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  • Four “Must Do” Home Projects In September

    With September coming to a close and the fall season fully upon us, it’s time to slowly turn back indoors and prepare for the Winter season. Throughout the summer, your home may have been a little neglected while you were enjoying the sun, but now it’s time to put your focus back on your home and prepare it for the cold winter months ahead.


    Organize Your Garage

    Now is the perfect time to figure out how to store all of your summer paraphernalia and still have space for your car. Sort through your stuff and get rid of things you no longer need, then use smart storage solutions to store the rest.

    Update Your Front Door

    Your front door is the centerpiece of your house. It also sets the style and mood of your home, welcoming guests as they arrive. There are some fun and easy ways to upgrade your front door into a great “centerpiece”. The easiest, of course, is to paint it a bold new color. Or Consider adding shutters on each side or containers that will bring foliage right to the entryway. Even minor changes can make a big impact.

    Take Advantage Of Your Garden

    If you have a garden, try to save seeds for next year. For flowers, cut heads once their seed pods have dried, then hang them upside down in a paper bag to dry. After allowing enough time for drying, remove the seeds. For fruits and vegetables, harvest fruit seeds once the fruit has become fully ripe or overripe. Give them a thorough wash then allow the seeds to dry.

    External Check

    Now’s the best time to do an external examination of your home and fix any problems to prevent future disasters. Make sure you clear the gutters of leaves so that the rain and snowmelt run freely away from the base of the house. Also, inspect the roof for any raised shingles, making repairs if necessary. Check the foundation, siding and trim for any cracks that could admit moisture or provide an entry point for unwelcome creatures. 

    Sep 27 2013