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  • 4 Tips For Getting Multiple Offers

    From what we're seeing across the country, there are some markets where sellers are receiving multiple bids on their homes from potential buyers. How do these sellers get so lucky? Well, it's not luck, it's preparation. Here are four tips from Inman News on how to get multiple offers on your home.

    1. Pristinely Cleaned and Decorated
    For homes that are getting multiple bids, most of them are immaculately cleaned and are staged so well, they look like they come out of a magazine. The sellers took their time, cleaning, sprucing up and decluttering the home for maybe a few months before putting it on the market.

    2. Low Price
    You'll notice that homes that are getting multiple offers aren't listed at the top of their market. Instead, sellers and agents take a slightly risky, but effective approach and price the home slightly below what they believe to be a true and fair market value of the property. By doing this, you'll see more people coming to view the property, eager to get a deal on the home. Then once they're there, and see how nicely staged everything is, they fall in love with the home and are more willing to bid out the other buyers.

    3. Lots of Market Exposure
    But how do you get those buyers to know about your amazing property? You need to market it like crazy. Get professional pictures done, a great online campaign or even publish an offer timeline to let buyers know how long they have to view then bid on the property.

    4. On Demand Showing
    Taking too long to allow someone to view your home can turn away potential buyers. Try to keep advanced notice as low as possible, preferably less than an hour. Or, even better, decide to use a lock box so that agents may show your home at their leisure.

    Feb 20 2014