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  • Could You Snag a Dream Vacation Property Deal in 2012?

    How To Get a Vacation Home DealBuyers are returning to the US markets in large numbers, with second home sales increasing in 2011, the highest level we've seen since 2005, according to Reuters. What could be the cause of this sudden increase? Home buyer confidence, plus the fact that it's a very strong buyers market, with bargain-basement prices, many distressed properties and very anxious sellers, has resulted in consumers snagging up their dream vacation properties.

    Typical US vacation areas have already been reporting positive results, from Miami (with a 19% increase) to Aspen (seeing a 25% increase). That's because many properties that were once only attainable by the very wealthy are now in the range for other buyers while sellers seem to be more willing to make deals.

    Vacation shoppers who have the money and are willing to stay put for at least a few years, 2012 could be a great year for new home purchase opportunities. Half of investment home buyers plan on buying another home within two years while one third of vacation home buyers plan to do so too.

    If you're looking to take advantage of 2012's year of opportunity, get your application started here.

    Apr 5 2012