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    At Guaranteed Rate, we want to provide you with unique ways to save. One of the most common solutions is cutting out unnecessary purchases that add up, such as a daily coffee. However, what about your cable? Thanks to the internet and streaming devices, cable and satellite are becoming unnecessary purchases. Here are a few alternatives to a costly cable bill.

    87% of US households now subscribe to a “multi-channel video service” usually through cable or satellite. However, via the internet, viewers can still watch a majority of the same shows for free or for a fraction of your cable costs. And you don’t even have to sit at your computer to do it. Devices such as Apple TV boxes ($99), Roku boxes ($60–$100), Boxee ($200) and most gaming devices (Playstation 3, Wii, Xbox 360) allow you to stream shows from online to your TV.

    If you want to make the switch, first find out what you do get for free through your local broadcast. Visit and put in your address. There, they’ll tell you what you get for free with what kind of antenna. Then go buy the antenna that fits your needs; they tend to vary between $30 and $150.

    Next, check out Hulu. Hulu is a website that partners with many networks and cable channels to provide viewers with free television shows. Most primetime shows come free on Hulu, but there are a few catches. You can only view the most current five episodes in a series and premium cable channel shows usually aren’t free. However, for $7.99 a month, you can have Hulu Plus which provides you with full seasons of shows and allows you to stream the shows to your television through game consoles and other streaming boxes.

    Alternatives to Hulu include, but aren’t limited to, both Netflix and ITunes. Netflix allows you endless live streaming from their website for a monthly fee and you can also have DVDs mailed to you for a separate fee. Through ITunes, you can rent single episodes of a series for 99 cents or purchase full seasons. Sports fanatic? Catch most home games through your local broadcast or check out which streams live broadcasts of a majority of professional and college sports teams.

    So no matter what your taste in TV, choose to save some money and make the switch!

    Sep 23 2011