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  • 7 Home Decorating Mistakes To Avoid

    By: Nicole Gates

    When you first buy a new house, it's important to make the house feel like your home. But sometimes that task can feel overwhelming and you don’t know which trends, tips or styles to follow. Here we break down decorating into 7 steps to help you avoid a disastrously decorated home.

    Plan What To Buy

    First, and most important, always stay within your parameters and never buy anything indiscriminately. Start from the ground up when purchasing decorations; flooring first, then window dressings, followed by large furniture and last accessories.

    Minimize Accessories

    Too many accessories can make your home feel cluttered. Only buy what is necessary and what looks good when it comes to accessories.

    Include Your Individuality

    Your home should showcase you and your individual taste. Don’t model your home to be “showroom perfect”.

    It’s Your Home, Not a Gallery

    Same with too many accessories, too many paintings and sculptures can clutter a home and make it feel like a gallery. Consider artwork as additions, not necessities to your walls.

    Fashion, Fads and Trends

    It’s hard to keep up with the latest trends, so don’t try to follow all of them. Buy things that look good in general, that way it will never go out of fashion!

    Hide The Cables

    Simple: exposed cables make your home look untidy. Hide them.

    Matching Colors Everywhere

    Having the same color everywhere in a room can make your home look monotonous. Contrast tastefully by using different colors that compliment each other.

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    Mar 27 2014