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  • The Four Most Common Refinancing Mistakes To Avoid

    By: Nicole Gates

    If you're like many homeowners out there, you may be thinking about taking advantage of the low mortgage rates out there and refinance your home loan. If so, make sure you avoid these four common mistakes refinancers make:  

    Stress Free Refinancing1. Refinancing When You Shouldn’t

    Maybe your neighbor told you about the amazing low rate they refinanced with, or the news you’re seeing on our Facebook and Twitter is just making you anxious to join the party. Before you jump the gun, do some homework and make sure it’s the right move. Figure out the breakeven point for when savings outweighs the cost of refinancing. More importantly, determine how long you plan to stay in your current home – it’s usually a mistake to refinance on a home you’re not planning on staying in for several years.

    2. Choosing the Wrong Loan Type
    After you figured out you want to refinance, take time to establish what your objective is. Do you want to lower your overall payment regardless of the length of the loan? Do you want to be debt-free by a certain year? Consider the cost of the refinance in comparison to the financial benefits – is it worth it? Once you’ve answered these questions, talk to one of our loan officers to hear what type of loan will help you accomplish your goals.

    3. Not Knowing Your Real Rates
    When you’re looking at rates, make sure you’re comparing your APR (annual percentage rate) to know what your true rate will be. Check out our website to see a comparison of rates from various lenders to see which lender offers you the best rate.

    4. Not Keeping Up With Your Borrower Responsibilities
    As your lender, you rely heavily on us; however there are some obligations you have to take care of on your own. Make sure you have decent credit and avoid taking on any more debt, even after the refinance has been approved. Also, to make sure you get that low rate you worked so hard to find, check your lock-in dates so that you secure that interest rate, and make sure you turn in all documentation that’s needed as soon as it’s requested so you don’t delay your closing date, jeopardizing your interest rate. 


    Oct 8 2012