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  • How to Add Pattern To Your Home Décor

    By: Nicole Gates

    Once you’ve bought a home, the next part to homeownership is making it feel like your home. Choosing the right colors andAdding Pattern To Home Decor mood for each room can be a large task. By adding pattern to your décor, you can make your home feel more lived in while still allowing you to have a polished look. But patterns can be tricky, so here are 6 ways to mix and match like a pro:

    1. Mix Shades of One Color
    When choosing patterns, try to stick with the same shade of color. That way, you can experiment with different patterns in one room without it looking too crazy.
    2. Build Upon a Bold Pattern
    If you’re stuck on where to start, choose one bold pattern in a room and build off that, such as a striped floor or wall. Then begin to layer the room with more patterns, keeping everything in the same color scheme.
    3. Balance Scale
    In addition to keeping patterns in the same color scheme, you should also make sure they compliment each other. If you have one bold pattern, make sure the other isn’t as busy. For example, use a simple pattern on your floor to compliment a busy patterned couch.
    4. Soften Prints with Solids
    If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed with patterns, try to soften their effect by interspersing solid colors amongst them, such as cushions, couches or a rug.
    5. Don’t Over Coordinate
    While you should keep everything in the same color scheme, you should also stay away from being too matchy-matchy. Try to throw in something that you don’t think goes with the décor to throw it off a bit.
    6. Blend Similar Patterns
    If you’re nervous about adding patterns, start off with just one. Use a similar pattern throughout the room, varying it’s scale from object to object.

    Do you use pattern to decorate your home? Do you like pattern or no in a home décor?

    Sep 27 2012