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  • Five Handy Home Improvement Apps

    Five Home Improvement Apps

    By: Nicole Gates

    Whether you just purchased a new home, have been a homeowner for a while or are thinking about selling your home, you may be looking for some help improving your home. While home improvement projects can be a headache, there are ways to make it easier (and cheaper)! Here are five apps that can help you with any of your home improvement efforts, whether big or small.

    1. Home Depot App
    This app from Home Depot allows you to research and purchase over 100,000 of their products. From kitchen appliances, to paint, to doors and more, you can get this app on your iPhone or Android for free.
    2. iHandy Level
    This app offers you 5 handy tools, including the popular flashlight and digital level. No more crooked photos! This app is also available for free for iPhones and Androids.
    3. WikiHow/WikiHow DIY Survival Guide
    This is known as the “instructions for everything” app, offering over 120,000 how-to articles at your fingertips. The articles cover everything, from computers to health to home repair and more. Also free.
    4. Handy Man DIY
    Download this app to help you categorize the products you’ll need and estimate the cost you’ll be expecting on any home improvement project, from the ground up. This app is available for $1.99 for iPhones.
    5. Handyman Sidekick
    This iPhone app gives you calculators for every home repair project you can think of. Paint, flooring, wallpaper and garden calculators help you determine the cost for any type of home improvement project you have in mind.

    Do you use your smart phone for home repairs? What’s your favorite app?

    Sep 5 2012