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  • Guaranteed Rate Releases Comprehensive Refinancing eBook For Home Owners

    By: Nicole Gates

    So you’re thinking about refinancing your mortgage. With rates still super low, your timing couldn’t be better. To help homeowners take advantage of these low rates and save money on their home loan, Guaranteed Rate has released a new eBook covering all your refinancing questions. “Time to Refinancing Your Mortgage? The Five Most Important Questions To Answer” is the second to Guaranteed Rate’s series of eBooks aimed at providing jargon-free information on the entire mortgage process.

    By downloading this free eBook, you’ll find answers to questions like: 

    • Should I refinance?
    • What programs are available to me?
    • How do I get the best rate for my refinance?
    • And more!

    Download “Time to Refinance Your Mortgage?” here and make sure you’re completely informed before diving into the refinancing process.

    And if you’re about to buy a home, don’t forget Guaranteed Rate’s first eBook “Demystifying the Mortgage Process”!

    Apr 4 2013