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  • What Documentation Do I Need For a Home Loan?

    One of the most confusing things when getting a mortgage is what type of documentation is required. While your loan officer will tell you exactly what you need to provide, when they need it, here is a general guideline of what documentation you should expect to have on hand during the steps of your new home loan:

    During Pre-Approval:Documents Needed For a Mortgage
    1. Tax Returns (at least one year; if self-employed or commission typically 2 years)
    2. W2s (last 2 years)
    3. Pay Stubs (last 2 years with year-to-date earnings)
    4. Bank Statements (last 2 months)
    5. Investment Account Statements
    6. Copy of Your Driver's License or Photo ID
    7. Credit Report

    Submitting An Offer:
    1. Copy of Your Pre-Approval Letter
    2. Sales Contract (signed and dated)
    3. Any Addendum

    At Closing:
    1. Sales Contract (signed by Buyers and Sellers)
    2. Title
    3. Title Insurance
    4. Copy of Your Driver's License or Photo ID
    5. Deed
    6. HUD-1 Statement
    7. Survey
    8. Proof of Home Insurance (if required by lender)
    9. Proof of Required Repairs
    10. Checks

    Aug 13 2012