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  • Four Cheap Ways To Prevent Costly Home Repairs

    Cheap Home Repair TipsWhether you’re a new homeowner looking to save money on your new home, or you’re looking to spruce up your home for a refinancing, here are four ways to prevent you from having to complete home repairs that will be a burden on your wallet.

    1. Exterior Paint
    One of the biggest, most controllable threats to your exterior paint is landscaping. Overgrown foundation plantings can, overtime, rub away on your home’s paint. To prevent this, prune your bushes to keep them at least one foot away from your home.

    2. Roofing
    While you can’t prevent mother nature from ruining your roof, you can prevent harm coming from underneath it by adding ventilation to your attic. That’s because, without proper airflow, the attic can roast the roof from below. Add some high and low attic vents into the walls and/or roof of the attic to prevent this from happening.

    3. Hardwood Floors
    Gimy boots and dragged chairs can bring you closer and closer to a hardwood floor repair. Hire a floor guy to “screen” or sand away most of the old finish on your hardwood floor, without touching the wood. Afterwards, apply new polyurethane. This way you keep your floors looking new, without sanding it away.

    4. Lawns
    Most people can do serious harm to their lawns by mowing it. In the North, grass that’s shorter than 2.5-3.5” is less drought resistant and invites more insects and weeds. In the South, anything shorter than 1” does the same. Make sure you set the mower higher than you usually do and never remove more than just 1/3 of the grass at a time.

    Do you have any inside tips that help keep your home repairs low? Tell us in the comments below!

    Jul 18 2012