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  • 10 Reasons for Buying a New Home vs. a Resale House

    With today’s existing homes market bloated with foreclosures and older homes, a new home may be less appealing when comparing the price tags. But whether you’re a first-time home buyer, or looking to invest, there are ten big reasons why you may want to consider purchasing a new home instead:

    1. Buying a better product for your money
    2. New homes are designed for modern living. They utilize space better and have newer amenities (aka: big closets!)
    3. Long-Term Efficiency
    4. Follow New Building Codes
    5. Energy Efficient
    6. Green Appliances
    7. Fire-Safety Features built in
    8. Reasons 3-7 will make the home worth more in the future
    9. No repairs necessary
    10. Less maintenance down the road

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    Dec 2 2011