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  • Haunted Houses in the U.S.

    By: Nicole Gates

    To celebrate Halloween, we thought it’d be fun to share some spooky real estate options with you. While many of these aren’t on the market, most offer ghost tours for those seeking a scare.

    Lizzie Borden House (Fall River, Mass.)
    In 1892, Andrew and Abby Borden were murdered by an unknown killer in this house. Their daughter, Lizzie, was the prime suspect and even though acquitted, the suspicion and rumor followed her for the rest of her life. Haunted by Andrew, Abby and Lizzie Borden, this house is now a bed and breakfast.

    Winchester House (San Jose, Cali)
    Sanctioned by the U.S. Commerce Department as being haunted, the Winchester House is one of the most bizarre homes in the U.S. Built by Sarah Winchester, she frequently consulted mediums to help her construct a house that warded off evil spirits. The house includes dead-end hallways, secret panels, a window built into the floor and staircases leading to nowhere.

    Franklin Castle (Cleveland, Ohio)
    This Gothic-style castle was built in 1860 by Hannes Tiedemann. Tiedemann was believed to have had a hand in many mysterious deaths that occurred in his home between 1865-1895, including the deaths of three babies, who can still be heard crying in the house to this day. It is rumored that the Franklin Castle will be listed soon.

    LaLaurie Mansion (New Orleans, LA)
    Home to the socialite Madame Delphine LaLaurie, this house has a horrific history. After a fire broke out in the mansion, the city discovered shocking scenes of punishment and torture inflicted on the slaves. Now haunted by her victims, this house has undergone many changes and owners, including actor Nicolas Cage.

    White House (Washington, DC)
    Yes, the White House is one of the most haunted houses in the U.S. Abigail Adams, the wife of John Adams, is known to be seen hanging her laundry in the East Room. In addition, many former presidents, residents and heads of state have claimed they’ve seen Abraham Lincoln or felt his presence while at the White House.

    Happy Halloween!

    Oct 31 2013