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LenderRatePoints in $FeesFees TotalAPR
Guaranteed Rate 4.500% $0 $1,690 $1,690 4.548%
Bank of America 4.375% $1,857 $4,879 $6,736 4.564%
US Bank 4.500% $0 $2,609 $2,609 4.574%
Rates current as of 04/24/18, 1:06PM. Compared with Guaranteed Rate's zero points option. Rates may vary by state. Please see Assumptions for more details.

What Is A Mortgage Rate?

A mortgage rate is the interest rate on your home loan. There are many factors that go into deciding what your interest rate will be when securing a mortgage including inflation, the Federal Reserve, the yield on the 10 year treasury note, your credit score and the mortgage company’s specific fees.

How is the Interest Rate Different from the Annual Percentage Rate (APR)?

The interest rate is the rate on the loan itself and does not take into account closing costs. The APR is the interest rate with the closing costs or closing credits accounted in it. The APR provides a more “apple-to-apples” comparison across loans, as long as the same types of costs are included in each home loan.

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Why Guaranteed Rate?

Guaranteed Rate was founded on the idea of making the mortgage process easier while bringing savings to homebuyers from application to closing. We really pride ourselves on bringing low mortgage rates and low fees to our customers – after all, the less you spend on your mortgage, the more you can spend on other important things in your life.

By simplifying the mortgage process, we’ve been able to find ways to keep the mortgage rates we offer lower than our competitors. And we’re so sure about our low rates that not only do we post a live comparison of our mortgage rates versus our competitors – we even named our company after it.