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  • Can You Successfully Decorate Your Home With White?

    When you first buy a home, usually the first thing most people do is get rid of the white walls. And buying all-white furniture is a huge no-no. But can you break these conventional rules and decorate successfully with white?

    White can make your home look contemporary, clean and bright. Since it bounces light off of it, a room decorated in all white can look larger, making you feel like you have more room. White can be a very bold statement, while still remaining comfortable.

    If you’re nervous about white, try using white slipcovers over your couches, or using white drapes as an accent piece. Both of these things can brighten up a room and are easy to clean if they get dirty. Another unique way to decorate with white is with white floors.

    If you’re still hesitant, think about accessories. Try white towels or dishes. When starting off decorating a home from scratch, white can be a great color to start with as you find items that speak to you.

    Have you ever tried decorating with white? Do you like white decorations? 

    Oct 11 2012