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  • Guaranteed Rate's Core Values

    Here at Guaranteed Rate, we strive for the industry leading value proposition for our loan officers, our referral sources and our customers:

    Put the Customer First
    At Guaranteed Rate a satisfied customer is one who would refer us to friends and family. We win the trust and the business of our customers through a genuine desire to serve them.

    Work with the Best of the Best
    We built our company by focusing on the best of the best. High performing individuals and organizations have a multiplying effect on results and so we are selective about who we work with. We work hard to support and improve the relationships we have with our employees and partners.

    Demand Excellence
    We have a high standard for the quality of our work. When we do our jobs well this business is easy; our loan officers are thrilled, our referral partners are happy, and our customers keep coming back. We pride ourselves on excellent work!

    Hold Self and Others Accountable
    We hold ourselves and others accountable for high quality work and meeting commitments made. We admit our mistakes, seek transparency, and embrace constructive conflict and criticism in order to learn and grow.

    We work as though we own the company and we focus on the whole. We don’t say, “that’s not my job”. We have a commitment to sustainability and growth. We run this business as if it is a marathon, not a sprint, never sacrificing long-term health for short-term gains.

    We spend on what matters to our customers and we limit the rest. Low rates can only be accomplished through being financially disciplined. Frugality is a constraint that forces us to be inventive and have a culture of self-sufficiency.

    Bias to Action
    Quick delivery is important for our customers and our bottom line. We move fast and we limit risk. We make tough decisions without agonizing over them. We don’t give in to “analysis paralysis”. We strive to create an environment that fosters a strong bias to action. We work to reduce bureaucracy, formality and fear of failure.

    Healthy, Balanced and Fun
    Delivering results is best achieved by energetic & healthy individuals who love their jobs, have good relationships with co-workers and have balanced lives. We also believe that part of being a healthy and balanced individual is giving back and making a difference for others outside the company through charity.

    Think Big and Solve Problems
    We are bold in our ideas and we challenge the status quo. When confronted with a problem we turn lemons into lemonade. When others are pessimistic and don’t see a way forward we find a way to crush roadblocks.

    Deliver Results
    We overcome obstacles, solve problems and produce results for the business. We don’t spend time thinking about the past, lack of resources, external issues or other reasons why we can’t deliver. If those problems exist, we own them and find ways to grind it out and deliver.

    Aug 27 2014