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  • Four Simple Staging Solutions

    By Nicole Gates

    When showcasing a home, you know to keep it super clean, clear of clutter and the landscaping top-notch. But what else can help the home stand out from the rest? Here are a few tips from

    1. Show Off Your Counter Space
    Only allow up to three appliances max on the kitchen counter tops. If there's a center island, make sure to highlight it with greenery and add color throughout the kitchen with kitchen canisters. 

    2. Fireplaces
    Fireplaces are a great selling item and should be highlighted extensively. Make sure to accessorize it with artwork or a mirror over the mantelpiece and use accessories sparingly to add color and variety. Also, get rid of any dated screens to modernize the fireplace quickly. To highlight it further, accent the wall by painting it an earthy color to highlight the wood or choose a color 2-3 times darker than the rest of the room.

    3. Don't Cover Up Unique Home Features
    If your home has any unique home features, make sure to highlight it to interest specific buyers.

    4. Add Special Touches
    Small, special touches can make a big difference when selling a home. Play light music when showing the home, coordinate matching towels in the bathrooms and keep accessories in groups of one, three or five.

    Oct 19 2012