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  • Five Simple Steps To Finding The Perfect Real Estate Agent

    Purchasing a new home is one of life’s biggest purchases. So it’s no wonder that we rely so heavily on our real estate agent’s advice during the process. But as with most things, not all real estate agents are created equal. So how do you find the perfect one? A recent article by Babble lists five steps for doing just that:

    1. Do Your Homework: Ask friends and family for referrals when it comes to finding a great agent. Or utilize some customer-rated websites such as or Guaranteed Rate’s own real estate agent finder.
    2. Keep It Local: You’ll want to work with an agent who is located in your desired community. As the neighborhood expert, your real estate agent will serve as a source of valuable information regarding local governments, businesses, schools and the community at large.
    3. Interview Prospective Agents: Even if you think you’ve found the perfect agent upon your first meeting, make sure you meet with at least three agents prior to making your final decision.
    4. Ask Questions: Even if you’re not familiar with the real estate process, have a list of specific questions ready to ask when interviewing real estate agents. A few to include are:
      • How long have you been in the real estate agent business?
      • Do you belong to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?
      • Is real estate your full-time job?
      • How familiar are you with the area I’m interested in?
      • How many clients do you typically handle at one time?
      • What level of commitment can I expect?
      • How does this process work?

    5. Contact References: Even the best judges of character can benefit from the personal experiences of others. Ask potential agents for a list of recent customers that you can call for references. 

    Nov 7 2013