooth and quick closing. Love that he can facilitate my refinance even though I live in Washington. His team was very helpful and I loved using docusign and transfersafe. The entire process was seamless and easy!!

Angela A.- North Port,FL | JUN 2016

Tom Pessemier made my loan process so enjoyable! He went above and beyond helping me out, being a first time homeowner, there were quite a few things I needed explained to me and Tom was a great help!

Kayleen D.- Manassas,VA | JUN 2016

Tom's team closed our condo loan very quickly and was very responsive at every step of the process. They went above and beyond expectations. To expedite things, Tom was in constant contact with the HOA, Realtors and Insurance agents to make sure we closed on time.

anthony g. - Kirkland, WA | Jan. 2016

I really loved the service given to us by Tom Pessemier. He is very competent, enthusiastic, kind-hearted and professional; and he took the time to answer all my questions in a patient manner. He always made me feel good and uplifted and helped me understand everything. He has excellent communication skills and also he accomplished the loan in a very quick and timely manner, making it easy on me. Thanks Tom

Stacy B.

I was impressed at how Tom was a great communicator. In my business communication is key, and Tom has it down to a science.

Ann S.

If you need a mortgage broker Tom is the BEST! He was able to get us a refi when nobody else could! He works VERY hard for his clients. Give Tom a try you won't be disappointed!

Cara M.

I have worked with Tom on many complex projects. He has always come through with the utmost focus on professionalism and integrity. Tom's years in the business and knowledge make him my first choice when choosing a mortgage consultant. "There is no substitute for experience." I highly recommend Tom. Top qualities: Great Results , Expert

Garrett P.

Tom is a passionate person who believes in providing the best mortgage advice for his customers. He does not give up on any task or challenge put before him and demands results from himself and his support staff. It was a true pleasure to have worked with Tom and would highly recommend him to anyone that is seeking a mortgage.

Chris R.

We have always been able to depend on Tom for honest information and assistance. He is the only mortgage person to whom we would refer friends and family. His professionalism was outstanding in his work with us on a mortgage and a refinance.

Judy N.

I went to Tom years back and wasn't able to do anything. He gave me some ideas to work on, and I worked hard to accomplish them. I then touched down with Tom, and we were able to get the job done. Thanks to Tom and all.

Jeremy S.

Tom is an example of true leadership in action; not seeking merely to gain followers, but also working hard to cultivate other leaders.

Hilda P.

Tom inspires people to follow their dreams. He supports and believes in healthy families and communities. Tom is a lifelong friend. Thank you Tom for your example and kindness.

Corrie B.

Tom and his team were great all the way through the process. He was more than willing to answer any questions I had and was quick to respond. I never thought I would be able to buy a home, but Tom found the right program for me and made sure I did not buy more than my budget would allow. I would highly recommend giving Tom a call. Thanks again Tom!

Eric C.

Tom and his team did a fantastic job for us. I can't overstate how quick and painless the entire process was.

Steve W.

Tom and Team treated us like family. Best service ever!! Thank you Tom Pessemier, and your team.

Corena M.

Tom is a master of this. I really appreciated his efforts and counsel. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone.

Roger N.

I just wanted to take a moment and say 'Thank You'. Thank you for being genuine and honest. Thank you for being knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you for your time and your clear explanations. I am always eager to pass out your cards! It feels like you always have my back and give me great advice to avoid trouble and overstepping into the financial world, something I am MORE THAN HAPPY to leave to the professionals, like you. You've set the standards kinda high for other mortgage professionals...

Shilo C.

Tom and his team, are just fantastic throughout the pre-approval, house hunting, underwriting, approval, escrow, and closing processes. Tom takes time to educate clients about the mortgage lending application process and beyond. He is actually a very good teacher! He is very knowledgeable and willing to help out as much as he can in order to make the process as easy as possible. I strongly recommend Tom Pessemier without reservation.

Sonya O.

Tom is a superstar loan officer. No joke. I'm the third of my siblings to utilize his services in purchasing a home. My brother and sister were also pleased with his work. He was tracking the current news on the Fed's decision to pull out of mortgage backed bond purchasing and let me know that we needed to lock if we wanted to avoid what would inevitably be a rate increase. I took his advice, we locked, and we saved. If you want someone that will go the extra mile for you, Tom Pessemier is the...

Christian S.

Tom and his Team are thorough and professional. They are patient, and took time to go through all questions.

Stephen and Jamie M.

About Tom

Tom Pessemier’s business flourishes because his clients and business partners know they can always bank on Tom and his team to get the job done – and done well. “Most of my business comes by way of referral from my past clients, Realtors, Financial Planners, CPA’s, Attorneys, local small business owners, friends and family. Even though I’ve received hundreds of referrals over the years, every time I get a call with the name and number of someone who needs my help, I still feel so grateful for the chance to make a positive difference in that person’s life – and for the trust of the person who put their name on my service. I will never take that lightly.” HISTORY: Tom currently resides in Sarasota, Florida with his wife of 18 years, Christy, their two daughters Eleni & Natalia – and their family dog – Scout. Tom had previously been a lifetime resident of the Seattle area in Western Washington State. He grew up on Clear Lake in Eatonville, Washington, near the foothills of Mt. Rainier; and spent most of his summers waterskiing and building treehouses with friends. “We love living in Southwest Florida – and we love Washington State as well. We get back as often as possible to visit our family and close friends. I grew up there, and have many fond memories of camping trips, mountain hikes, bike riding, and exploring – now, we enjoy many of those wonderful outdoor activities, but the mountains have been replaced with warm water, white sand beaches. There’s still nothing like roasting marshmallows in our backyard on a nice summer night! In my spare time, I also enjoy fishing. I just need to get better at the catching part…” SERVICE With a background in restaurant management, Tom understands service and hospitality. Tom started working for his Dad at their family restaurant, the Brown Cow Drive-In, when he was 14 years old. “I begged my dad for a job at his restaurant when I was just 14 years old, and he hired me – but it wasn’t without warning that my employment was conditional on performance!. That’s where I learned to love work. My job description is now a lot different than it was at that time, but I still love helping people as much as I did back then. Now, I get to help people purchase and refinance homes. The sense of accomplishment I feel is overwhelming sometimes, knowing that getting the job done is attached to a place where people live; and the people I work with might as well be family .” EXPERIENCE Tom began his career in the mortgage business in May of 2003, as an Account Executive for a large nationwide mortgage company. He later earned his Washington State Mortgage Broker License, and opened a mortgage office in Puyallup, WA. When Tom joined Guaranteed Rate, it was to provide more options to his clients. RESOURCES Tom is well connected in his community. “One thing I find very rewarding about helping people finance real estate, is also having opportunities to experience other service-related businesses in action. I get to see from the inside how these services are done and who does them best. From Dog Trainers to Financial Planners, to Attorneys and Accountants; I know and work with the best of them – and am always more than happy to make introductions.” TRUST “For five straight generations now, my family has owned small and large businesses. While I was growing up, finding resources and solving peoples’ problems ethically was how I was taught to do life. To me, TRUST IS EVERYTHING. In life, as well as in business, my goal every day is to be worthy of the trust the people I am surrounded by place in me. If you know someone I can help, please feel free to introduce me to them. I'll take excellent care of them for you.” Sincerely, Tom Pessemier


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