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  • Best Areas To Get A Home Bargain

    The housing industry is showing great signs of improvements. With home prices increasing and stories of bidding wars takingBest Areas To Get a Home Bargain place, sellers sure should feel like they're in a good situation. However, buyers still are in the driving seat in many places around the country.

    Zillow decided to find the best areas for home buyers to buy a home for a bargain by looking at the percent of listing price cuts, the median price cut, foreclosure resales and the difference between the final list price and final sales price in areas across the United States. Here are the top five areas where you can still get a bargain for a home:

    1. Rockford, IL
    2. Punta Gorda, FL
    3. Cleveland, OH
    4. Chicago, IL
    5. New Haven, CT

    Did your town make the cut? What areas did Zillow miss?

    May 31 2012