Guaranteed Rate Leads Mortgage Executive Magazine’s Top Loan Originators List

Guaranteed Rate, the eighth largest retail mortgage lender in the nation, congratulates its 37 loan originators named to Mortgage Executive Magazine’s annual list of the “Top 200 Mortgage Originators in America.” This is the fifth consecutive year that Guaranteed Rate tops the list with the most originators of any bank or mortgage company. Additionally, 99 Guaranteed Rate originators appeared on the magazine’s Top 1% Mortgage Originators List.

"Every day I’m blown away by the dedication of our originators and their spectacular work on behalf of our customers,” said Victor Ciardelli, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Guaranteed Rate. “Each one goes above and beyond to be an expert in the mortgage industry and excel in customer service. We started this company with the intention of working with the ‘best of the best’ and the loan originators on this list reflect our success in achieving that goal. They each use the cutting-edge technology the company offers to make the loan process easier and more transparent for those seeking home loans from Guaranteed Rate.”

 Guaranteed Rate placed four more loan originators in the Top 200 ranking than the previous year, due to the company’s rapid growth and innovative model. The company’s loan originators take advantage of a unique sales driven workflow, cutting-edge mortgage technology, sales coaching and marketing tools to grow their business. Guaranteed Rate loan originators listed in the Mortgage Executive Magazine Top 200 for 2016, by ranking, are:


3. Shant Banosian

31. Patrick Ruffner

82. Drew Boland

138. Jonathan Lamkin

5. Ben Cohen

33. John Noldan

84. Dean Vlamis

143. Roger Brasil

9. Joe Caltabiano

41. Craig Stelzer

86. Mike Nielsen

150. Michele Stanisch

13. Indy Johar

43. Allyson Kreycik

91. JD Cortese

151. Rick Scherer

15. Andrew Marquis

46. Dianne Crosby

98. Christina L. Trethewey

162. Rich Clayton

18. Ben Anderson

57. Joseph Smith

113. Sam Batayneh

164. Adam Slack

19. Shimmy Braun

64. Dan Gjeldum

116. Michael  Murgatroy

167. Ron Erdmann

22. Brian Decker

66. Ryan Mecum

120. Joseph McBreen


25. Tom  Lavallee

78. Christin Luckman

124. Rusty O’Dowd


27. Sam Sharp

81. Brian R. Jessen

133. Michelle Bobart


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