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  • How To Find Your Perfect Real Estate Niche Market This Year in 3 Steps

    Focusing your energy and attention on one specific niche has not always been the most attractive idea for real estate agents. While some believe it is far too narrow in scope to be profitable, the “jack of all trades” persona can also backfire on agents, leaving their clients with the feeling that the agent is the master of nothing.

    Niche marketing can not only be extremely rewarding when meeting the unique needs of a consumer, but it can also be very profitable. Here are three steps towards finding the perfect niche market for you this year:

    Step One: What are you passionate about?

    Ask yourself what area of your business are you most passionate about? Do you like working with first-time homebuyers or do you enjoy helping people find vacation homes?

    Step Two: Find and understand your target market?

    Once you’ve realized what you’re passionate about, figure out exactly where you’d find that specific type of business. Are your type of clients going to be more tech savvy or would they be more keen to traditional marketing? Where would they spend most of their time? What matters most to them?

    Step Three: Do your research

    The final step in discovering your perfect niche is to make sure that niche is big enough to generate income for you. Do your homework and know whether or not that niche can support you and your family. If it does, then go out and become the master of that specific niche that you’re most passionate about!

    What do you think? Would you consider niche marketing? Tell us in the comments below!  

    Jan 3 2013