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  • Get Rid of Work Procrastination Once and For All

    At work, sometimes you can be so busy, you can’t remember what needs to be done and when. Or you simply cannot find the motivation to start the huge project with a pressing deadline. We’re here to help you manage your time better, so you complete your work efficiently and aren’t staying later than you need to finish up that big project.

    Turn It Off
    When you have a pressing deadline, turn off your social media, your personal email and especially your cell phone. All these things can be very distracting. You’ll find out that your five second Facebook check turned into twenty minutes of creeping on your ex’s new significant other, which could of went towards wrapping up that big project.

    Light Lunches
    Ever realize that after going out to a restaurant for lunch with some coworkers you come back feeling unmotivated and sluggish? Eating lunch out typically results in the consumption of heavy foods and in turn takes a lot of energy for your body to digest, making you sleepy and inactive. Opt out of going to the restaurants and eat something light instead. This will revitalize you and help you power through your afternoon tasks.

    As tasks pile on, it gets hard to keep track of what needs to be done and when it’s due. With most email accounts offering a calendar option, try to plan out your days with the tasks you hope to complete and set yourself reminders about due dates. In addition, invest in a paper calendar that keeps track of the same things, not only as a back up to your email’s calendar, but also as a constant reminder on your desk.

    Simplify Your Goals
    When there’s a big project on deck, you might find yourself staring at the screen, wishing it would start itself for you. Heading into a large project can be very daunting if you try to tackle the entire thing at once. Instead, create miniature goals for yourself throughout the day or week until the project is done. These mini goals will be easier to complete and will motivate you to do your work instead of procrastinating.

    Ask for Help
    When you’re stuck on something or simply have a brain freeze and can’t remember how something is done, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most of your coworkers should be willing to help you if they can and this way you won’t waste time trying to figure it out yourself.

    Oct 20 2011